Jigsaw Piece Of Me

06/05/2016 12:41

Jigsaw Piece Of Me


The lifetime output of an artist is called their oeuvre, so it`s indicative of Britney Spears` work that it has the characteristics of a jigsaw in which the pieces fit together to present a complete picture of her personality. The song, `Piece Of Me`, from the album, Blackout (2007), has lyrics and a promotional video package to promote the compact disk single and, although the artist isn`t in full control of her output, because the writers and directors aren`t herself, it`s clear that an oeuvre is being put together of her. `Piece Of Me` features the singer performer on the cross in the place of Jesus crucified, because Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen, that is, the Jewish Messiah in Palestine at the time of the Empire of Rome`s occupation was born of the Virgin Mary, his mother, and so was `woman`s seed`, which is why he was crucified, because the Romans didn`t want `woman`s seed` to sexually reproduce, and so Jesus is a feminist symbol used by Britney Spears` promoters for the cover of the CD video single, `Piece Of Me`. Of course, a piece of the cross has long been estimated as of great religious significance and worth by the Christian church, which arose after Jesus Christ`s crucifixion as a `dissident` Messianic teacher, largely on the strength of his simple maxim: `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) In Christian iconography Jesus` mother, Mary, is depicted crushing the head of the serpent, Satan, with her foot. Satan was the angel in heaven turned into a serpent by God for rejecting God`s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic. Placed in the paradise that was heaven on Earth, Eden, the serpent, Satan, tempted Eve, the first woman, and Adam, the first man, with the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, so enslaving the human species` host womb for parasitism in enslavement as an ephemeral nullity. God told Eve her `seed` would have `enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` before Redemption would occur. Adam would labor while Eve would experience labor pain. Consequently, Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, fulfilled God`s promise of Redemption when the `seed` of Eve, Jesus was born, that is, Jesus` semen was destined to defeat the brains of the `serpent`s seed`, Satan: `You will crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Because futanarian women can sexually reproduce human brainpower from their own penis` semen from the human species` host womb of women, they`re God`s `foot`. Jesus uncontaminate`s Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, after his death by crucifixion, prefigures the Resurrection and Ascension of `woman`s seed`, that is, women`s futanarian brainpower will lift her to the planets and stars of God`s heaven through labor saving technology and immortality conferring medical science, which Britney Spears` crucified on the cross of Jesus on the cover of `Piece Of Me` symbolizes. Naked from the waist up, with her hair covering her breasts, Britney`s wearing only a loin cloth to cover her. The picture isn`t so enigmatic, because Jesus was `woman`s seed`, so Britney is symbolically futanarian woman with her penis hidden from misanthropy:


`I'm Mrs 'Most likely to get on TV for strippin' on the streets'

When getting the groceries, no, for real

Are you kidding me?

No wonder there's panic in the industry,

I mean please...

Do you want a piece of me?`1


 Misanthropes are those who don`t like people. Although woman haters are misogynists, who`d look favorably on a picture of Britney Spears crucified, futanarian `woman`s seed` is 100% human, because she has all of the sexual reproduction. Consequently, those who don`t like women are misanthropic, that is, they don`t like humans: `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) Ancient Greece became the `model` for democracy, although institutionalized host womb slavery of women for homosexuality in pederasty and warfare against `woman`s seed` was the mainstay of its constitution. In short, 100% futanarian human `woman`s seed` was disenfranchised by 0% human and 100% alien nature, which by the late 20th century was spreading the `incurable killer disease`, HIV/AIDS, by mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in rejection of women and in `biological warfare` against the human race`s desire to escape from fearful faithfulness to ring slavery with a monogamous parasite. In parasitological terms, parasites become parasitoid, that is, they emerge from the host womb to devour the host, which is what men`s wars are. In low level technology and primitive medical science `woman`s seed` can`t progress and men`s wars ensure that art, culture and civilization doesn`t rise far enough to escape slavery through their parasitoid devouring. Without starships to carry `woman`s seed` to colonize the planets amongst the stars, and the permanent memory, and life through immortality conferring medical science, to operate and maintain that technological level, women`s boy sons will continue to engage in `biological warfare` against her human species with their fathers as their aids, because human immunodeficiency virus, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) producing brain death after lethal injection through the anus in the form of poisoned semen, is an aspect of the parasitoid devourer`s `sinful nature` in homosexuality in pederasty`s warfare against `woman`s seed`, which Jesus` teaching of repentance and metanoia, that is, the conversion of brain transformation, is designed to convert the redeemable from. According to the Bible, the irredeemable will have eternal unendurable pain, that is, perdition, while the good receive heaven above the Earth as their eternal reward, which accords with a parasitological understanding of men`s parasitoid devouring of the host womb of the species of `woman`s seed` in parasitism. 

