Foxy Lady

14/09/2013 08:45

Foxy Lady


The  story of the fox and the cheese is a fable written in ancient times by the slave Aesop (c. 620-564 B.C.) as a part of his educational program. Fables are couched as narrative with a point to make in social terms. In the tale the fox persuades the crow that the bird can sing so that it will drop the cheese in its mouth from the tree in which it sits so that the fox can have it. The moral is don`t be deceived by flattery.



 In Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again (2000) video Britney`s spaceman visitor to the red planet Mars discovers her after he picks up a miniature cameo painting of her in the sand. She appears doubled in a red jumpsuit and a white bikini dress. Hanging the spaceman above herself in the white bikini dress by means of a hook and pulley, her red suited self dangles him there to film her with the camera affixed to the side of his spacehelmet. He represents the crow.



 Britney doesn`t need a spacesuit because on her Mars there`s `98% oxygen` so the spaceman appears as an anachronism. He resembles Neil Armstrong, `the first man on the moon`, after Apollo 11`s spacecraft landing:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`1



 Britney`s steps are smaller. Appearing inside a giant`s ring as she descends to the stage set for the dancers` accompaniment to her song, her suspended spaceman has the foreboding tines of a giant`s fork beside his spacehelmet. Unable to do anything other than look, he`s the French Camembert cheese, that is, she`s calmed his member or penis so that he only functions as a camera.



 In Russia a `camera` is a teacher, so Britney is teaching the viewer.  The most famous teacher is Jesus, who was born uncontaminated by male semen, because men represent the `serpent`s seed` that has been growing since Eden (3. 15) and, in Revelation, appears as the devouring `red dragon` waiting in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` in his `Second Coming` born from `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feert` (Rev: 12. 1).



 In historical terms, the sun is the red sun of Japan, and the USA was `clothed with the sun` of Hiroshima and Nagasaki`s atom bombs, which were dropped there as a punishment for the Imperial red suns of Japan`s sneak suicide attack on Pearl harbor in 1941 where Japanese kamikaze pilots emblazoned with their red suns crashed their aircraft into the US Pacific fleet at anchor in Hawaii. 



 The moon is that of the terrorist group Al Qaeda whose suicides crashed hijacked civil airliners into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre on 9/11, 2001. The woman of Revelation is `Liberty` standing in her birth waters in New York harbor withstanding the devourer.  If woman will not be devoured, the parasite suicides her and her Earth, which is its history and parasitology. Al Qaeda`s terrorist attack on Manhattan`s WTC precipitated the carnage of the second Gulf war (2001-11) and that`s how the devouring parasite operates.



 According to Revelation `woman`s seed` will receive a `new heaven and Earth`. Because Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary without fertilization by male semen, his mother and he are `woman`s seed`. Women have a penis of their own as `futanarian` and so they`re the human species, while men correspond to their parasite that has inveigled its way into her womb so that it can emerge as her devourer.



 All of human history has emerged from woman`s womb despite her parasite`s depredations against civilization, culture and art, while the teachings of Jesus suggest men aren`t even human unless they convert and accept Christ:


`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 Their disease is men made because it`s HIV/AIDS, described as the `blood plague` in Revelation, and produced in homosexual pederasty by mixing blood, shit and semen in anal sex between `brothers` in the freemasonry of homosexuality. The problem is ancient and God attempted to eradicate it when destroying Sodom (Gen: 16, 19) where sodomy was practised, and in Greece pederasty was institutionalized and women`s wombs were enslaved for the sole purpose of spreading war and its devourer`s contagions further.

 In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears is the red sun in her jump suit and the white moon in her bikini dress, which presciently places her in sympathy with the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` as she sings and dances on Mars. After 2001 Britney`s video is a watchable celebration of the birth of the `New Redeemer` from `Liberty` in the waters of New York harbor after the US victory over Al Qaeda on 9/11 to complement the defeat of the red sun of Japan in WWII.

