`Ooh Baby! Baby!`

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`Ooh Baby! Baby!`



There is a mythology associated with baby teeth. In Hungary, Woman`s childhood is the story of the fog tuned, which is the `tooth fairy`. Britney Spears shows she knows the story in Oops I Did It Again (2000) because of her fork symbol. Cake is eaten with a fork, and `kék`, in the Hungarian language is `blue`, and ``kék fog is `blue tooth` technology, whereas fog/fork kék is `toothblue` technology, which is for the hungry devourer of women.



When her spaceman is raised above Britney Spears, with a camera attached to his space helmet, so that he can film her in her white bikini dress, it`s as if he`s upon a camera gantry. The giant tines of a fork are in the picture, so she`s cake. It`s a titillating `blue movie`, which is `fog kell` in Hungarian, that is, the tooth of the devourer that wants to eat her. If Brintey Spears was a porn star in the video she`d be satisfying the `fork ache`, because sexual satisfaction takes away the desire to devour. Partly dressed, Britney Spears is ostensibly for satisfying the masturbator`s ache. However, the fork motif indicates that the true desire is to eat her, which is why the woman of Revelation gives birth to the New Redeemer in the teeth of the dragon. It`s a `displacement`, as psychologists say.


Electric Blue Tooth


Masturbation is ostensibly what Britney Spears is for, and although she doesn`t have her own penis visible in the video, women do have them. That`s why `for kell` is about what sexual desire is for. The penis is supposed to want women, but if women have their own - and they do - masturbation is only a metaphor for either development or devourment. Because masturbation represents the dawning emergence of the desire to live with a woman in an environment improved because of desire, or it doesn`t. As a species with her own `futanarian` penis women can remain virgin and experience penile, clitoral, and vaginal orgasm, without being penetrated by men`s `fork ache`, which is the desire to devour women, and is what men`s history of war teaches.



 In species terms,`f**k ache` is women`s desire for themselves, which their own penis can`t show them if it`s not visible in the mirror of reality. Without knowledge of their own species it has to be obtained from internet porn, so it`s a `puppet` show, which is why Britney Spears in her red plastic one piece pilot`s suit looks similar to the Supermarionation puppets of Gerry Anderson`s British `scifi` TV series Captain Scarlet. The `bluetooth` internet is often called  `wireless`, but without knowledge of herself as a species, `Woman` is men`s puppet. They need to be free of men`s penis through a careful study of pornography without becoming enslaved by it, which is what Britney`s dramatic appearance descending in her slave ring at the outset of Oops I Did It Again highlights.



Oops I Did It Again is a diluted `scifi` sex fantasy similar to Jane Fonda`s Barbarella (1968) movie where Britney is Mars` Barbarella because she`s discovered on the red  planet by `Mars Lander`, that is, her spaceman, and so she`s `eye candy` with an advertiser`s sidelong glance at the Mars Bar chocolate bar. In fact Britney Spears went on to design a range of clothes for Candie`s clothes` store to please fans and other trendies in July 2010. The `eye candy` video for Oops I Did It Again is for the masturbator to satisfy his desire, which is euphemistically defined as `toothache`, which is what `fog kék`, that is, internet `bluetooth` is used for by masturbators.In the Hungarian language `scifi` is for `az kép`, that is, `escape pictures`. Consequently, the giant fork is what happens when the naturally great desire for a `f**k` becomes a devouring obsession.



Men want women to perceive they`re for being kept and rekept, through death and rebirth, whereas they don`t want her: it`s feigned or perfunctory. In reincarnation she`s her female parts, and so her male parts recollect her as the `host` womb for its parasitism. Previous collectings is what `wireless` internet, `blue tooth`, and the satellite `dishes` record and transmit. Careful research reveals women are lied to, because they can perceive they have no connection with men. Recollection is remembering her own penis, which means that, as an immortal rather than a reincarnated woman, that is, eternally embodied woman, as Jesus promises to `woman`s seed`, she could reproduce or remain virgin and enjoy clitoral, vaginal, and penile orgasm as a species independent of man.


Nὅ az kép


The Virgin Mary is the archetype of `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen. According to the New Testament, Jesus never had sex, or even masturbated, but was tortured to death for preaching ` love`, which is `Woman` as the eternal virgin of her species who never gives birth to herself.  Men don`t want to conceive because they`re the parasitical dragon of Revelation, that is, the sterile devourer. Jesus was the `perfect man` because men torture his virginity to death, as a means of the underscoring their belief that the Assumption of the Virgin Mary means that `Woman` will never give birth to her own species` self.