 Britney Spears` song, `Toxic` (2004), and its promotional video for the CD single release from the album, In The Zone (2003), was another part of the jigsaw puzzle of her oeuvre decipherable as an early 21st century comment upon homosexuality in pederasty`s spreading of the `incurable killer disease`, the HIV/AIDS` virus: `A guy like you should wear a warning.` As a `biological weapon`, AIDS ensures fearful faithfulness to monogamous enslavement in parasitism to prevent `woman`s seed` from sexually reproducing the brainpower she needs to facilitate the human species` escape from its  alien parasitoid devourer: `And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war upon the remnant of her seed.` (Rev: 12. 17) The biblical imagery from Jesus` disciple John`s prophesy of destruction upon the Earth and its inhabitants, through war and `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6), presents Satan as having grown, since his days as a serpent in Eden, to devour `woman`s seed` as a parasitoid evil nature. Britney`s video for `Toxic` presents her as a superheroine gaining unauthorized entrance to a secret laboratory to take what seems an anti-toxin to pour into the mouth of a male lover she climbs a high rise building like a spiderwoman to embrace in his bedroom after he`s showered:



The taste of your lips

I'm on a ride

You're toxic I'm slippin' under

With a taste of a poison paradise


I'm addicted to you

Don't you know that you're toxic?

And I love what you do

Don't you know that you're toxic?`2


 As a superheroine character, Britney`s `Auntie Toxin`, where A.U.N.T.I.E. would be the acronym corresponding to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964-8) TV series about fictitious United Network Command for Law Enforcement agents, that is, actors Robert Vaughan and David McCallum in the role of action heroes, Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, who represent male hegemony. Although England`s `spy-fi` TV series, The Avengers, (1961-9) in `The girl from AUNTIE`, episode # 17, Season 4, presents `Auntie` as a slaver, who operates a murder ring characterized by old ladies stabbing their victims in the back with knitting needles, and who capture the show`s female lead, actress Diana Rigg, in the role of intelligence operator, Emma Peel, to sell as a slave, Britney`s A.U.N.T.I.E.  is wearing a Thunderbirds uniform of the Tracey family that live on Tracey Island in the Gerry Anderson TV `puppet` show series, Thunderbirds (1965-6), where their five rescue vehicles, Thunderbird 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, correspond to Atlantic United Network Tracey Island and England (A.U.N.T.I.E.) where Lady Penelope with her chauffeur-driven pink FAB 1 supercar live and assist Thunderbirds` International Rescue operations. As the original animated TV 21 studios` `puppet` series` Thunderbirds Island was in the Pacific, but the Thunderbirds Are Go (2004) movie was set in the Atlantic, which suggests Britney Spears` uniformed stewardess aboard the futuristic airliner, before her costume change to become the spiderwoman superheroine gaining unauthorized access to the HIV/AIDS anti-toxin she administers to her lover, doesn`t want to be a puppet, because the movie with Thunderbirds Island in the Atlantic had actors, rather than the Supermarionation show in which Thunderbirds Island was set in the Pacific where the characters were puppets manipulated by puppeteers with strings attached. In short, Britney Spears doesn`t want strings attached. Puppeteers traditionally use a cross of wood with the hands and feet of the puppet attached by strings through holes at the four extended arms of the cross, which are then manipulated by the puppeteer to make the figure`s arms and legs move. When Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross of wood of his crucifixion, the holes in his hands and feet corresponded to the holes in the cross of wood whereby the puppeteer manipulates the puppet figure by means of the strings attached to its feet and hands. Consequently, from a Satanist perspective Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven was that of a puppet manipulated by a puppeteer. Pictured on the cross of Jesus` crucifixion for the cover of the CD video single release for the song, `Piece Of Me`, from the album Blackout, Britney Spears epitomizes the figure of the pop star whose strings are being pulled to make her the slave of a puppeteer manipulating her movements with the cross of wood held over her. As a puppeteer`s tool, the cross represents slavery for `woman`s seed`, because she can`t escape parasitism. Consequently, `Piece Of Me`, and `Toxic`, featuring Britney`s superheroine character, `Auntie Toxin`, who climbs up the side of her lover`s apartment building to administer the antidote to his HIV/AIDS virus, are pieces in the jigsaw of Britney`s personality:


