Homosexuals Aren`t Women

28/05/2014 12:41


Homosexuals Aren`t Women


The myth of the 20th century is that men aren`t homosexuals, whereas women are. The democracies of Western civilization arose from the Greek model of society, which was based on the institutionalized enslavement of women`s host wombs in pederasty for the spread of homosexuality`s contagion of war and death. Death was necessary for the Greeks, who worshipped the god, Thanatos, that is, death, because it would be more difficult to enslave humans if they remembered. Although there are myths of all female societies such as the Amazonians, or the women of the Greek island of Lesbos, whence the term `lesbian` derives, Christian teaching doesn`t pay attention to God`s warning to Eve in Eden about the serpent with which she`ll have `perpetual enmity`, because of her acceptance of the serpent`s promise, `You shall be as gods` (Gen: 3. 5) if she and the first man, Adam, ate of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death and slavery from the `serpent`s seed` of men who came after God`s expulsion of Adam and Eve from `heaven on Earth` for rejecting the `fruit of the tree of immortality` in favour of women`s womb slavery to war.



 God tells Eve her `seed` will `crush the head of the serpent with her foot as she leaves,` (Gen: 3. 15) which suggests Eve`s daughters will have `seed` of their own. Because women with penis` semen of their own, as well as host wombs, are called `futanarian`, they correspond to the `foot` of Eve that will leave the Earth after the defeat of the `serpent`s seed` keeping the human species of `woman`s seed` in womb slavery as her parasites in the war to her death if she doesn`t succeed in breeding her own brains` powers for technological liberation and escape from her imprisonment to primitive machinery that chain her to drudgery and limitation in planned extinction for her race if she can`t raise her `foot` upon the Earth and lift it above the contamination.

 Jesus was born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, as the first of `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, because men are the contaminated `serpent`s seed` unless they accept Jesus` teaching of Redemption. The Resurrection of `woman`s seed` is what Jesus` torture upon the cross he was nailed to by the Roman occupiers of Palestine as a Jewish `dissident` illustrated. His death and Resurrection prefigure the rise of the woman`s `foot` from the Earth as the human `futanarian` species with her own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers for the creation of technologies that would give her freedom from her slave ring:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.`1


 Although Britney Spears` lyric from `Piece Of Me` (2007) seems egocentric, she`s representing Everywoman. In the United States of America, DC Comics` Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira, has been depicted as a fictional heroine, created by psychologist and writer, William Moulton Marston, since #8 All Star Comics, December 1941, in which she appeared as an Amazonian living in a matriarchy, which is rule by women. Jesus is depicted as he who `will rule the nations with an iron scepter`, because he`s `futanarian` uncontaminated by male semen, that is, Jesus` rule as a superhero is the fulfilment of the `American Dream` of rule by women, which according to Jesus` teaching is the Manifest Destiny of the United States, that is, to bring the rule of women to the Earth. Upon his death Jesus` side was pierced by the spear of Longinus, the Roman centurion, because Eve emerged from the side of Adam, while Jesus was known as the `Second Adam` preaching the Holy Spirit that would teach after him. Consequently, Longinus` piercing of the side of Jesus with his spear meant the release of the Holy Spirit as the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`. The spear was afterwards called the spear of Destiny, while the American Dream of fulfilment of Manifest Destiny through the Holy Spirit of Christ, Jesus, released by the spear of Destiny is comprehendable as women`s rule over men, that is, the destiny of the United States of America is to resurrect `woman`s seed` and institute a matriarchal society that legislates for technological advancement and liberation for `woman`s seed` from enslavement by the `serpent`s seed` of men who would keep the human race in thrall to war and death forever.



 At the commencement of the 21st century Christianity was in danger of promoting death as a means to heaven, which arose as a belief because Jesus was tortured to death upon the cross and had Resurrection before Ascension to heaven. In `Islam`, which means `acceptance`, the Koran (610-30 C. E.), dictated by the angels to the Prophet Mohamed more than six hundred years after the death of Christ, Jesus is depicted as having Ascension to heaven without death because Islam accepts `woman`s seed`. In Moslem marriages there can be four wives, which means 80% women at least, while `futanarian` women have their own penis` semen and host womb. Unless Christianity preaches `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, it`s death worship in the mould of the ancient Greek homosexual societies that enslaved women`s host wombs for pederasty and war.



