Britney Spears, Toxic and Dr Thunder PhD`s Argot

14/09/2013 08:51

Britney Spears, Toxic and Dr Thunder PhD`s Argot


Britney Spears` video singles to complement her CD single releases are noteworthy for their startling resemblance in some instances to the style adopted by Gerry Anderson`s Supermarionation British TV `puppet` shows, which were themselves complimented by the TV 21 comic they appeared in as cartoon characters during the 1960s when Anderson was developing the concept.



 One of the more famous TV 21 productions was International Rescue in the Thunderbirds (1965-6) show rescuing a futuristic airliner, which was made into a `super space theatre` feature film for the US market from two episodes. The very first episode of the series, `Trapped In The Sky`, and the thirteenth `Operation Crash-Dive`, which were released as Thunderbirds To The Rescue (1981). Consequent to the publicity garnered Thunderbirds (2004) for the big screen was made with Vanessa Hudgens as Tin-Tin, the beautiful adolescent daughter:


`Tin-Tin becomes involved in their first rescue mission when she is onboard Fireflash which due to sabotage by her half uncle The Hood has to be rescued by International Rescue.`1



 Britney Spears` Toxic (2004) video follows some of the plot. Britney unmasks a character aboard a plane in which she appears to be wearing a Thunderbirds uniform but has the role of air hostess while the man she reveals underneath a rubber mask pretending to be an older uglier man would correspond to `The Hood`. The principle of Toxic is that the intruder represents HIV/AIDS, that is, if a woman doesn`t know who she is having sex with, how can she know that she`s safe from contracting the `killer disease`?


`With the taste of your lips,

I'm on a ride.

You're toxic. I'm slippin' under.`



 As the air hostess Britney Spears pours a fluted glass of white wine, before she sees the suspicious character with bread standing in the aisle holding bread, which symbolically suggests Jesus` `Last Supper` at which he invited the disciples to `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood`. According to the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the body and the blood of Jesus symbolize the instincts or shadow which would remain unconscious and unused without the anima or feminine soul to stimulate men`s desire to make a better place in which to live with her.



 Picking the pocket of `The Hood` after removing his disguise to reveal a younger and more handsome criminal than the rubber mask had suggested, the scene changes dramatically and reveals Britney Spears as a flame haired agent, similar to that of Jennifer Garner in the US TV series Alias (2001-6), who is a CIA agent concealing her identity as she assumes multiple aliases to carry out her missions.



 Standing in a street in Paris, France, Britney takes the pillion seat on a motorcycle in her black leathers and arrives at a secret laboratory. Taking the item she`s stolen from the pocket of `The Hood` she uses it as a key to give her access to the research establishment. Before a bench with a serum upon it inside a glass flask, the scene is interspersed with shots of a gay couple in a shower before Britney Spears is revealed once more in a new superheroine costume and with black hair:


`It's getting late

To give you up.

I took a sip

From my devil's cup.

Slowly, it's taking over me.`



Leaping from the balcomy of a man`s apartment, after she`s been with him and has dropped a little serum into his mouth as he lies supine in unconsciousness, the scene shifts dramatically again and she`s discovered as if transforming from the woman with the black hair and the superhero costume into the figure of the air stewardess in her Thunderbirds uniform landing cat-like on her feet inside the plane after completing her mission. Smoothing her hair, the International Rescue agent attends a passenger as the plane disappears with her into bright sunlight.



 The passengers trust the hostess, but she represents the `host` womb, which the parasitical alien would transmit its HIV/AIDS to if it were evil, which is why she unmasks `The Hood`, who is disguised because he`s evil. There isn`t another reason for it. Otherwise he`d be who he shows himself as. He represents HIV/AIDS because no one knows who has it, and if someone is disguised as one with whom we are familiar as a sex partner, he`s a spreader of contagion because he`s sexual gratification under false pretences, or simply maliciously evil.