 There is a symbolic tree on the set of the video for Oops I Did It Again and Britney runs around it in her red jump suit before launching herself in a somersault that transforms her and she lands in front of her spaceman visitor wearing a white blouse, black mini-skirt and matching black boots. He gives her a gift in a black box and the assumption is it contains the icon he uncovered in the desert sands of Mars that, acting like a `cookie` giving access to a website, results in the catapulting of Britney`s domain out from beneath the surface of the red planet:


`It couldn`t be ..!`



 Though barely visible in the reflection from the visor of the astronaut`s space helmet, the impression is of some huge vastness emerging from the Martian plains. She`s the cheese, but the picture collector wants her image, because it`s arousing for the penis:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`


 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the unconscious contains archetypes, that is, impelling imagery that appear in the dreams, imagination and art of humanity as the developmental seeds of human nature. In Oops I Did It Again red and white Britney`s the cheese because she`s the shes archetype of woman, that is, `futanarian` with her own penis` seed, which men don`t want to grow. WIthout her penis she`s the Camembert, that is, the calm member, which dismembering men crow over in triumph. Women can`t grow as a species without her own penis` membered desirefulness for herself and capacity to fertilize.

 In her red jump suit and white bikini dress, Britney represents herself as the human species, that is, the woman capable of the self-reproduction of the Virgin Mary. Inside the tight red body suit Britney doesn`t seem to have space for a penis of her own, but white bikinied `alternative Britney` may have future

possibilities hidden under her skirt.

 Britney`s a seal beneath the fork beside the helmet of the spaceman because the imagery relates to Jimi Hendrix`s single Foxy Lady (1967), that is, she`s sealed from the devourer of the future. The giant`s fork is that of the devourer while Britney`s seal A.D. Instead of the corrupted hunting vernacular of `let the dog see the rabbit`,2  which is deliberately applied by the evil to associate the killing of women with the penis` desire, it`s fork see lady, that is Foxy Lady, because homosexual pederasty wants to devour women`s human product, and Britney doesn`t:


`I wanna take you home 

I won't do you no harm, no.

You've got to be all mine, all mine.

Ooh, foxy lady.`3


 Britney has to be foxy so as not to be devoured, and so the crowing, that is, those who have grown in triumph by enslaving her human species, must be made to drop their cheese so that woman can live. The spaceman`s interest in her drops, because she`s not his species and so her image is more important because the penis is still aroused by it. Because it`s her own penis and the parasite has attached itself to her by invading her womb somehow at some point in the dim past. Without any vested interest in the shes, the astronaut drops them, which is what happened after the Apollo moon landings. For women the advances in science due to space technology meant an improved washing machine and microwave oven that increased her optimism but maintained her as a domestic slave. 

In psychology the instinctual libido of desire is transformed by the individual into spiritual or intellectual endeavour, which is why Jesus is normatively depicted as celibate. The parasites are only concerned with devouring the products of human ingenuity. Although the archetype of the male appears in dreams, art and the imagination as heroic, men function as devourers of the human species of woman. The appearance of the male imago is that of the devourer of the psyche rather than a helpful figure.

 In 1983 President Ronald Reagan implemented the USA`s Strategic Defense Intiative (SDI), a ground and space based missile system to enclose the `woman`s seed` upon her Earth and prevent her from escaping to the stars without her devouring parasites. The Great Seal of the USA is an eagle, and the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is given the `wings of an eagle` to take her to a place of safety after she`s given birth to the `New Redeemer` and so Britney in Oops I Did It Again on Mars represents the haven of the mother:


`The Eagle has landed.`4


  Neil Amstrong`s message to `Mission Control` reflects upon Mars Lander, which was called `Phoenix` and was an unmanned spacecraft sent in 2007 to the red planet to explore. Oops I Did It Again presents Mars Lander as woman rising from the ashes of men`s veiled pogroms against her species at Belsen, Auschwitz, etc., and on into the 21st century by way of Srebrenica, Dharfur, and 9/11. Phoenix was the first spacecraft to be filmed landing,5 which is what happens when Britney`s spaceman lands on her Mars:


