Looking Class War: Britney Spears` Criminal

14/09/2013 09:25

Looking Class War: Britney Spears` Criminal


The video for the `pop` single Criminal by Britney Spears is about `class`. The album from which the sinlge derives is Femme Fatale, but the title of the previous album Circus (2008) is a euphemism for `spying`.  Alice Through The Looking Glass (1871) by Lewis Carrol, the pseudonym of the 19th century logician, Charles Dodgson, is interpreted by criminals as `looking class`, whereas the intelligence `circus` is about the mirror. Essentially, criminals want the picture you`ve painted for yourself. Because you`re not in their class. Or, in other words, criminals aren`t in the same glass with you, because it`s your picture. You`ve painted it and they want it. Because they want to see themselves in the `looking glass` so that they can be `looking class` instead of you.



 The `secrets war` is often called the `looking glass war`, because the `looking class` want the picture you`ve painted, and to see themselves instead of you in your mirror, which is no secret to those who`ve worked to create the picture they`re living in, and that they can see all around them, as the mirror of themselves, and their own personalities. Demonic possession is the perspective that the criminal can be you in your `looking glass` and `look class` in the picture you`ve been living in, which is the difference between possession through marriage and so `ownership of the means of production`, and possession of the body of the producer of the production, which is what men as parasites do. If `Woman` has a penis of her own as `futanarian`, and so is a species with its own economic valence, she doesn`t need the male alien, which means that she`s producer and product. Consequently, what she sees in the mirror is herself and all men become criminals because they want to be in the picture.



 Circus, the name of the Britney Spears` album preceding Femme Fatale, which is another name for a `Mata Hari`, or female spy,1 is the label given to the world`s intelligence networks, but doen`t mean criminal. It`s about pictures, and the mainitaining of pictures without demonic possession, that is, ensuring that the individual in the mirror is you. In the movie Face Off (1997) starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage the pair swap identities and the criminal has the face of the `circus`. Because the criminal looks like the `good guy` but isn`t. In terms of the `looking glass` of the movie screen it`s only possible to perceive that Cage and Travolta are enemies, which is the desired confusion. As in Mr and Mrs Smith (2005) in which Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, a `real life` married couple, and `happily` married in the context of the film, strive to kill each other on the orders of the `circus`.



 Hollywood`s schizophrenia depicts the hijacking of Airforce One (1997) by megalomaniac Russian dictators of Middle Eastern provinces and tsunamis drowning New York The Day After Tomorrow (2004) but are surprised when the Twin Towers become the Two Towers (2002) from the novel The Lord Of The Rings and flying aircraft like winged Nazgûls crash into the World Trade Centre `like we`ve seen it on TV`. In J. R. R. Tolkein`s trilogy the nine men who are enslaved wraiths of the Dark Lord, Sauron, ride winged Nazgûl into battle against the forces of the West and so 9/11 was chosen because he nine are the slaves of Sauron, who presumably `soared on` in movies like Saw and Saw II (2005).



 In `Tolkein picture` terms, 9/11 was the nine against the two, where the two are the descendants of Adam and Eve, and the `Big Apple` and the nine are the `seed` of the apple given to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden so that they could know good from evil. The evil serpent grown into the `red dragon` of Revelation on 9/11 is described as waiting in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, who is the child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. She`s the statue of `Liberty` with the sun above her and the moon reflected in the waters. A symbol of the USA`s defying of the red suns of the flag of Japan at Pearl Harbour in 1941 and the yellow moons of the flags of Al Qaeda at New York harbor in 2001, her child would be the `New Redeemer`. Because New York`s `Big Apple` of Adam and Eve represents the wisdom of the Bible, and its fruit of 2000 years since God sent the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, as humanity`s `developer` after the crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus, who taught in the `spirit of God` of life eternal for humans.



 9/11 is the homosexual pederast that wants to be in the picture with Adam and Eve as their owner. The World Trade Centre was chosen because for the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty New York and the `Big Apple` represented a threat to `rough trade` in which `boy sons` are produced that they can use as `poisons` against the `host` wombs of women in their `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS against her. Because she might develop into her own species as `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own and escape from economic slavery with her own economic valence as producer and `production`.



 In ancient Greece, women`s wombs were enslaved by homosexual pederasty as an institutionalized form of `production`. The role of Greek warriors was to enslave the `host` wombs of nearby city states by means of war in order to spread their `contagion` further, and the Greek model of the state was the basis for 20th century ` democracy`, which is why the film of 9/11 was so bad. Against Troy the `Greek horse` was employed. Huge wooden and hollow the Trojans took it into Troy and the Greek warriors emerged to enslave the women`s `host` wombs. Equally, on 9/11 the Americans welcomed the Arabian terrorists boarding planes at black Mass., near Salem in Lynn county, scene of the notorious witch trials of the 17th century. Although Britney Spears` mother`s name is Lynn, doubtless she wasn`t amongst the adepts in the black arts endeavouring to sail `em in on 9/11 with Sauron and the other Nazgûls:


`All the [Nazgûls] … girls love a sailor.