 Britney Spears` agent resembles the character of `Poison Ivy` from the Batman (1989) franchise who, though profiled as a criminal, is an Earth heroine. Because `Woman` is the hostess and the Earth is her planet, just as her body is the `host` womb of her species and not of the boy sons, which are the poisons of her Earth and  have produced the toxins that are killing it and her, HIV/AIDS produced by their male witchery of mixing blood, shit and semen in sterile anal sex with each other is their latest toxic attack upon the mother of humanity. Although `Poison Ivy` is presented as a supervillian in the Batman franchise, her resume depicts her as a misunderstood Earth heroine, because the evil wouldn`t want her to interfere with their system of poisoning the Earth through pederasty and war, and its contagions:


`Poison Ivy is depicted as one of the world's most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism. She uses toxins from plants and mind controlling pheromones for her criminal activities, which are usually aimed at protecting the natural environment.`2



 In `super space theatre` Thunderbirds To The Rescue the `Fireflash` airliner is going to crash, but the Thunderbirds rescue vehicles save it from disaster. Tin-Tin is the niece of `The Hood` , and Britney`s `niece` Spears, in terms of the video logic, because Tin-Tin has the role of showing how to avert disaster; even if your relations are evil: as `The Hood` is.



 Most 21st century videos are watched on laptops, or `tins`, because it`s for `tinagers`. Tin-Tin is like any  `tinager` who seeks advice on how to avoid the dangers of modernity such as terrorism and HIV/AIDS when criminals seek to be cleverer than their victims. The obvious source of information is the laptop or `tin` in the `tinage` and, in terms of the video`s transformation symbolism, it correspond to the `politically correct` (PC) self-censoring through using the laptop as a `police box` rather than a Tardis, which allows the researcher to travel through time and space on the internet without moving from their chair but censored or, without knowledge of what to look for, the familiar parentally guided `PG` picture of man and woman pervades all of the material.



 Without researching into socio-sexual conditioning there`s little or no information for young women on the subject of themselves as a species with her own `futanarian` penis, and which makes her potentially socio-economically independent. Everywhere she looks the parasite looks back at her in the guise of the impregnating penis and sole breeding partner for her species. However, the fact that the parasite is her enslaver, and devourer through pederasty and its contagion of war and plague, is evident from its producing the `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS due to its not wanting woman as a species but its own sterile anus from which it has produced death by mixing blood, shit and semen, and Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen forewarns against. As pederasty`s biological weapon HIV/AIDS reduces the life expectancy of individuals to even less than `three score years and ten`, because homosexuals want women to remain ignorant:


`The days of our years are threescore years and ten; 
and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, 
yet is their strength labor and sorrow; 
for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.` (Ps: 90)



 The evil use this verse to justify the truncation of our lives in accordance with the Bible, that is, it`s taken as an injunction that individuals shouldn`t live beyond 70 years, whereas it`s only an old observation based on the shorter lifespans of those living upon the Earth after the time of Methuselah, who was, according to the Bible, 969 years old when he died.



 The reduction of our lifespans is important because the wise are old, and the only justification for their being taken away from us is that their bodies are decayed, whereas medical science presupposes what God promises in the Bible, which is a `perpetual body`; as opposed to the `perpetual enmity` that the `serpent`s seed` has for the human species. According to God, Eve shall have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` and she `shall crush the serpent`s head with her foot as she leaves` (Gen: 3. 15) Earth, but won`t be able to if she doesn`t know herself as a species, and as `futanarian` woman she has her own penis and socio-economic reproductive and productive capacity, as well as all of the physical equipment to match the technological achievements of men, who would keep her here as a slave in pederasty. Men`s desire to continue their `perpetual enmity` against the human species is manifest in their wars upon the Earth and their creation of a `killer disease`, that is, the plague described in Revelation as the `blood plague` made for themselves through their rejection of `Woman` and preference for their own homosexual sterility, which is a symptom of the devouring `red dragon`:


`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.11)



 In ancient Greece the women were enslaved by the devourers of homosexual pederasty who wanted to use the `host` wombs of women to produce boy sons, that is, poisons, to wage war against nearby city states and spread their contagion. Greek society was a model for Western civilization and the basic premise is friendship feigning, which the Roman poet Virgil formulated as `Beware Greeks bearing gifts.`3  Constructing a huge wooden horse, the Greeks left it outside Troy and the Trojans took it into the city where the Greeks emerged to enslave it and the host wombs of the women to further spread their contagion of pederasty and war.