 The Gulf wars in the late 20th century and the beginning of the 21st represented the emergence of misogyny as the basis for a challenge to Islam amongst the Arabian nations, which had embraced Islamic fundamentalism in the form of political movements such as the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan (1996-2001) and the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, who were responsible for hijacking `civil` airliners on 11 September, 2001, and crashing them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre to reestablish `rough trade`, that is, pederasty in homosexuality`s wars against the humans species of `woman`s seed`:


`A group of village elders, all men, conducted a council meeting to enact important social policies. The decrees they passed include: women under age 40 are banned from going out shopping. Girls must wear head scarves in public. Girls are not allowed to use cellphones. Marriages that are not based on parental arrangements are banned. Women under 40 are banned from going out after sunset. This might seem like Afghanistan under Taliban rule in the late 1990s. However, this is, in fact, India in 2012.`2



 The report in an online Jewish newspaper isn`t about Moslem Pakistan, where Taliban trained Al Qaeda leader, Osama Ben Laden, was killed on 2 May, 2011, by US` Navy Seal Team Six, but Pakistan`s neighbor, India, where the basis of the Hindu religion is the knowledge of the chakra system of the human body gleaned over millennia. In Hinduism Tantric or sex yoga has the aim of raising the level of consciousness of the practioners. Consciousness is believed to reside at the base of the spine, that is, the Muladhara chakra, before it rises to the Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head through meditations including Tantric sex yoga.



 Although sex yoga is perceived in the West as bizarre, the aim is to discover unity, that is, `each recognizes they are the other`, which is the basis of Jesus` teaching, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 30-1) Christianity`s teaching is `gay` insofar as men are expected to love each other as they love themselves, which was a useful approach towards a creature known for killing the human race, but Jesus` birth was unique insofar as he was born uncontaminated by male semen, that is, he wasn`t born as a `gay` killer:


`Beware Greeks bearing gifts.`3


 The socio-history of the 20th century is of the emergence of men`s virus paradigm since the days of the ancient Greeks documented most clearly by the poet Homer in his Iliad (760-10 B.C.), which details how the Greeks constructed a huge hollow wooden horse before the gates of the city of Troy and the Trojans took it inside the citadel where the Greeks emerged to enslave the host wombs of the women to spread their contagion of pederasty and war further. By the late 20th century homosexuality`s biological weapon of HIV/AIDS had emerged as the biblical `killer virus` or `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6) sent by God to deter men from their `original sin` of enslaving women`s host wombs. HIV/AIDS was produced and spread by men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in mockery of human sexual reproduction:


`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 The paradigm is of the betrayer of the human host, which Jesus experienced at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion when Judas rejected the `bread and wine` as symbols of the host, Jesus` `body and blood`, that is, humanity`s `woman`s seed`, for `thirty pieces of silver`, which he received for his treachery. On 9/11, 2001, the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, `the base`, betrayed their host, the United States of America, to crash the US` computer defence system and kill the brain to reestablish `rough trade` with the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, whose invading army had been removed from Kuwait in what was known as the `TV war` (1990-1), because of the extensive television coverage, while Saddam Hussein`s support for Al Qaeda, `the base`, led to the second `TV war` (2003-11).