As Jesus said to the woman `taken in adultery`: `Go, and sin no more.` He didn`t reprimand. Men were evil, then, as now. `God`s love` in heaven is `Woman` because she`s the Earth`s species. Men are her parasitical viruses that give her war, plague, famine, and death. Jesus said, `Forgive them for they know not what they do.` But he meant that the women should forgive the ignorant. However, there`s no forgiveness from Jesus for the deliberate.



In Revelation Jesus comes with the `sword that came out of his mouth` to order perdition for the `serpent`s seed` and heaven for the `woman`s seed`. God creates a `new heaven and Earth` while the woman who has given birth to the `New Redeemer`, that is, Jesus in his `Second Coming`, who `shall rule the nations with an iron scepter`, protects she who gave birth to him in the teeth of the devouring dragon`s jaws. Jesus` distillation of `God`s law` is `love your neighbor as you love yourself`, because woman is a species, and so they share the same spirit, which is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and the concept of Redemption requires that men convert to `woman`s seed`, that is, `love your neighbor as you love yourself` because you can`t be `woman` seed` in heaven if you don`t accept her.



 In Britney`s Oops I Did It Again she asks her spaceman about the gift he bestows upon her. `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end?` In terms of Catholic symbolism, the Old Lady is the Virgin Mary, who gave birth to Jesus uncontaminated by male semen, and so gave birth to herself as the `woman`s seed`, which has `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed`, according to God (Gen: 3.15), and so the `serpent`s seed` corresponds to male semen, which Jesus is uncontaminated by. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun` gives birth to Jesus, in his `Second Coming` as the `New Redeemer`, while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him. The `Sacred Heart` is a tradition in Catholicism because of `Christ`s Passion`, that is, Jesus` desire to demonstrate the love of God. Britney`s spaceman gives her the `heart of the ocean` because it`s a symbol of Christ, Jesus, and the Redemption that he promises to those who accept his teachings of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete so that they will experience death, Resurrection and Ascendance to heaven as he did.



 God`s emphasis upon the `woman`s seed` presupposes `futanarian` woman as a species with her own penis and socio-economic independence of men, but it`s too prosaic for Christianity. Prosaic symbols are too ordinary for the spiritually egotistical. In Hungary there`s a chain of superstores called Auchan, which has a robin as its symbol, which is a mnemonic for the `heart`. According to folk tradition, the robin removed the largest thorn from the crown of thorns placed upon the brow of Jesus, but was itself pierced in the attempt, and so it`s breast is blood red, as a figure of Christ`s own `Passion`, which metaphorically means that the robin is saved through Jesus` blood because it has accepted Jesus` teachings of humanity. 



The mnemonic of the Christian symbolism of the Auchan superstore in Hungary, that is, the robin, lets the reader who knows Hungarian understand that Britney Spears, in Oops I Did It Again, represents the robin in her red plastic one piece jump suit, and the `Sacred Heart` of `Christ`s Passion` because of the `heart of the ocean`, which prosaically corresponds to the Auchan superstore in Hungary and Europe. In depth psychology the ocean is a symbol of the unconscious `Self` from which emerges helpful figures or images in dreams, art and imagination to guide the individual ego to greater developmental functionality. The traditional Graeco-Roman symbol of the female anima or soul as mediator of the ego`s relations with the external and internal reality of the psyche is Venus Aphrodite, who is depicted rising from the ocean upon the half shell of a scallop, which sometimes contains a pearl, and so Venus Aphrodite represents the pearl of wisdom that is the knowledge of `Woman` as a species independent of men because of their own penis. The Revelation symbol of the devouring `red dragon` is the heart`s devourer, that is, the absence of fellow feeling for others which results in callous disregard for humanity, and so the symbol of the blue diamond` heart of the ocean` in Oops I Did It Again risng from the Earth`s oceans brought by the astronaut: `Well baby I went down and got it for you.`