 HIV/AIDS also feigns friendship for the white cells of the body that fight against viruses and, after they`re accepted the HIV/AIDS cells, kill the body. 9/11`s terrorist hijacking of airliners to crash into the Twin Towers of New York and spread their contagion of war operated on the same principle as the visiting Greeks feigning friendship for the Trojans, and in fact there is a city in upstate New York called Troy and `working like a Trojan` is proverbially good. `Trojan horse` is a misnomer created by computer geeks who are afraid of offending `Greek`, which  is a euphemism for pederasty, but the geeks don`t mind offending an extinct race of Trojans in Asia minor. The extinction of `Woman`, as the human species, through the Greek horse, is `geekspeak` for plague games of pederasty and war, which is the Greek language of the computer nerd. By creating `Trojan` viruses to work against humanity`s own future, those spreading the contagion of the geek language, that is, censorship and media `blackout` of all knowledge of `Woman` as a species, ensure shorter lifespans for women by preventing them from speaking human in the race`s endlessly unfinished future.



 The momentary scene of two gay men kissing in a shower follows that of Britney Spears` red head at the laboratory taking the green liquid serum and its flask with her. It precedes her reappearance as a woman with black hair climbing up the side of a skyscraper, and she`s then discovered with a man in the bedroom up there. Pouring green droplets of fluid from the flask into his mouth as he lies unconscious, she leaps from the balcony. The important scene is the `transcision` where Britney Spears` action heroine with the red hair is superceded by her superheroine with black hair intercut with a momentary glimpse of two gay men kissing in a shower:


Baby, can't you see,

I'm calling.

A guy like you should wear a warning.

It's dangerous,

I'm falling.`



 Although the British Thunderbirds puppet series made the big screen, the show that needed to make the transition to the big screen as a Hollywood movie was Doctor Who, which had been a TV favourite in Britain since 1963. In Doctor Who the character`s transportation is the time-space machine, the Tardis, which is disguised as an English `police box` in which police officers go to change into or out of uniform and perform other activities associated with their role in the community. In the `board toilet` Britney unmasks `The Hood` aboard the plane in which she`s the air hostess, so the `shower unit` corresponds to Doctor Who`s UNIT, that is, the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, which is presented as a homosexual `shower` because it`s English army slang used by officers to recruits they can`t turn into soldiers, whereas war is pederasty`s contagion and so the transformation of humans into killers is homosexuality. The `transcision` scene is where UNIT, that is, Britney Spears, as Unified Intelligence Taskforce, is revealed as in command and as not having been under the `shower head`, that is, the commanding officer of that `shower` UNIT, which is transvestite or transsexual, and so she continues with her operation as a part of her ongoing mission to preserve the human species` integrity.



 Unified Intelligence Taskforce in Doctor Who, like Men In Black (MIB) in the United States of America, exists to `police` aliens. Unlike the `telephone kiosk` in which Superman occasionally has to use to change into his costume in the Superman (1978) movie, Britney Spears uses her AIRFONE at the beginning of the Toxic video without change because it`s the plane`s phone, and she`s wearing her Thunderbird uniform so change isn`t required, but the `board toilet`, the `shower UNIT`, and the `police box` Tardis denote the `small room` where `change` is needed. In Doctor Who the protagonist undergoes metamorphosis, or change, inside his `police box`, before continuing with his policing of the aliens, which in the 21st century constitute the pornographers who would surgically alter the bodies of men to suit their killers` disease.