 `TV programing` is what the `geek` successors to the Greek virus of homosexual pederasty and war were doing. Devising `bad machine code` called `Trojan horses` to infect the machine brains of the computer systems of human users, like the US` Defence Department in Arlington, Virginia, where a hijacked third Al Qaeda plane crashed to breach the wall of the Pentagon, `geeks` were functioning as `circus sideshow freaks` eating the heads of chickens, which is what `geeks` originally were. The idiom the terrorists meant to see applied to the events of 9/11 was `running around like headless chickens`, which President George W. Bush`s declared `War On Terror` (2003-) confirmed. The Earth was a place full of possible terrorists and the humans would be `running around like headless chickens` to present themselves as friends of the United States, which would guarantee the `geek` program for Hollywood Babylon movies in the foreseeable future. From the `geek` perspective, Iraq was the ancient seat of Babylon and Saddam Hussein, whose name meant `small handsome man` and `crusher`, was a Hollywood Babylon actor, `he shall crush your head with his foot and you shall bruise his heel` (Gen: 3. 15) God tells Eve in the Bible. Hollywood Babylon needs wars for its continuation and `TV` is its `geek` program for the devouring of the human species as headless chickens without brains:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)


 Babylon is described as a `woman` in the Bible because she`s male brained for war in pederasty and slavery to the homosexual entertainment system. The term `circus` originally referred to the Roman amphitheatres where humans were killed for entertainment. Consequently, 9/11, 2001, was a media circus `live on CNN` and other television networks devised for the entertainment of homosexuals. `TV` is an abbreviation of television and transvestite, which men and women are in male braining to the `serpent`s seed` of men, that is, it`s a `gay` killer wearing each others` clothes as a `TV`. The Gulf wars were programed by Hollywood Babylon `geeks` with their `bad machine code` of `TV wars` in the modern age of Greek homosexuality`s periodic reestablishing of the virus paradigm of the `serpent`s seed`.



 The HIV/AIDS virus feigns friendship for leukocyte white cells of the human body before killing the brain, because that`s what homosexuality is. Hindu Tantric sex yoga teaches that `each is the other`, which is the basis of the central human knowledge that men and women denote a sundering, that is, `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs, can sexually reproduce their own human species` brainpower for independent socio-economic development because they aren`t sundered from their own species, whereas men`s behavior towards the host womb of the human race is that of a parasite waiting to emerge and kill her. Consequently, men are the virus feigning friendship for the human host, which Jesus teaches doesn`t need marriage in ring slavery:


`At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.` (Matt: 22. 30)



 Because the human host is the heavenly host of the future `futanarian` race of `woman`s seed` with her own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers for liberation through technological advancement and healthcare that ensures her longevity and her memory so slavery to ephemerality in death and pederasty`s wars can be abolished. The `TV wars` properly began with the first Technicolor film, Becky Sharp (1935), which preceded the United States` involvement in WWII (1939-45) after the red sun of the flag of Imperial Japan attacked the US Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor without warning on 7 December, 1941. The event was subsequently made into several Hollywood Babylon films, for example, May 21st, 2001`s Pearl Harbor (2001), released a few months before the events of 9/11, 2001, which were made into the movie, World Trade Centre (2005), after the terrorist group Al Qaeda, with their flag emblazoned with the moon, attacked the Twin Towers of New York.



 In New York harbor the genuine moon and `pearl of great price`, that is, `heaven`, which the US fought for at Pearl harbor, Hawaii, was mirrored in the birth waters of the statue of `Liberty`, where she fulfilled the biblical prophecy of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` after the defeat of the red sun of Japan and the moon of Al Qaeda, before he who `will rule the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 2. 27) emerges from her birth pangs. `Liberty` on the East coast of the United States isn`t Los Angeles, Hollywood, `Babylon` on California`s West coast, which produced the `geek` civilization and culture that programed the Earth with `TV wars` and Greek `plague games` systems for `PC` personal computers that aren`t `politically correct` in presenting war from the coward`s seat of the Japanese Sony Play Station games` console who perceives himself at the controls of a US army A10 `tank buster` aircraft during the Gulf wars in `shoot-em-ups` designed to encourage the plaguer to view human life as hunted game.