 The astronaut was a diver at the site of the salvage of the sunken liner Titanic and so is a symbol of Salvation, which is what Christians describe as occuring after being `washed in the blood of Jesus`, that is Redemption and transcendence of death through acceptance of the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In her red jump suit Britney Spears symbolizes the heart, which the `red dragon` of the devourer wants to eat, that is, `Woman`, who can`t develop beyond men`s enslaving of her `host` womb for the wars of the `serpent`s seed` against itself and her `seed`. In Nazi Germany the Jews were consumed in ovens in extermination camps by the devourer and the ashes were made into cakes of soap. In Hungarian `kék` means blue which, in terms of the symbolism of Oops I Did It Again, corresponds to the diamond blue heart of the ocean received by Britney as a `gift` from her spaceman, who she raises above herself in a white bikini dress so that he can film her with the camera attached to the side of his space helmet.



 Wearing her red jump suit Britney Spears attaches a hook to the astronaut`s backpack and winches him up above her. Looking down upon her wearing the white bikini dress, he`s `bungee jumping`. Invented in Australia, `bungee jumping` involves being attached to a length of springy cord so that the intrepid adventurer can throw themselves off a bridge, for example, and hang suspended over the ocean while they gently jounce there. Britney`s spaceman jounces gently above her as `bungee` while below she`s the blue heart of the ocean or `kék`. In prosaic terms, the tableau is `spongey cake`, where he represents the `red dragon` waiting in vain to devour the diamond blue `heart of the ocean`, which is `futanarian` woman as the human species independent of men. The tines of the giant`s fork visible beside the astronaut`s spacehelmet are a symbol of the devourer, and Britney Spears underneath is a diamond`s hope insofar as her spaceman represents a cake of soap, that is, `soap on a rope`, which is a type of soap sold as a gimmick for people who like to have their hands free to wash in the shower. The allusion is to the Nazis making soaps from the hopes of the ashes of the Jews, who were told they were going to the showers but they were poison gas chambers where they were gassed before being consumed in the ovens. Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again may have been influenced by stories of the hope diamond, which was described as blue but, according to one newspaper story was `white`: `... [and] once ... formed the single eye of a great idol`.1 



 The single great eye of the spaceman`s visor is the most idolized image of America in the 20th century, and the appearance of Britney Spears in her video Oops I Did It Again is preceded by her spaceman`s discovering a miniature cameo picture or icon of her in the sand, which marks the encounter as Christian rather than idolatrous, because icons in Christianity are perfectly acceptable if the meaning is spiritual. Descending inside her giant`s ring at the beginning of the Oops I Did It Again video Britney Spears represents the marriage of Venus Aphrodite, who is `the pearl of great price` of the Bible, because she`s `woman`s seed` pearl: ‘Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls; on finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.` (Matt: 13. 45-6)



Below the astronaut`s camera eye in her white bikini dress Britney Spears lies upon a couch that appears as the eight rays of her diamond emanating from her. Because `jumping` a woman is a euphemism for `rape`, here `bungee jumping` is `Gee, bun!` Because of the tines of the giant fork of the devourer beside the camera eye of the spaceman`s helmet, Britney`s `cake` for the devourer`s `sweet tooth`, which is why `kék fog` is Hungarian for `bluetooth` but sounds like `cake fork`. As Britney sings she turns her head rapidly from side to side so that her cheek can plainly be seen offering the other cheek to the spaceman above her because he`s `Bun, gee! Cake! In other words, he represents the `hands free` masturbator`s image of her, and she shows the cheek to the pun, which is that she`s just an ache in the tooth of the devourer who wants to eat her. The joke is that she`s cake, but not to those who`re blue`s hope diamonds who don`t want `Woman` as a species with her own penis to be devoured by those who want to put her diamond`s hopes on a rope so that they can see that she`s well hung: `Observers at public hangings noted that male victims developed an erection, sometimes remaining after death (death erection), and occasionally ejaculated when being hanged.`2



The scalloped half shell is a traditionally prosaic domestic soap dish, and the notion that cake can be bought at the Auchan superstore in Hungary, with its symbolic icon of the robin as a symbol of Christ`s `Passion` for Salvation, isn`t an invitation to the hungry devourer to leave the hopes of people in ashes. Similarly, soap on a rope isn`t what a woman`s diamond`s hopes are for. The symbol of the ring worn about the neck of a young woman is a band of hope, and not a cake of soap. Although the image of Venus Aphrodite rising upon the scallop half shell is a symbol of the `pearl of great price`, which is the knowledge and wisdom of the species of `Woman`, typical representations of Venus Aphrodite don`t reveal her as Hermaphrodite with a penis of her own, and so it`s more difficult for women as a species to emerge from the ocean of what developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) terms the archetypes of the collective unconscious of humanity, that is, the images and figures that, emerging into the consciousnesses of those who seek spiritual elevation, constitute the engine of the imagination of the Earth`s species. Because the devourer wants to kill them in its exterminations.