 In Japan `futanarian` women`s testicles sometimes aren`t visible, whereas most caucasian and black women, who are `futanarian`, have testicles that are plainly visible, along with their female reproductive and nurturing system, that is, vagina and breasts. The basic human principle is that women with a penis have testicular semen producing organs, either hidden or visible, and women have vaginas that are capable of receiving fertilizing semen for their ovum to produce children. However, much of the pornographic internet material found on the World Wide Web features surgical adaptation.



 Slitting the testicle`s scrotum to feign a vaginal entry for the penis is a common surgical method for pornographers who want transvestism and transsexuality. But `Woman` as a species is `futanarian` with a penis of her own. The pornographer `feigns friendship` for the human species by advocating transvestism and transsexuality, that is, the alien virality of the homosexual pederast. The `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` towards `woman`s seed` is furthered by the pornographer who feigns friendship for the confused, because they`re the confusers who want us to believe aliens are human, whereas they`re evil men.



 9/11 was a `space invaders` scenario in which aliens were created by men who wanted aliens, whereas humans don`t. Hollywood had been feeding the Earth a diet of alien invasion movies since the 1950s with such titles as Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956), I Married A Monster From Outer Space (1958), Breeders (1986), Virus (1999), Contamination (1980), The Brain Eaters (1958), and It Conquered The World (1956), which telegraphs the punchline like King Kong (1933, 2005) atop New York`s Empire state building swatting away aircraft trying to kill him, and Steve McQueen`s fireman in Towering Inferno (1974) coaxing people to jump out of the highrise windows of the burning tower block to where its safe. 9/11 was pederasty`s encouraging its virality to invade the spirit of humanity in its usual guide of macho virility because homosexuality is the alien that `Woman` is expected to embrace and reproduce.



The scene aboard the plane where Britney is the air hostess is important because of the wine she pours for the passengers and the bread that `The Hood` is holding when she takes him into the `board toilet`, which indicates `bread and board` because it`s the traditional role of the `host` to provide `bread and wine`, as Jesus does at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. Jesus offers the disciples `bread and wine` as his `body and blood`, which is also how, according to legend, vampires offer themselves if they want to confer immortality.



 Although the bread and wine are symbolic, Jesus` `body and blood` isn`t. His  crucifixion, death, Resurection and Ascension to heaven demonstrates his immortality. It`s the difference between evil vampires that rend and don`t confer longevity and the `little drink`, which is how the biting of the neck with the fangs of the vampire that gives eternal life is euphemistically described.



 In the 21st century the `red dragon` and the `blood plague` of Revelation describe homosexual pederasty`s enslaving and devouring war and its contagions, which include the `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS, but the `red dragon`, which is a draco and a term often used to describe a vampire, is in fact a parasite, that is, the term vampire could be ascribed to Jesus, but custom creates.



 Hollywood`s Dracula is depicted as dying with a stake in his heart as a romantic villain who likes women, but the stake in the heart of the female vampire is the penis of the men that don`t like `Woman` because, if she were able to use her own penis as `futanarian` women do, she`d be independently immortal of the parasite that wants to kill her and `Man` that loves `Woman`.



 In the movie Spiderman Peter Parker is bitten by a spider in a laboratory and it`s toxic properties result in his character, `Spidey`, developing superpowers enabling him to climb up the side of buildings, and suggests Britney is Spiderwoman when she`s ascending the skyscraper clinging to the side of the building like a spider.



The gay pair showering denote the possibility of toxicity, and Britney Spears pours a few drops of the serum from the flask she`s taken from the laboratory into the unconscious mouth of the man she has sex with after she climbs up to his apartment.



 `Spidey` receives superpowers from a toxic spider bite, but HIV/AIDS doesn`t confer superpowers, which is the meaning of the shower scene. Although Britney Spears` action heroine is a thief she isn`t evil. She obtains the serum which allows her to live, whereas the HIV/AIDS virus would result in her losing her life, and so homosexual pederasty isn`t glamorous but toxic.