 The United States` `geek` program is suicide, which isn`t Jesus` program. Al Qaeda, `the base`, represented the Muladhara chakra of Hinduism on 9/11, 2001, which at the base of the spine is the place where the HIV/AIDS virus would be spread during sterile homosexual anal penile masturbations designed to kill the brain of the human, that is, at the seventh Sahasrara chakra as the `killer disease` passes up the spinal column from `the base` to the `crown of the head`. The heart chakra is Anahata, which means that Manhattan island, where the World Trade Centre was located, was the heart of the West attacked by Al Qaeda, `the base`. New York`s known as the `Big Apple`, that is, the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` after Eden, which is Redemption, Resurrection and Ascension for those who accept `woman`s seed`. In the Bible God tells Adam he must live by the sweat of his brow while Eve will experience pain in her labour, that is, childbirth, which she would if Adam`s task was to be thwarted by slavers and Eve`s task was to bear the `futanarian` human species with her own penis` semen and host womb.



 Although the city of Troy is in upstate New York, the comparisons between the spires of Homer`s Ilium and the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre as the gateway to the state are obvious. New Yorkers from Troy are Trojans, but `work like a Trojan` is proverbial praise, that is, the `geek` programers who use the term `Trojan horse` for their `bad machine code` promoting the collapse of the human system aren`t `politically correct`, although it`s polite to the Greeks, where `Greek` is a global euphemism for homosexuality, because it`s a Greek horse and not a Trojan.

 Al Qaeda`s use of hijacked `civil` airliners as `Trojan horses` was programed by Hollywood, Babylon `geeks`, that is, 20th century modern Greeks, in movies like the collapsing skyscraper of Towering Inferno (1974) and King Kong (1933), the ape atop the Empire State building attacked by aircraft. The attack by hijacked aircraft that demolished the Twin Towers, `live on CNN` and other `TV` networks, was viral and designed to spread homosexuality`s contagion of transvestite war, that is, `TV war`, in pederasty and male braining for those wearing each others` clothes as a `Greek` race programed to suicide by its 21st century virus strain, the `geeks`.



 Homosexuals program other people to commit suicide, because they don`t want them, which is why men of the `serpent`s seed` have thwarted human sexual reproduction since `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb was born uncontaminated by male semen, as Jesus was. Because men can`t sexually reproduce together, and women can, the numbers of the human species of women would rise exponentially if women were to sexually reproduce with each other. The absence of any evidence of `futanarian` human sexual reproduction within the species of women upon the Earth, that is, apart from the four wives of the traditional Moslem marriage, signifies men`s killing of her species, which is why the program of the `serpent`s seed` is for the race to kill itself: it`s a killer alien hunting the human to extinction.



 The movie is Logan`s Run (1976) in which sandmen kill `runners` who don`t want to die when they reach the age of 21, that is, the 9/11, 2001, Al Qaeda hijack of `civil` aircraft at Boston, Logan airport, to crash into New York`s Twin Towers and prevent the 21st century from being born, was followed by the 15th April, 2013, bomb attack upon the Boston Marathon, because the homosexuals in pederasty and war don`t want the human `futanarian` footrace to run fast enough to escape the killers:


`I will put enmities between you and the woman, and your seed and her seed: she will crush your head, and you shall lie in wait for her heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)



 The psychological weapon of the homosexual is concentration, which is what `TV` is. If everyone is a male brained transvestite programed to suicide by the `serpent`s seed` so they can watch as entertainment the dying throes of the human race, concentrating on the `TV` theme is essential. During and before WWII the German National Socialist Party (Nazi) imprisoned Jews in `concentration camps`, which became `death camps` in pogroms designed to exterminate the `chosen people` of the Bible who can`t be born unless born from a woman, which means Jews are `futanarian` women and the Nazis were of the `serpent`s seed` who preferred transvestism.



 In Hollywood Babylon the Hays production code (1930-67) made it a rule for a woman to have one foot on the floor in bedroom scenes as a metaphor for keeping the `futanarian` species of woman on the Earth by preventing her from sexually reproducing her human race and leaving through her own brains` powers for development and technological liberation from men`s enslaving of her host womb in pederasty and war. The Boston Marathon terrorist bombing, `live on CNN` and other news networks, was the method employed to persuade the viewer to concentrate on the `TV` race, that is, transvestism. The `footrace` of `futanarian` woman isn`t running the race as she should be, because the `sandmen` are killing the human `runners` who`re `woman`s seed` and want to live far beyond their 21st century with memories that remember to teach their daughters to be wary of womb slavery by men in pederasty so war can never recur.



