Britney Spears and the Graeae

14/09/2013 09:02

Britney Spears and the Graeae



Britney Spears` video single for `3` (2009) features the self-declared `bisexual` Britney dancing with black women. Britney, in a white leotard, and black women in black leotards, `1 2 3. Not only you and me. Peter, Paul and Mary. Gettin` down with 3P.` Peter, Paul and Mary were a pop group most famous for the song, `Puff The Magic Dragon` (1963), A dragon lives forever but not so little boys. Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.` In Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney Spears descends inside a giant ring wearing a red plastic suit, while women breathe fire, which means that Britney`s `3` self-references the fire breathing dragon of Oops I Did It Again as well as Peter, Paul and Mary. In Japanese slang, `3P` is menage a trois, that is, a sexual relationship between a woman and two men, which is perceived as `adult`. But it`s a smaller ring in the sense that the woman is reduced in size and importance because diluted or adulterated in adulterousness. In Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, who is Jesus in his `Second Coming`, born from the Virgin Mary as `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, that is, Peter and Paul in terms of Britney`s self-referencing, which is blasphemous. Peter and Paul were the names of Jesus` disciples in the Bible while Mary was Jesus` mother. The ring of faithfulness is bigger, and isn`t adulterate.



 Oops I Did It Again features a spaceman visitor who Britney Spears in her red plastic suit raises by means of a hook and pulley above herself in a white bikini dress so that he can film her with the camera attached to his spacehelmet. Beside his head are the tines of a giant`s fork as a symbol of the devouring `red dragon` of Revelation, because adultery devalues the human species to the point at which `Woman` and her art, culture and civilization is no longer valued to the enslaver of her `host` womb, `Man`. In the Lord Of The Rings (1954) by J. R. R. Tolkein the `one ring` is the ring of the enslaver, Sauron, and there are `nine men doomed to die`, who soar on winged Nazgul to do the bidding of their lord. The novel chronicles the passing of the elven race and the ascendancy of `Man`, and so the second part of the Lord Of The Rings` trilogy, The Two Towers, correlates with the terrorists use of hijacked `civil` aircraft to attack the Twin Towers on 9/11 because it`s Nazgul nine, elven.



 The meaning of Britney`s `3` is adultery, and it`s one tooth, three because, in Greek mythology, the Graeae were three women who had one eye and one tooth between them. In terms of meaning, the Graeae are a pre-Christian description of `Woman`. She has one vision, and one mouth, but is a growing baby. Because she`s a species that has only `cut` one tooth insofar as she doesn`t know that the penis of `Man` isn`t its own. Britney Spears` `3` represents a developing consciousness of `Woman`, because `futanarian` woman with a penis  ( ) is her independent species for whom menage are trois is an oxymoron because one `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own can reproduce with a woman who doesn`t have her own penis, but a third `futanarian` woman is needed to fertilize the fertilizer.



 Britney Spears` `3` mixes black and white to produce `grey eyes`, which is the meaning of the Graeae`s perception; as a symbol of a unified species of `Woman` with eyes only for herself. Colour isn`t important to the species, `Woman`, but it`s been used by men to maintain what God describes for Eve in the Bible as the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for the `seed` of the `daughters of Eve` because women are the species and men are the racists:


`What we do is innocent
Just for fun and nothin' meant
If you don't like the company
Let's just do it you and me
You and me... 
Or three... 
Or four... 
- On the floor!` Britney Spears 3



 `Woman` without a penis can`t reproduce and is defined as `lesbian` if she wants a sexual relationship with another woman without a penis, and if a `futanarian` woman with a penis wants sex with a woman without a penis, as a species` reproducer, how is the woman without a penis going to fertilize the `futanarian` woman? Obviously, a second `futanarian` woman is going to be needed in the `marriage`, which means the basis for `Woman` as a species is `three`, but `marriage` is a concept of the `serpent`s seed` in order to maintain pederasty. In other words, `3` indicates the concept of `futanarian` and `Woman` as a species for whom traditional `marriage` with `Man` is `ownership of the means of production` by men in slavery to pederasty. In simpler terms, jealousy is a male construct and noone within the species, `Woman`, cares how many of them are together. Being seen by men isn`t what they`re for. Adam and Eve weren`t for being seen outside the garden of Eden before they were tempted into pederasty and slavery by the serpent. As written in Revelation, God gives a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed`, and the `serpent`s seed` are punished with eternal unendurable pain, that is, perdition, because they`d enslaved the `host` wombs of `Woman` in pederasty for wars against her own `seed`, whereas making the Hollywood `scene` isn`t what she`s for.



 Although it is written of Adam and Eve in the Bible that `male and female he created them both`, God has also created them female with a penis of her own as `futanarian` woman, which is another tooth in terms of human development. There`s no perception, from what we call `Woman`, to suggest the penis is masculine, because `Woman` has one of her own, which means the correct definition for `Woman` is `the species with a penis`, breasts, and a vagina, but not in contradistinction to a parasitical organism that is an alien endeavouring to resemble `Woman` so it can continue to enslave and devour her in its periodic culling in its wars upon her Earth`s art, culture and civilization that might produce the space technologies which could facilitate her escape from `Man`.



 The meaning of the Graeae`s one vision, one mouth, and one baby `riddle` is similar to that of the Sphinx`s `riddle` in Sophocles Oedipus Rex, a drama about the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, `What walks on all fours in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?` The answer is, `Man` and Oedipus, the questioner, assumes that`s good because it means him and he`s solved the `riddle` but he doesn`t know the meaning of the answer, and the meaning is that man is blind and needs a cane because, in biblical terms, he`s Cain the murderer. Oedipus discovers this as the play runs its course because he murders his father and blinds himself as a self-punishing for his crime.