Jesus` body and blood is represented in Catholicism as imbibed to propogate the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. Without it there can be no Redemption and the `perpetual body` promised by God to those who accept Jesus` teachings against embracing the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed`s` enslaving pederasty`s war and its `killer disease` contagion. If HIV/AIDS results in less long lived people they`ll have less wisdom and no knowledge of `Woman` as an independent species with a future without the parasitical alien.



 Only longevity through medical science can produce wise individuals who can teach the truth about the human species. Current education and propaganda argues that women and homosexuals are equal, which is to accept enslaving pederasty, war, and its contagions of species` blindness through early death by means of the `serpent`s seed`s` biological weaponry of HIV/AIDS as pederasty`s preferred `killer disease` for humanity although it doesn`t turn its nose up against plague as a general theme.



 As Revelation indicates, the antithesis to the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, that is, `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, is `war, plague, famine and death`, and HIV/AIDS is all of them because the `thin disease`, as it was first described when it appeared recognizably in the 1980s, is a wasting illness that represents spiritual malnourishment through bodily torment, which is what Jesus` crucifiers advocate. Jesus` advocacy of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the soul`s assistance, as it seeks technological advancement to liberate the individual from drudgery, and so permit more interesting and good work, is Jesus` antidote.



 Wasters would keep humanity on a low level of technological development, so that they`d have slaves in what nineteenth century anthropologists called `cargo cult`, where tribes that had seen aeroplanes constructed effigies of the machine, and would ultimately have built genuine flying machines. In terms of HIV/AIDS, human sex drive is concerned with constructing places in which to enjoy family life, and so the wasting disease that keeps the sex drive in fear of work is because the evil don`t want humans to rise from the low level of technological development that has them enslaved in pederasty`s `cargo cult`.



The torments of the body as its wasting diseases constitute the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` rather than the development of a `perpetual body` through longevity and the spiritual nourishing that would increase lifespan and individual wisdom and knowledge through medical science and technological growth. Because `Woman` is an independent species with her own penis and technological valence men don`t want her to live long, because she`d become wise to them and leave.



 Jesus` story recognizes the difference between parasitism and blood transfusion to save lives in medical terms. His `body and blood` is `woman`s seed` because he`s born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen. Although his crucifiers have the role of traditional vampires insofar as they`re renders of Jesus` body as bloodthirsty evil doers, the creature that gives immortality by means of the `little drink`, which is a transfusion of life`s blood from one body to another, doesn`t represent parasitism but medical science. Jesus offers his `body and blood` to the disciples as an advocate of medical science, and in particular of the blood transfusion as a medical practitioner, because he wants long life for `woman`s seed` rather than the parasitism of its wasters as a `cargo cult`.



 There is a difference between witchcraft and Earth science, which is sometimes called `mother science`, that is, witchery is the mixing of blood, shit and semen in the anus of men during ejaculations of the penis to create their biological weapon of HIV/AIDS, whereas Earth science is what the character of `Poison Ivy` in the Batman movie franchise represents. `Poison Ivy` uses toxins to assist nature, which is homoeopathy. Its serums are small amounts of toxicity that permit of the body`s immune system producing a defense against the poison, which may be HIV/AIDS, or any other viral attack upon the body`s defences.



 The HIV/AIDS virus spreads its contagion by feigning friendship because the penis knows where it should go, and any contrary suggestion indicates the presence of the false friend who wants to kill you. Even the HIV/AIDS cell feigns being a white cell of the body`s defence system to kill the individual. Judas killed Jesus in the same way, and 9/11 was the result of `guests` from Arabia. Because homosexuality is a disease. Jesus was killed because, in metaphorical terms, his was the face of the woman, and Judas could no longer bear to show the woman Judas` false face. In the Batman movie franchise `False Face` is the name of a villain, because he represents the evil who fake friendship until they`re sure of their victim:


`Surely this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54)



 The Roman centurion Longinus` recognition of Jesus` role is that the evil weren`t sure if they had to continue showing a false face to Jesus because of the power of God. Suicide is the tool of the evil against the good, and the psychology of behaviouralism has taught the evil how to show a good but false face, which is how 9/11`s terrorists were able to live in the USA from Arabia and board planes at Boston, Logan airport, before hijacking them and crashing them into New York`s Twin Towers.