 Father worship is replacing God worship, whereas Jesus said, `I am the son of man,` because he was born uncontaminated by male semen, which meant his mother, the Virgin Mary, was man from Jesus` perspective. Although the Roman centurion Longinus said, `Surely this was the son of God,` (Matt: 27. 54) after he`d pierced Jesus side with his spear upon his death, the Messiah never claimed to be the son of God because father worship wasn`t what Jesus wanted. In Eden the serpent is described as the tempter of Eve and Adam, `You shall be as gods,` (Gen: 2. 5) and grown in size the dragon `waits in vain` to devour Jesus in his `Second Coming` to the Earth born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, because the United States defeated the red sun of Japan and the moon of Al Qaeda so `Liberty` can give birth to woman`s freedom from slavery to her parasitical devourers in pederasty`s wars arranged by its fathers, which is what the `red dragon` represents, that is, the father devouring the son.



 Male brained in womb slavery women are willing participants in the game of species` extinction waged by the `serpent`s seed` who don`t want the human race to live. Uncontaminated by male semen Jesus` life is a symbol of what women need to do in order to live, that is, sexually reproduce as `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb to escape from the male braining that causes her to want species` suicide in wars of `perpetual enmity` waged by the `serpent`s seed` against her. Though Jesus was murdered, he knew it was to occur and so could have avoided it:


`Now while they were staying in Galilee, Jesus said to them, `The son of man is about to be betrayed into the hands of men, and they will kill him, and the third day he will be raised up.` And they were exceedingly sorrowful.` (Matt: 17. 22-3)



 Historians have accused Jesus of suicide, whereas Jesus` decision to go to Jerusalem was a consciously thought out plan as the first of `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen to have Resurrection, because `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb for the sexual reproduction of the human species` own female brainpower would need to know she could have Resurrection if the human race was to survive male braining and the parasite that perseveres in inveigling itself into her host womb in order to emerge as a parasite to begin killing the humans again in its `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed`.



The basic flaw in men`s position is their inability to bear children. Although there are `futanarian` males with penis` semen and host wombs, the majority are wombless, which makes the `futanarian` species of woman the humans. If `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host womb experience childbirth or can bear children, men`s wombless state places them at a disadvantage when it comes to what Christianity termed `Agape` in its early days, that is, extended love relationships based on the extended family. United States` `Grand Master` of science fiction, Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88), wrote of `Agape` in his novels of Lazarus Long, a long-lived character who could rejuvenate and live longer, so the different varieties of human sexual experience were an inevitable part of his life`s journeying:


`She taught me to love by loving me, and I learned - rather slowly; I wasn’t too good a pupil, being set in my ways and lacking her natural talent. But I did learn. Learned that supreme happiness lies in wanting to keep another person safe and warm and happy, and being privileged to try.`4



 Although the quotation is Lazarus Long`s from Time Enough For Love (1973), the peroration could have been that of a daughter for a mother. In fact Lazarus travels back in time to have sexual relations with his mother in To Sail Beyond The Sunset (1987), which develops the theme of incest in his later work, for example, in `The Tale Of The Adopted Daughter`, which forms a part of Time Enough For Love, Lazarus adopts a girl, raises her as his daughter, marries her, and has children with her, which is as close to being incest as is possible without consummation:


`The adventures of Maureen are a series of sexual ones, starting with Heinlein describing her as a young girl who, having just had her first sexual intercourse, is examined by her father, a doctor, and finds herself desiring him sexually. Her sexual life story then continues featuring various boys, her husband, ministers, other women's husbands, boyfriends, swinging sessions, and [...] she continues a lifelong pursuit of her father sexually, encourages her husband to have sexual intercourse with their daughters, and accompanies him when he does; but forbids a son and daughter of hers from continuing an incestuous relationship, primarily for the sister's reluctance to share the brother with other women.`5



 Heinlein`s perspicacity is that men don`t share, because it`s about `ownership of the means of production`, as the German economist Karl Marx observed in Das Kapital (1856), for them. What Heinlein wasn`t able to write about was `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen because it was a taboo. Consequently, although he wrote about the taboo, Heinlein couldn`t write about the reason for the taboo, which was to prevent the human species of woman from extending her family into what the Christians called Redemption through `Agape`, that is, universal `futanarian` extended familial love for `woman`s seed`.