He falls in love with Kate and Jane, then he's off to sea again,

Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy!`2



 J. R. R. Tolkein`s fictional languages were mainly based on Finno-Hungarian, and in Hungarian `két` is `two`, while Jane may be understood as `chain`. Consequently, if 9/11 was perpetrated by Tolkein `fans`, it was an attempt by `black magicians` and their accomplices to reimplement homosexual pederasty and its economic valence of possession and devouring through war and the enslavement of women`s `host` wombs through terrorism by means of their alien parasitical virus that had manifest itself in the latter part of the 20th century as the `blood plague` of Revelation, HIV/AIDS.



 The hope of the `red dragon` was that fear of HIV/AIDS, that is, the homosexual pederast`s valence of terrorism would strengthen the bond between monogamous heterosexuals while their `owner`, the evil spirit of the serpent`s `seed` since Eden, continued to work them in the guide of capitalism and prevent the woman`s economic valence of `futanarian` female with her own penis from being born out of relationships of which she`d have no obvious means of obtaining knowledge outside of lesbian movies that are promoted by male alien propagandists as `abnormal` but that indicate woman`s true sexual potential as a species. However, that`s too late for those ensnared in homosexual pederasty`s web of refusal to educate woman as at species with her own penis and economic valence as a producer that men are not business partners but her death and parasite.



 Obviously, pornography is an educator`s valence, which is why it`s taboo in alien homosexual pederasty and, because the taboo is perceivable, the Earth is in the grip of the `red dragon`, which wasn`t readily visible on 9/11, but George W. Bush`s declared `War on Terror` (2003-) may simply have been an aspect of the `red dragon` of Revelation proclaiming terrorism for all and a surveillance network of intelligence determined to enforce (999/666) it while preventing daughters from understanding that `political correctness` from groups such as `PC` feminism (911), who would have us believe that lesbians are homosexuals by slapping `PC` bans on their daughters` internet usage and so make it impossible for them to discover, until too late, and a misogynistic monogamist slave ownership contract later, that  mom might`ve had a penis of her own; without dad being attached to it:


`I'm starting with the man in the mirror.
I'm asking him to change his ways.
And no message could have been any clearer.` (1988)



 In criminal terms `Woman` isn`t being shown herself in the mirror and so has to accept what pop star Michael Jackson called The Man In The Mirror (1988) because it`s the picture she`s taught, whereas the man in the mirror is the enslaver who wants to steal her picture, which is why many supposedly primitive societies make the taking of photographs taboo and perceive it as soul-stealing.



 In Britney Spears pop video Oops I Did It Again (1999) she`s depicted beneath a camera attached to a spaceman`s helmet with the tines of a giant`s fork beside it, which is Moslem insofar as the `star` upon which she reposes has eight points, rather than the six of Judaism, and it`s traditional to leave what you don`t want from the fare in Arabia. Consequently, the question being posed is whether or not the man behind the camera is a devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, who`d `chuck` Britney`s Spears after he`d had his fill of her, or genuinely finds her `delectable`. In Piece Of Me the pizza refrain `You wanna piece of me?` is directed against the paparazzi that subsequently deprived her of her fortune of billions of dollars on the strength of her kid`s cap falling off near Central Park while she was running for a car. The court, deciding she was a `bad mother` for not stooping to pick the child`s cap up off the floor in late May 2006, gave `Conservatorship` to her dad, and later Co-conservatorship to a `hanger on` claiming to be marrying her.



Apparently all the American judiciary require is an e-mail instructing them that you`re marrying Britney Spears to be in immediate receipt of at least half of her hard earned cash. Obviously, the mirror and the picture is distorted. In myths of parasitism, the parasite can`t be seen in the mirror, because the woman can see herself there when she is alone.



 Although Britney Spears is a `vamp`, she isn`t a parasite. In Hinduism `vam` is the heart chakra and vampires are the parasites that can`t be seen in the mirror but drink the heart`s blood, according to the male alien myth of parasitism. In the New Testament Jesus` offer of his body and blood to the disciples precedes his torture and murder by parasites who don`t want him to spread the word of God`s plan for immortality, which would mean that people would be older and wiser and wise to the parasite. Moreover, Jesus` offer of his body and blood may be taken as literal in the sense that what is termed `vampire` may be understood as Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, which lives from the blood or soul of the body of the individual that accepts the `host` in the Catholic transubstantiation service in which the wafer and the wine are consumed as symbols of friendship and acceptance of Jesus and his teachings through the power of the Holy Spirit.