Although Jesus` crucifixion wasn`t suicide it illustrates the pressure on those who are good without true fathers, and so only remain unassailable because they rely on God, as a father, which gives them the strength to appear independently indifferent to the false faces the evil wear to encourage the good to be evil with them, and that strength in God is what the statue of `Liberty` symbolizes in the United States of America. Freedom not to be fooled by the false face of the evil encourager of the good to commit suicide is what strength in God and `Liberty` represents because `Woman` is enslaved in pederast and war`s contagions, which is suicide if she`s fooled by the false faces of the evil:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 The notion of independence with God as a father is what Jesus represents, because death is what human fathers want for their sons, as the figures of Chronos, and Saturn from Greek and Roman mythology illustrate. Both attempt to devour the future as their sons, Zeus and Jupiter. In Revelation the devourer is Satan, because Saturn was the original father-god devourer, according to the Greek model, which is enslaving pederasty and its contagions of `war, plague, famine and death` that appears in Revelation in the guise of the `four horsemen of the apocalypse`.



 In Britney Spears` video Toxic she has three guises, which place her in the category of Holy Spirit/Paraclete, that is, `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. She`s the hostess aboard the aircraft, who is the guide for the passengers, and the blonde in her transparent body stocking laced with stars, who appears as sexual glamour but represents physical comfort, while the teacher is her red head who has trained the viewer to understand her actions in stealing the flask containing the cure from the laboratory, and the Britney with black hair is the helper of the HIVAIDS` community, who administers the serum to the man she`s just had sex with after the `transcision` scene of the two gay men in the shower, which warns the audience of the dangers of pornographers` promulgation of homosexual pederasty and its concomitant contagions of transvestism and transsexuality.



 Although Britney Spears has declared herself as `bisexual`, that`s human, because it excises homosexuality from her purview as a sexual partner. Feminist assertions that women are homosexual because they might be lesbian and so equal to men is sophistry. It`s designed to reduce `Woman`, as a species with her own penis, and `futanarian` independence from men, as her parasitical alien virality, to a mere cipher for inducing schizophrenia, which is the psychological vivisection of her human species. Women who`re taught to look to men for approval sexually are either denying their own `futanarian` species with its own penis and socio-economic valence for independence, or they`re sexually attracted to their own bodies in the mirror but feel abnormal because they`re unaware of their species` sexuality, which is schizophrenic. The social system that encourages `Woman` to believe that the penis of a man is his, whereas in fact he`s a parasite that has inveigled its way into her species` belly and its rather her penis desiring its sexual partner as herself, is practicing psychological vivisection on her species, which is what pornographers` promulgation of transvestism and transsexuality is.



 Britney Spears role in Toxic refers to the non-sexual relations between Doctor Who and his assistant in the Tardis, who is always an attractive young woman. Although it`s a tradition in British television that the actor in Doctor Who transforms on screen in a transmogrification in which the visage of the previous actor changes into the new Doctor, there has never been a woman in the role. Britney`s Toxic video interpolation of the gay men in the `shower unit` scene, where UNIT is comprehendable as Doctor Who`s Unified Intelligence Taskforce, indicates there should be. The homosexual `shower` are pejoratively just that, in terms of British army slang for gays in the military. HIV/AIDS developed from pederasty, which women are antithetical towards, because they`re responsible for the mothering of the human species, that is, they are the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, and it`s mothering, Britney Spears` implies, includes science and science fiction. For yesterday`s speculation is tomorrow`s reality.