 In Methuselah`s Children (1941) the long-lived humans are persecuted before diaspora from Earth to the planets and stars, and Heinlein describes the universe as a place in which all other life forms are made extinct by the Longs until mankind is alone. What Heinlein implies is that aliens are extrapolations of `woman`s seed`, that is, the extinction of the male brained vestiges of transvestite humanity is the agenda for the `serpent`s seed` and womankind is the host womb for their devourers` parasitism. The Longs` diaspora in Heinlein`s Methuselah`s Children resembles the Jews escape from slavery from Egypt and subsequent persecutions of the `chosen people` (Deut: 7. 6) of the Bible culminating in the Nazi pogroms in the `death camps`, before and during WWII, because men prefer male brained transvestism to the `futanarian` human woman with her own penis` semen and host womb for the birth of true humans. Consequently, Heinlein`s focus upon incest is deliberate, because the survival of the human race depends upon it. Just as `lesbian` is defined as `normal` between women of the `futanarian` species of woman, so `incest` is interpretable as the desire of women to sexually reproduce within their own species` family, which is necessary if the `Agape` of universal extended familial love is to be realized:


`Coupling with us might be masturbation, but it can't be incest because we aren't your sisters.`6



 The `twins` cloned from Lazarus` own flesh, Lapis Lazuli and Lorelei Lee, explain `Agape` in Time Enough For Love from a woman`s point of view, that is, if all are the same species, it`s sex with oneself, but transvestism in male braining is the perception that the female isn`t male and so is `alien`, which is why Methuselah`s Children extrapolates species` extinction for the rest of the universe after the diaspora of the Longs, because for men all other life forms are women. Consequently, if the human species on Earth is to survive, the female must be perceived as human.



 In Hinduism the cow is sacred because the `gods` are believed to reside in her body, which is a metaphor for the soul and the archetypes of the `Self` that, according to the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), emerge in dreams, art and imagination to impel the human individual to progress and grow. Jung`s perception was that the soul or anima has the attributes of a goddess for the individual who projects her in the form of the desirable woman. The Hindu cow represents the perception that the woman desires herself, that is, the goal of development or individuation for the individual is a body that has a female spirit and soul, which corresponds to the actualized `Self` of Jungian psychology.



 What the Hindu picture lacks is the `futanarian` cow, that is, the female desire to propogate through her own penis` `seed` because, as with human women, she`s been husbanded by the `serpent`s seed` of men who don`t want women to perceive the soul and spirit within the creation as being kin to them.  Perceiving the soul and spirit as kin to `futanarian` woman`s own desire for sexually reproducing herself, she`d perceive that the soul and spirit of nature was herself trapped, which is where men want her to remain and so her soul and spirit is kept imprisoned within nature itself by male braining and husbanding so she can`t escape until God`s promise is fulfilled that Eve will:


`… crush the head of the serpent with her foot as she leaves.` (Gen: 3. 15)



 The reason the animal body dies is because the male seeks possession of the soul and spirit, which is female. In Jungian psychology the animus of a woman is identified as a crowd of men watching her. Because they want to male brain her and possess her with their demoniacal aim, which is to make war upon the Earth and ensure the extinction of her species as its parasitical devourer emerging from her host womb. Although woman is `big game` to the species` hunter, the game she plays is `love`, that is, if she can redeem a man through love she can live. If she doesn`t `play` it`s species` extinction for woman as the hunted creature of men of the `serpent`s seed` in a Hollywood Babylon `snuff` film in which people are killed for entertainment, that is, `reality TV`.