The `unsinkable` Titanic was reported sunk by an iceberg that holed it after a collision on its maiden voyage in 1911 from Liverpool, England. The movie is about `women and children first`. The men throw the women out of the lifeboats in order to survive. It`s a story of betrayal triumphing love. The heroine, Rose, allows herself to be painted; just as the cameraman films Britney in Oops, and her painter is framed (more than ironically) by `placing` the jewel in his pocket and accusing him of theft.



 Many years later, the old heroine, her younger self played by Kate Winslet in the film (and painted wearing the jewel), drops it into the ocean where the Titanic is being raised by 20th century divers, and so Britney Spears says to her spceman when receiving the `gist` he has for her: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.` Her astronaut replies: `Well baby I went down and got it for you.` Effectively, he`s saying he`s the one who`d `dive for her`, that is, `die for her`, which makes him her corresponent: `I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.` Landing on the red sandy planet of Mars he`s made `touchdown` as a spaceman resembling a US American football hero (TD) and deep sea diver, which is the game she`s engrossed him in. However, despite the oh-so-touching `down` and `got it for you`, that is, the `heart of the ocean`, his `pointing` at her with the camera mirrors how Kate Winslet is `painted` in the Titanic (1997) movie. Britney knows the `reel game`, which is not to `get lost in the plot`.


Nő means `Woman` in Hungarian


 Britney Spears, at the end of a fork, doesn`t want to be a nice cake. She wants her Titanic to emerge unscathed from the fog, where `fog` can mean the `giant`s tooth`, in Hungarian, because it corresponds to the `fog kék`, that is, the `bluetooth`, which may be construed as the cake fork that has emerged as the search tool of the internet out of the ocean blue of the archetypes of the collective unconscious, through the medium of the imagination, to be the technology that will assist the development of humanity. The Titanic hit what was reportedly a giant ice cake, which in Oops I Did It Again is the `eyes berg` (iceberg) of those who are watching Britney Spears, including those behind the camera eye of `Mission Control` who, seeing what her spaceman sees on their monitors, correspond to the giant devourer of the `red dragon` of Revelation as it waits in vain o devour `woman`s seed`.



 In William Shakespeare`s play A Midsummer Night`s Dream (c.1590-6) Titania corresponds to the `tooth fairy`, and so Britney Spears` allusion is to the Titanic that sank to the bottom of the ocean. Bottom is Shakespeare`s `rude mechanical` whose head is turned into that of an ass, while Titania is the fairy that wakes from a delusion that she`s in love with him. Britney`s spaceman bringing of the `heart of the ocean` from the Titanic looks like an ass because she`s not wearing a spacesuit. Because he was at the bottom of the ocean, he`s the ass who`s deluded but she isn`t any longer: `I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.`



 Homosexuals are often called `fairies` and, because ass sex between men produces HIV/AIDS through the witchcraft of mixing blood, shit and semen, Bottom`s head turning into that of an ass because he`s been with the fairies is a 20th century metaphor for the brain death that slowly ensues when contaminated male semen gets into the bloodstream. Because they`d rather give Titania an ass`s head through her Bottom. Consequently, Britney`s spaceman appears as a giant condom in his spacesuit and gives her the uncontaminated blue diamond `heart of the ocean` as a symbol of earnestness.



 It was asinine 11 a year later when terrorists hijacked planes to collide with the Twin Towers of New York on 9/11/2001 with the eyes of the world watching their attempt to have the ship of the United States of America sunk by their `eyes berg` because the Americans wouldn`t be able to save face without accepting another devourers` war. US defence spending built Saddam Hussein`s army, and the USA spent their money on war with Iraq. 9/11 coined a new term for the dictionaries, `asinine 11`, because 9/11 ensured that the US space program would flounder for lack of funding, and that it effectively ended with Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11`s first moon walk, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`  In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears appears as a small woman wearing a red plastic one piece pilot`s suit inside a giant`s ring before her Apollo astronaut arrives, `One small step for a woman, one giant ring for a kind man.` Before the Apollo moon landing, the plan had been to fly a spaceplane to Earth`s nearest satellite, which is what Britney`s red plastic pilot`s suit alludes to. The X-15 program was cancelled because it was too expensive, and US spending turned from spaceplanes to rockets that were the basis for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMS) and the moon became a symbol of women`s imprisonment.