`Earth to Mars Lander. Report status please.`


 Mission Control is filming her through the camera that is effectively the spaceman but he is being filmed by the equivalent of NASA`s Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter with its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera`s capturing of the Phoenix spacecraft as it descended onto the Martian surface:


`... the first time that a spacecraft has imaged the final descent of another spacecraft onto a planetary body.`6


  Men want their own imago to prevail, that is, the devourer, so they want high resolution images of themselves, while woman has to get the male more interested in its own penis than in her shes archetype, so that she doesn`t activate the male`s devouring imago and can accept the cheese it drops to her by way of technological advancements after activation of the penis` creative libido by means of her allurements. In simple terms, the desirable woman encourages the male to construct a house for her, which she doesn`t want to be destroyed, so she encourages desire for her.

 Women ought to discourage men`s desire to be with each other because the parasitism of devouring homosexual pederasty means war and `a plague on both your houses`,7 that is, WIlliam Shakespeare`s observation of the `perpetual enmity` of the Montagues and Capulets in his Veronese drama Romeo and Juliet (1591-5). In the 12th and 13th centuries the red or Ghibelline faction supporting the Holy Roman Emperor was the political opponent of the white or Guelph faction supporting the Pope. In red and white in Oops I Did It Again Britney represents the house of the woman that`s broken because of men`s faction. There`s no semantic difference in the titles of his Holiness the Pope and that of the Holy Roman Emperor, but woman is the human species and so her womb is the `host` that priests ask men to accept in the Catholic Communion service. Without the Holy Spirit of acceptance of woman as the human species, men are faction because they`ve created the liars` fiction of women`s faithfulness to their enslaver and devourer rather than create truthful fictions by which humans can live. Trapped within their false fictions, men cannot convert from their sin, and the beast with seven heads in Revelation becomes comprehensible as the seven hills of Rome`s support for pederasty, war and its contagions:


`And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.` (Rev: 13. 1)


 The seven are the Popes and the ten are those who`ll have authority from Rome during the period of pederasty before the `serpent`s seed` receive perdition, that is, eternal unendurable pain from God, as their punishment for enslavement of women`s `host` wombs to devour her product of civilization, culture and art before `woman`s seed` has ascendancy in heaven. Oops I Did It Again is Britney`s Revelation that, duplex, women don`t need men because they have their own penis as the `futanarian`  human species. In Jungian psychology the mouth is associated with eating, drinking and speaking, which means it`s duplex and so is representative of `futanarian` woman.

 In Revelation a `two-edged sword out of his mouth` is how Jesus` commanding figure is depicted, because he represents the duplex nature of self-reproducing woman uncontaminated by male semen and unable to speak with truth, whereas Jesus represents the `Word of God` because that`s what he preached and it isn`t fiction:


`I think I did it again.

 I made you believe

 We're more than just friends.

Oh, baby ...`



 Beneath the camera lens of her spaceman she`s `cam` member, that is, cheese Camembert, while in her red jump suit she`s Dutch Edam with its coat of `red paraffin wax`8. `Cheese` is what is traditionally said to the photographer`s camera, whereas `cheesy` is the term denoting women who are photographed because of their face and body. To pederasty`s enslaver and devourer woman is red and white cheese, because homosexuality maintains its power by removing the woman`s penis from the scene and persuading her into a false love like Shakespeare`s pairing in Romeo and Juliet or elsewise forcing her to marry in misogynist monogamy.

 Without longevity the woman can`t know herself as a species because she can`t remember her own dismembered penis. Advances in medicine are curtailed so women will die young as a victim of men`s contrived `killer disease` HIV/AIDS, for example, which keeps women in fear and faithfulness to their enslavement. Oops I Did It Again is Foxy Lady because the aim is to prevent those crowing over woman`s demise from continuing to devour the shes, while assisting the growing to grow, and Britney`s done it again! She`s the Bible of pop because, teaching others how to grow, she isn`t crowing:


`It is the springtime of my loving.

The second season I am to know.

You are the sunlight in my growing. 

So little warmth, I've felt before.`9



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2  Get out of the way, so that I can see what I`m doing.

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