 If there hadn`t been `TV war` in the Gulf, Hollywood Babylon wouldn`t have material for a new generation of `snuff` memorials in the shape of movies like Courage Under Fire (1996) and Jarhead (2005), which are fictions about the first Gulf war (1990-1) to retake captured Kuwait from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein`s invasion force and the second (2003-11) to depose him when he declared support for Al Qaeda, `the base`, `live on TV` after the terrorists hijacked planes to crash into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, `live on CNN` and other `TV` networks:


`The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12, 14)



 The woman `hidden` in the desert who gives birth to Jesus in his `Second Coming` corresponds to the `futanarian` Moslem women who conceal their woman`s nature in public beneath their burkha while privately their mode of sexual reproduction within a marriage that can contain four wives remains secret. Although the United States` Great Seal of the authority of the President to wage war has the emblem of the eagle upon it, and US Navy Seal Team Six killed terrorist leader, Osama Ben Laden, on 2 May, 2011, claims to be protecting the sealed hymens of the Moslem `futanarian` women remain moot, because of Hollywood Babylon`s program of `snuff` memorial movies and `TV wars`.



 In a convoluted Courage Under Fire, actor Denzil Washington`s character, Serling, is asked to discover if Meg Ryan`s character, Walden, deserves the first posthumous Medal of Honor awarded to a woman. He discovers Walden was killed by a member of the unit she was commanding, Monfriez, because she wouldn`t run from the conflict when he wanted to. Walden is betrayed, while `Swoff` in Jarhead returns from the Gulf to find his girlfriend with someone else. She`s depicted as his betrayer, which is Monfriez`s feeling about Walden, and that`s why he kills her while the other men `cover up` for him afterwards. Heroines live, but men don`t want them to.



 In Chinese philosophical thought, `care of the cow brings good fortune`,7 that is, the female must be cared for, or the human species won`t be born from her uncontaminated by male semen, as Jesus was. The I Ching or Book Of Changes, which advocates `care of the cow`, was composed three millennia before the birth of Jesus, while Hinduism arose in India during the same period, but the teaching of Jesus is recognizable in the shape of Hinduism`s `sacred cow`, which mustn`t be challenged over its importance, because it`s the sacredness of the female`s capacity to breed herself, as Christianity`s own `sacred cow` demonstrates, that is, the Virgin Mary, Jesus` mother uncontaminated by male semen.



 On September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda, `the base`, represented the Muladhara chakra in the Hindu system while New York`s Manhattan island, was the Anahata chakra, and the `Big Apple` of New York`s World Trade Centre corresponded to the Sahasrara chakra at the `crown of the head`, that is, 9/11, 2001`s terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre, when Al Qaeda hijacked `civil` airliners to crash into the Twin Towers, was an attack on the feminine principle of Eve`s wisdom gleaned since Eden and transmitted by the power of the Holy Spirit emergent from the side of Jesus upon his death as the `Second Eve` from the `Second Adam` after Jesus`s side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion, Longinus:


`Surely this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54)



 Jesus couldn`t respond, which is probably why Longinus` made his statement. Jesus couldn`t argue with him, whereas the Messiah usually replied, `I am the son of man.` Because he was born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, that is, she was representative of the human species` `futanarian` woman producing humanity alone from her womb. Longinus` words imply the son and father relationship, which the Bible`s serpent and dragon imagery, from Genesis to Revelation, depict as that of devouring pederasty and war. The imagery is older than the Greeks and the Romans who depicted Chronos and Saturn as fathers devouring their sons, while the name of Christianity`s enemy, Satan, even resembles Saturn`s, because the devouring imago is so prevalent in human history to the detriment of `woman`s seed` represented by the Advent of Jesus uncontaminate and his Resurrection after death to bring hope to humanity of an Earth without male braining through womb slavery so that the `serpent`s seed` can continue to wage perpetual war against the human race in pederasty and war.



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