 The Graeae are all women and so they don`t have a man because they don`t need one. That`s why they represent a baby `Woman`, because she`s a species. In the Bible there`s a similar passage in which a `woman` is described, `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` Men assume that means her, whereas it means them because she`s a slave of pederasty, which has been the model of Western civilization since the ancient Greeks began to spread their contagion of war and enslavement of the `host` wombs of women by first enslaving their own women at home for pederasty and then attacking nearby cities, which ultimately produced `Greek` biological warfare against women`s `host` wombs in the form of HIV/AIDS and, because of the shortening distance between neighbours due to air travel, 9/11.



 Before the walls of Troy, the Greeks used a huge wooden horse, which they hid inside and the Trojans welcomed into the city as a gift for the goddess Athene, whose symbol was the horse. Emerging from their hiding place, the Greeks enslaved the `host` wombs of the Trojan women for further pederasty and war. On 9/11, 2000, Arabian terrorists used their welcome to disguise themselves as tourists and hijack `civili` aircraft as `Trojan horses` to crash them into the Twin Towers of New York and spread their contagion further.



  In 2000 Britney Spears released the pop video CD Oops I Did It Again in which she suspends her spaceman visitor after hooking him by his backpack in her red plastic suit and winching him up until he`s able to look down upon herself in a white bikini dress. Attached to his spacehelmet is a camera and beside him are what appear to be the tines of a giant`s fork. The `giant` motif is underscored by her appearing at the video`s commencement descending inside a giant`s ring, which denotes the smallness of the woman inside it. The astronaut is in Apollo NASA `period costume`, and the allusion is to Neil Armstrong, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,` who was the first man on the moon. The apparent setting for Oops I Did It Again is Mars, which means that Britney, inside her giant`s ring, is `One small step for a woman, one giant leap for womankind.` In terms of the Graeae myth, it`s one vision, one mouth and one foot. Because Britney Spears appears in a red plastic suit on Mars, and a white bikini dress, she`s a reproductive species of woman and that`s `futanarian`, which is why the spaceman with his visor resembles a toe. Although he first set his foot on the moon, she`s the first `futanarian` on Mars.



 Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary meant that he was `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, and so Jesus` teachings of `Redemption` mean that `Man` can be saved if he isn`t serpent`s seed`, but `Woman` is the future of the human species. Just as four wives are a hand in Arabia with a thumb to control them because four wives are allowed to a man, so Britney Spears on Mars is the woman who, even though she has a penis and is a species in her own right, is prepared to go forward into the future as a `futanarian` while always putting her big toe first and leaving him at home until he`s big enough to put the ring on his finger, and not finger her for his pederast`s `ring`. Because `Woman` is enslaved by pederasty, that is, the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `Woman`, which in Revelation appears as the devouring `red dragon` of pederasty grown since Eden, but that waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, who protects her from the `serpent`s seed` in its devourer`s wars against her.



 The tines of the giant`s fork beside Britney Spears` spaceman`s spacehelmet, as he films her with his camera in Oops I Did It Again, are a metaphor for the one vision, one voice, and one child that is `Woman`. The three Graeae represent, with their one eye, one tooth, and eyeless or toothless companions, who should decide if the others should eat or see. Because `Man` doesn`t want her to: it`s an ogre with one eye and one tooth, and is an idiot that wants to feed its `id`, which is the eyeless and toothless child of undeveloped `woman`s seed`.

  A faux pas is to `put one`s foot in one`s mouth` for having said something regrettable, whereas `sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me` is a proverb that all of  Jesus` teachings illustrate. But the simple message is that God listens, and if anything hears you that isn`t God, it`s evil. Consequently, it`s important to know what idiom means. How is it possible that a faux pas can be understood as `putting your foot in your mouth`? Because the idiots are stupid enough to kill you for a faux pas, and the `id` of the `serpent`s seed` is quite happy to arrange for the `woman`s seed` to be devoured through its `perpetual enmity` for `Woman`, with or without her own `futanarian` penis in her mouth, because she`s the human species and the aliens don`t want `woman`s seed` to live. Britney Spears` video for her CD single Oops I Did It Again begins `Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I did it again. I made you believe. We're more than just friends.` `Woman` has to pretend to believe in `Man` because it`s not her species, and so she has to learn to `play the game` of duplicity. Her first word is `yea`, because `touchdown` on Mars confirms belief in God:


`Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.`


 In Revelation the `New Redeemer` rules with an `iron rod` to protect the `woman`s seed`, and the woman who bore him is `hidden` after being carried to a `place of safety` on `eagle`s wings`. The rod is the device by means of which the good measure the distance between themselves and the evil. As Jesus says to the evil one when he seeks to tempt the first of `woman`s seed`, `Avoid me.` (Matt: 4.10) The rod is the power to see how far the evil are from you and to keep the distance between you. The staff is the shepherd`s crook, which is used like the hook in Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again to lift the spaceman with his camera so that he can see. He`s able to see, but as Jesus says, `Touch me not.` (John: 20. 17) If you can see the evil coming, you can avoid them, and you can help anyone as long as they`re not able to touch you if you don`t want them to.

 In her red plastic suit Britney Spears raises her visitor spaceman by means of her `shepherd`s crook`, that is, her hook and pulley, so that he can see herself in a white bikini dress. The meaning is that she doesn`t want her `futanarian species to be touched by `Man` if she doesn`t want him to, and she`s the measure of him. The tines of the giant`s fork are suspended beside the spaceman`s helmet, so from the spaceman`s point of view the giant is measuring the distance between itself and the woman beneath the camera. In other words, `Woman` is the measure of `Man`, and Revelation says that the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour her. If `Man` were to be such an idiot as to eat her himself, the devourer would win. `Woman` isn`t that big idiot.