`To give you up

I took a sip

From my devil's cup

Slowly, it's taking over me.`



 Changing from the Thunderbirds` figure associated with puppetry to the superheroine climbing her lover`s apartment building like spiderwoman, Britney`s perception is that Christianity is keeping her species of `woman`s seed` as a slave puppet. By promoting institutionalized host womb slavery for homosexuality in pederasty and war against her futanarian race, men prevent women from sexually reproducing their own brains` powers for liberation, socio-economic independence, and genuine democracy based on women`s capacity for sexually reproducing humanity`s brainpower with each other. Consequently, men`s boy sons are slowly taking possession of `woman`s seed`, that is, human brainpower is diluted to the extent that women don`t sexually reproduce with each other, because of an almost universal media `blackout` on the possibility of sexual reproduction between women. In short, women are kept in blind unconscious ignorance, rather than educated about their own race, which is husbanded by a parasitoid devourer actively engaged in planning to disable the food so that it can`t run, and HIV/AIDS is the terror weapon ensuring the fearful faithfulness of the food to its monogamer:


`Love me, hate me

But can't you see what I see?

All of the boys and all of the girls

Are begging to if you seek Amy.`3


 `If You Seek Amy` (2009), from the album, Circus (2008), was interpreted as `F*U*C*K Amy`, that is, monogamy, because sexual reproduction with women is a monomaniacal `game` for the parasitoid devourer in which `woman`s seed` is hunted as a species to the point of extinction, before the pattern of conservation begins anew, so that the food resources can recover from depletion, rather than that the art, civilization and culture of the people of the Earth rise to a level of technology saving their labors and facilitating escape from the food packager. As used by Britney Spears, `Circus` is a metaphor for animal training, whereby the people are fooled into believing that they aren`t to be devoured as food by their parasitoid breeder, that is, the media `circus` occludes and blacks out people`s consciousness so that they remain slaves. The Roman Empire built huge amphitheaters for its people to be entertained by other people being killed there for the entertainment of the parasitoid. Called `circus` by the Romans, the amphitheaters were the model for the movie industry theaters where, after the first film made by director, D.W. Griffith, Old California (1910), Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, on the west coast of the United States of America, parasitoid devouring in war movies was the basic staple of the entertainment business founded on the killing of the human species of `woman`s seed`. The Avengers TV series in England was a `spy-fi` production, that is, it was of the genre `spy fiction`, and `circus` is the generic term amongst spies for their activity, which is to gather information but also to blind or occlude others. In short, the Hollywood Babylon media circus is an occluder: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) Hollywood is called `Babylon` after `a woman` of the Bible, who lent her name to the capital city of the Persian Empire, Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.), because slavery in parasitism for homosexuality in pederasty and warfare against the human host was what men`s parasitoid devouring nature sought to manufacture. Without `woman`s seed` a single male brained creature wearing each others` clothes in transvestism was manufactured as a `TV` even before John Logie Baird`s invention of the television home entertainment theater afforded the parasitoid devourer the possibility of choosing the recorded material it wanted to repeat through the medium of the VCR. As a consequence the evil sinful nature of the parasitoid grew to encompass its true nature as the snuffer out of human nature, that is, the real life recorded killing of humans as entertainment as a `snuff movie` could be enjoyed at home by the parasitoid without seeking the approval of a more general audience, although the appetite for killing as entertainment spread from the smaller home theater of `snuff movie` recordings to the mainstream Hollywood Babylon `horror` genre, and so parasitoid devouring became the theme of the planet Earth.