 According to the developmental psychology of Carl Jung the four functions of consciousness, that is, `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition` need to receive differentiation in order for the `Self` to be actualized with the ego as its centre. Wisdom requires longevity for the `Self` as well as functional differentiation and actualization represented by the idea of the spiritualized soul or feminine anima as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which mediates the bringing to consciousness of the contents of the unconscious `Self` that, as `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition`, corresponds to the spiritualized soul as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` and that is portrayed in action by Britney Spears in Toxic.



 Britney`s Toxic  presents longevity as necessary for `Woman` as a species to retain its knowledge of men as her `perpetual enemy` insofar as the `serpent`s seed` refuses to pray for Redemption. Delaying medical science and the technology of liberating machines is a concomitant of accepting HIV/AIDS as incurable, and indeed HIV/AIDS is a tool of the male enslaver and imprisoner who doesn`t want `Woman` as a species to live long and have wisdom enough to develop the space technology to escape men on Earth. Even though she has all of the equipment, and is better than men insofar as the `futanarian` species of `Woman` has  her own penis, brain, and womb, which confers upon her independence as the human species foretold in the Bible by God to Eve as the `woman`s seed` who `shall crush the head of the serpent as she leaves`.



 Jesus` intentions are that he`s to be perceived as non-parasitical, that is, as an antidote to the virus, and his approach to the `body and blood` is that of transfusion, which recognizes the difference between the creature of nature that seeks to give life by means of blood rather than to take it in bloodthirstiness. The vampire is confused with the parasite, but is construably good with the Holy Spirit/Paraclete because its role is dependent on intentionality. The concept of the vampire denotes longevity and wisdom through medical science, which always begins in nature but, as with transfusion, or injection with serums, develops into science, and so the correct term for what has been defamed as `vampire` is parasite. However, we`re stuck with the terms of reference of the vampire myth. Because men want to put a stake in the heart of the long lived woman as a symbol of their rejection of her `futanarian` penis and desire to develop beyond men to the stars.



 The solution to the HIV/AIDS virus could probably be found by looking at the natural immunity of the long lived but it`s the same as smoking related illnesses. Those who live long do so because they take care of themselves and live healthily. Those who`re dying because of cancer through smoking have the same problem as those with HIV/AIDS. A society in which `smoking` is a euphemism for its killings and its `snuff movie` culture of the screen action movie hero, or through its small screen news bulletins of massacres at local schools by kids who`re too bored and lazy to want to live, and take as many with them as they can shoot at, will maintain pederasty and devourment in war through the enslaving of the `host` womb of `Woman` rather than research longevity. People have HIV/AIDS because the societal program is that they should have it, and that`s supported by the Bible where the `blood plague` is sent by God to convert those who prefer the `red dragon` of war and its contagions to Jesus` teachings of Redemption.



 Britney Spears` role is fourfold in the Toxic video and, in terms of the Thunderbirds theme, she`s Tin-Tin, but doesn`t need to be rescued, as Tin-Tin does in the Thunderbirds To The Rescue `super space theatre` movie where she`s a passenger on the `Fireflash` plane, whereas in Toxic Britney Spears saves the plane by exposing the HIV/AIDS terrorist, who is `The Hood` holding the globe in fear because he won`t give the serum to the public. Just as smoking is a euphemism for killing, so the `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS is a `snuff` variant of the tobacco industry`s smoking campaigns, which advertise ground tobaccos in `snuff tins`.



 Britney Spears` Thunderbirds` air hostess, Tin-Tin, is the `snuffed in tin` movie of `The Hood` if it isn`t the plane in Thunderbirds To The Rescue because, as smoking is a euphemism for killing, so `snuff` is a euphemism for killing in movies, and filming it as a sales` item. The suicide planes hijacked by the Arabian terrorists on 9/11 and crashed into New York`s Twin Towers, `live on CNN`, were their `snuff tins` and the World Trade Centre were the `snuff boxes` of pederasty`s wasting disease.  Britney Spears` observation is that, just as HIV/AIDS is related to homosexuality`s enslaving of the hostess, that is the `host` wombs of women to spread its contagion of war, so smoking and its variants are also related to pederasty and its contagions.