 For a woman the `host` is herself and her collective wombs are the `hosts` of God that are to emerge when her valence of woman as a `futanarian` species with her own penis is economically independent from men upon the Earth. In other words, the male myth of the vampire is of themselves as the parasite that keeps `Woman` in terror and fear of hell, whereas the Holy Spirit is the image of themselves and, whenever she`s visible, she isn`t visible as men, who`re women`s parasites. Consequently, if women are visible, they`re the Holy Spirit, whereas the male parasite, whether visible or invisible, is a parasite and remains so. Jesus was born from a virgin without male semen and didn`t contaminate the `production` with his own. In essence the picture is of the murderer and the victim. The murderer is the draco who devours and the woman is the pursued. It`s Scream (1996) in which Drew Barrymore and Neve Cambell as Everywomen are pursued by the murderer as Everyman until she`s extinct. Eventually, the mirror will contain only the space where the woman had been. However, because the parasite can`t be seen in the mirror, they`re not in the `picture` with her, which is what Revelation says. Woman`s `seed` receives a new heaven and Earth while the serpent`s `seed` receive perdition.



 From a male point of view, if you can see a man in the mirror, it`s the vampire, because he should be seeing a woman with or without a penis in the `looking glass` war, which means that the man in the mirror is losing the `looking class` war because the criminals want him to understand that he` s a man, whereas Jesus said `love thy neighbor as you love yourself` because women are human and yourself. Consequently, the human species is being devoured by a draco and the evidence is the man in the mirror because he`s a non-human blood-drinker who hasn`t accepted Jesus` and the Holy Spirit`s teachings of Redemption, which is why he sees a parasite in the mirror that`s invisible because he know that he`s there, otherwise he wouldn`t be recognizably `not in the picture` so far as God`s heaven is concerned.



 The `looking class` are the criminal class because they want to be you in the mirror looking at your picture, which is why spying is known as the `secret war`, or the `looking glass war` after Lewis Carrol`s Alice Through The Looking Glass. However, the evil don`t want anyone to be seen in the mirror, or in the picture, because they`re nihilists who don`t want life and that`s an aspect of the sterility of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty that breeds `boy sons` in order to have them devour the woman`s Earth, that is, civilization, art and culture, as it emerges from her `host` womb for the parasitical organism to consume in fire, while its `boy sons` valence of disease is present in the form of its `biological warfare` against woman`s `host` womb as the fear of `poisons` that prevents her as the species of woman with her own penis from giving birth to the `hosts` of God that, `neither given nor taken in marriage`, that is, ownership through misogynist possession, which is marital slavery, are rather `as the angels` (Matt: 22. 30) in heaven; because the serpent`s `seed` has perdition for its sins.



 Arguably, there are differences between criminals, spies, and the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s valence of devouring war. If the churches support misogynistic enslavement of women`s `host` wombs for the purpose of devouring her civilization, art and culture in periodic male alien parasite wars against her, which are identified in Revelation by their valence of `blood plague` through anal ejaculations, which is the valence of the `red dragon` as HIV/AIDS` that attacks the wombs of women so that they`re terrified out of the desire for the knowledge that they`re a species with its own penis as `futanarian` capable of reproducing with each other, and developing their own societies within their own family economy.



 The concept of the Mafia family in the popular American imagination began with Don Corleone played by Marlon Brando in The Godfather (1972) movie but was brought home to the public when `Bobby` Kennedy was `gunned down` in 1968 as Presidential Candidate, after his brother `Jack` was similarly murdered in Dallas, Texas, in 1963, when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was President. Robert Fitzroy Kennedy was Attorney General, which is the senior law enforcement officer in the USA, with a remit to fight organized crime. Jack Ruby `gunned down` Lee Harvey Oswald, who was linked with the CIA and the KGB in Russia, that is, the `circus`, which suggested that intelligence gathering was contaminated by criminality. English University life was a breeding ground for communist sympathizers in the 50s and a significant proportion were homosexual pederasts, which meant the `red dragon` has mafia, spies, and pederasts as its primary valence within the world`s more secretive organizations:


`The Cambridge Five was a ring of spies who passed information to the Soviet Union during World War II and at least into the early 1950s. Four members of the ring have been identified: Kim PhilbyDonald MacleanGuy Burgess and Anthony Blunt. Both Blunt and Burgess were members of the Apostles, an exclusive and prestigious society based at Trinity and King's College, Cambridge University.`3



 If Hollywood is perceived as primarily concerned with ensuring the primacy of its leading men, while concealing the woman`s penis from itself, and such groups as the Apostles are allied with the churches` valence to support `ownership of the means of production` through marital enslavement of women`s `host` wombs, the `looking glass` picture of the world that is mirrored for the `looking class` is of men as the devouring `red dragon` of misogyny, which is what it represented at the beginning of the 21st century in movies like Scream and Saw (2004). Or, in simple terms, the `looking class` society of America is the `looking glass` society that`s taught itself it`s `classless` but hasn`t accepted the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, so that the movie Dracula is what it can`t see is a true reflection of its `glasslessness`.


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