 Britney`s `tooth` is `blue`, and her words are airborne. Even in Hungarian, the world`s most difficult language, she`s communicating, and she doesn`t know. Accepting the heart of her dismembered Earth, she`s the dish that ran away with the fork, that is, from the `fog` that concealed the giant`s tooth that would have sunk her ship, and is broadcasting Redemption by means of herself and her satellite `dishes`, such as Tina  • • •T• • • Mobile Aguilera: `Dirty. Filthy. That`s Christina Onassis. Too dirty to clean my abdom.` Although Christina agrees, at the beginning of her Dirrty video, she isn`t Christina Onassis and it seems a slur on Jackie Kennedy`s daughter. The word that isn`t fully completed is `abdomen`, which means that men aren`t fit to clean Christina`s `abdom`. Although Christina might be expected to call herself `T`, she`s `X` to the public, because that`s how she wants to be known X-posing issues. Like Britney, she`s preparing to be born, and borne as an indestructible ship on the oceans of the language of the spirit; even in the teeth of the evil Set {men} of vampire`s teeth who leech life from women as pimps. She`s X-men and New Woman: `It`s about time for my Arrival. Uh. Wet.` The vampire bites deep, or the child is born.



It says in Revelation: `Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.` (19: 15) He is the child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` born in the teeth of the dragon and who protects the woman of the Earth before she leaves for heaven.


Dragon looking good. The protection racket.


The `number of the beast is the number of a man` and 666 has long been thought of as a reference to the telephone by means of which communication is instantaneous – as is surveillance. • • •T• • • Mobile  is but one telephone company that affords its customers bluetooth use of the internet. In mythology the Graeae are three women with one tooth and one eye between them, which suggests an ogre and `Woman`. Metaphorically, the women can`t see because of the ogre, that is, men are preventing her from knowledge that will allow her to develop. The meaning isn`t entirely negative, because the one tooth suggests the developing of a single voice, and a single eye suggests a unified vision, while the eyeless and toothless amongst the three women who have to share a single mouth and a single vision suggests a developing infant. In the species, `Woman`, there are three aspects; the woman with a penis of her own as `futanarian` and the woman without. However, if the woman with the penis fertilizes the woman without a penis, the fertilizing woman needs a third woman to fertilize her with her own penis.



 The Graeae represent threefold `Woman` as a species, which can`t develop because of men as her devouring ogre refusing to allow her to emerge from blindness and schizophrenia. Tina Aguilera and .T Mobile represent the possibility of women speaking with one voice and having a single vision, but that depends on a unified will to live as a species independent of their ogre. Seti is another form of the name Set, the Evil One of Egyptian mythology, while SETI is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and in Oops I Did It Again Britney has been discovered on Mars as `Woman`, the human species, by the alien ogres that have invaded her `host` womb as parasites and want to use the technology that has emerged from her womb to devour her Earth and its human species. Britney Spears is toothsome to the ogres, and the dish to the bluespoon communication headset, which the spoon `ran away with`, according to the English children`s nursery rhyme: `Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such fun, and the dish ran away with the spoon.`



To `diddle` means to masturbate, or to cheat. The English children`s nursery rhyme suggests an association with Hathor, the mother goddess of Egyptian mythology, and even the Hungarian word for lesbian is `leszbika`, which means `woman like a bull`. In cows this is a known phenomena in which the female attempts to have sex with other females, and it`s described as the effect being born as a `twin` of a `male bull`: `... an imperfectly developed female calf, usually sterile, born as the twin of a male.`3 In freemasonry, whose adherents believe themselves to be inspired by God, as the Great Architect, the woman with her own penis and vagina is perceived as a `sport` of nature, which is harmful to women.The myth of the Christian church is of demons and devils in the image of men because men are women`s antagonists. There is no commandment against sex in the Bible. The closest is, `Thou shalt not covet.` In effect, sex is, `Thou shalt not lie.` If women have a penis, and they do, then freemartins represent men`s aim of making women sterile and to kill their brains, replacing them with themselves, so producing male women. In order to do this, they`d have to effect what is commonly called a demonic possession in which they are the devils and the women experience it as `demons`.