 In Russia smoking is a euphemism for fellatio, but the image becomes vile if we know that `Woman` is a species with her own penis as `futanarian` because it suggests that she`s been snuffed before and is still being snuff for the evil `serpent`s seed` and its pogroms of `perpetual enmity` against `woman`s seed` through its hate-filled wars upon the Earth.



 Although Britney`s superheroine isn`t named, because of Thunderbirds and the unspoken question posed by Doctor Who, Britney Spears is Dr Thunder PhD.  Her heroine`s `vampish` activities seem escapades, but escaping AIDS is what `Woman` as a species needs to do. Otherwise she`ll be just heroin addicts` `smokes`. The parasite is evil and represents addiction to parasitism, which is homosexual pederasty and its contagions. Because the `vamp` is the woman who `uses her sex to entrap and exploit men`,4 she is what women perforce are if their species has to live with men. As Dr Thunder PhD Britney Spears is the vampire, because she represents what Jesus understood, which is that the term parasite should be applied where the term vampire had been applied.

 The long lived woman is what the term vampire actually designates insofar as men don`t want her to have the wisdom and knowledge of her own species` reproductive capability, which would be women`s if they were to be long lived and could pass on their understanding to new generations but, as God observed with Onan in the Bible, men would rather look at young women`s bodies and masturbate than have any thought for their intelligence.

 God killed Onan, but God`s promise of a `perpetual body` as opposed to the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`, suggests the eternally young woman with wisdom and knowledge still wouldn`t be wanted by men because the women with their own penis` reproductive capacity and socio-economic valence wouldn`t want them. So blood science is what men don`t want to know because it would mean `Woman` as a species` independence and freedom.

 Jesus` crucifixion scene upon the hill at Calvary outside Jerusalem is his understanding of parasitism, which is described by reference to legend as vampirism, but the long lived woman with her own penis as `futanarian` human species seems to have always been the target of those addicted to torturing, and that`s why the witch riding her broomstick is a ubiquitous symbol of the misunderstood wiccan wisdom of women, because her broomstick and brush denotes the female penis and mons veneris.

 Jesus` offer of his `body and blood` to the disciples is his recognition that he`s engaging with a parasite. Humans have been taught that longevity is vampirism, whereas it represents blood science, and Jesus` torture by those addicted to bloodthirstiness represents opposition to the scientific concern of Jesus, as representative of `woman`s seed`, with medicine and the lengthening of lifespans, which would result in the constructing of the individual human`s `perpetual body` of Salvation; through science but as promised by God.

 In the 21st century the Earth corresponds to the `Woman` as a spcies` `host` womb for its parasitical alien that seeks to emerge and spread its contagions further. Britney Spears` role as Dr Thunder PhD in Toxic is the prototypical role of the medical practitioner whom the patient can trust, but the doctor can`t trust the patient to take the medicine. Britney can be trusted but, as any woman living with the threat and fear of HIV/AIDS disguising itself as a caring professional man, she can`t trust anyone else, because desirability attracts desirefulness, and men have no respect for themselves as a disease when it comes to preferring sexual gratification over longevity and immortality for `woman`s seed`.

 Earth has become a game of `space Invaders` developed for the human species by the parasitical aliens that have feigned friendship as symbiotes and taken over the `host` wombs of the species of the planet Earth, which is `woman`s seed`. God gives the `serpent`s seed` a chance to stop its `perpetual enmity` for `Woman` in Revelation, but perdition is the punishment for the evil who do not repent, and God`s depiction of the devourer as a smoking `red dragon` isn`t accidental. Nor is God`s `blood plague`, which represents HIV/AIDS feigned friendship for its victims in homosexual pederasty and its witchery of mixing blood, shit and semen to produce its `killer disease` and biological weapon. The HIV/AIDS` cell itself feigns friendship before practicing treachery against the body it kills, and so the fake friendship of the serpent`s pederasty since Eden is what God is punishing.


3 Virgil The Aeneid, Bk II, 19 B. C.