 Of course the banning of `woman`s seed` from the movie industry was a necessary adjunct to the keeping of the human race as a blind ignorant unconscious brute, so under the pretense of upholding a `moral code`, the `Hays code` (1930) established by President Will Hays of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) banned women from raising their futanarian foot from the floor of the Earth to the planets amongst the stars where they belong: `... women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`4 Because that would encourage human sexual reproduction, and the alien parasitoid devourer doesn`t want brainpower for the species of `woman`s seed`, so sexual reproduction between the Earth`s species of women was discouraged by Hollywood Babylon for its manufacturing of the race as a TV `snuff movie`: `Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did.`5 Although Elton John`s lyric to `Candle In The Wind` was written about Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood Babylon sex symbol, who was found dead in the nude in 1962, from men`s point of view, as the parasitoid devourer of `woman`s seed`, `snuff` is what penisless women were for, and in fact `snuff` is a term used for ground tobacco used in cigarettes as a phallic symbol and substitute for fellatio, that is, where `smoking` is a euphemism for gunsmoke after a killing amongst gangsters, cigarette `smoking` is a secret celebration on the part of homosexuals in pederasty for war against `woman`s seed` over the extinguishment of the penis` semen of women for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers. In short, it`s a celebration of the beheading of the human race, so that the slavers in parasitism can maintain humanity in blind ignorant unconsciousness for the production of warfare against women`s own species to the point of extinction before commencing `cargo cult` operations once again:


`Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA)

Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH)




 Although Britney Spears` `Slave 4 U`, from the album Britney (2001), seems a young woman`s misguided understanding of sexual intercourse, the correlation between the desire for sex, the obtaining of it, and the denial of it to those that want it, is the essence of slavery. Consequently, Britney`s lyrics represent the notion that the sex starved will provide what people want if they`re denied sex before they get what it is that is wanted. In the promotional video for the song, `Oops! ... I Did It Again` (2000), from the album, Oops! ... I Did It Again, Britney`s encounter with a spaceman on the red planet, Mars, is commemorated by the astronaut`s giving her a gift in a small black box: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`7 The allusion is to the beginning of the movie, Titanic (1997), in which 100 year old Rose drops the `heart of the ocean` blue diamond pendant into the sea as a memorial at the point of the salvaging of the ship that sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on April 15, 1912, after colliding with an iceberg. Britney`s spaceman replies: `Well, baby, I went down and got it for you.` Because he`s a sex slave. Although he`s wearing a North American Space Administration (NASA) spacesuit from the era of the Apollo Space Program that put the first man on the moon on 21 July, 1969, UTC: 2. 56, Britney is wearing a red pilot`s suit and not an astronaut`s suit similar to the one worn by Neil Armstrong: `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` Britney`s red pilot suit commemorates the X-15 pilots that crashed their planes attempting to fly to the moon after experiencing `blackout` at high altitudes. As a representative of `woman`s seed`, Britney in her red pilot`s suit is futanarian, that is, her foot doesn`t need a high pressure suit, because her brain functions at high altitude, so she wears the suit of a spaceplane pilot, because she flies a spaceplane, whereas male brained `TV` aliens can`t, so remain sex slaves of the `cargo cult` doomed to wars that maintain a low level of labor saving technology and non-rejuvenative medical care so that successive civilizations repeat what has gone before without escaping the parasitoid killer.

 The `cargo cult` was a 1940s phenomenon noted by American servicemen in the South Seas where isolated populations constructed airplanes from materials they found in imitation of what they`d seen of US air force operations around their islands. Although the planes weren`t operational, the `cargo cult` theory is that isolated people could construct what they`d seen, given enough time and thought. Consequently, human art, civilization and culture is periodically destroyed by the slavers for the parasitoids to revive the `cargo cult`, rather than the human race, which can`t run for the racists, who`re effectively aliens supported by slavers. Consequently, Britney Spears` most criticized single release and promotional video, `Criminal` (2011), from the album, Femme Fatale, showing the star performing a gunpoint supermarket holdup, after which she runs out with the money, is a truer reflection upon the relation between the enslaver and the enslaved, that is, society is criminal, and therefore criminals is what it inevitably produces: `He is a killer just for fun, fun, fun, fun.`8 In short, the psychopathology of the criminal is a piece of Britney`s personality, and so it`s no accident that `piece` is a term for `gun` in the USA, because its society`s personality is that of a psychopath: `I just can't deny, love the guy.` People are so blindly ignorant in their unconsciousness that they`re inhumanly evil, because human sexual reproduction, that is, between women, is effectively outlawed. While society convinces its children that they`re innocent, they actually represent a criminally unreflective consciousness that`ll doom the human race to the perdition of eternal unendurable pain, as God`s punishment for lying to themselves and their children, who aren`t innocent, but equally doomed for believing unreflectively what they`d been told by the aliens.


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