It`s a `cuckoo` concept in which, for example, a robin is born, and the `cuckoo` is placed with it, and the `smaller` bird is pushed from the nest by the bigger cuckoo, as it grows stronger while being fed unrecognized by the robin`s mother. In human terms, this is why Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus` teachings are that `God is love`. He is God`s robin, as it were, because the robin was the bird that attempted to remove the crown of thorns placed upon the head of Christ by Jesus` tormentors.



 Men`s perception was that Jesus was for torturing to death, and they`re methodologically unchanging. Rather than have `Woman` think with her own brain, she`s the robin that`s kept confusedly homosexual, because unaware of her species` identity as independent, with her own penis and socio-economic valence, but fearful of remaining infertile, and so in thrall to men, which is how the demons possess her. Jesus and Mary indicate the direction from which the enemy will come at her, that is, the pederast `cuckoo` who`ll attempt to explain that the child is a weak homosexual who should be engaged in war. Whereas, `Woman` is a creature of God and, indeed, a species, which isn`t a parasitical virus feigning friendship for the species in order to kill it, as HIV/AIDS cells do, and as men are proving themselves to be, with only sterility and death as their teleology: `Forgive them for they know not what they do.`



 Forgiveness for men isn`t possible, but God can still forgive `Woman` and her `seed`. The Assumption of her virginity as Mary is her vouchsafe, and her Achilles` heel. Assuming she`s saved because her own penis is denied to her is to assume that she`ll be in heaven because she was once a virgin. In Hungary the word for teacher is similar to the word `futanarian`, which means `woman with a penis`, that is, `tanar` means `teacher` whereas `fut` means `afoot`, and so `futanar` is a teacher who travels to spread the word about `woman`s seed`.



To allow men to demoniacally possess women in the expectation of virgin rebirth with the Judas figure of the  homosexual `cuckoo` repeatedly incarnated in her `host`  womb as her future devourer is a cowardly denial of the potential of women to develop as a species. In Middle Eastern traditions of death and rebirth, familiar from Egyptian mythology, the sun god Ra is incarnated as Osiris and reborn as Horus, but Jesus` message rejects this. Acceptance of reincarnation is the repeated sterility of pederasty`s enslavement of women`s `host` wombs to spread its parasitical contagion of war against her. Accepting being fertilized by the `corn god` rather than having eternal life as a species with the excuse to Jesus on `Judgement Day` that women were virgins to their own penis isn`t brave enough.



 In Egyptian mythology the `Ka` and `Kau` is its plural, so the `cow jumped over the moon` corresponds to the space traveler who has created the advanced technology of the spaceship by means of a desireful spirit. Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again is `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` of Revelation because she`s jumped over the moon from Earth and has arrived on Mars. In her red pilot`s suit she`s the fulfillment of the NASA spaceplane dream and, in her white bikini dress, she`s the fulfilling of the `Ka` who becomes a `Kau`, that is, one spirit becomes two, in accordance with Jesus` principle of `love your neighbour as you love yourself``, because you are yourself as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is in everyone who accepts that.



 Because `Woman` is a species with her own `futanarian` penis her spirit is `Kau` if she has the wisdom and knowledge of herself, but if men keep her in ignorance of `woman`s seed` they can maintain `perpetual enmity` against her by dividing the human spirit or `Kau` against itself simply by fooling each of her `Ka` into believing that the parasite is from her womb whereas it only uses her as its `host` before emerging to enslave and cull her in its wars to maintain its slavery and her ignorance. According to Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to Jesus, in his `Second Coming`, as the `New Redeemer`, who `shall rule the nations with an iron sceptre`, while she is carried to a place of safety on the `wings of an eagle`, which corresponds to the United States of America, as the nation that protects her before she goes, `crushing the head of the serpent as she leaves`, but `hidden` before God gives a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed` for the new `heaven and Earth that God` has promised her. On Mars, in Oops I Did It Again, Britney Spears remembers the American Dream of Manifest Destiny, which began with Neil Armstrong`s words to `Mission Control`, `The eagle has landed.` When the Apollo 11 space module made touchdown on the moon.



 In Christianity the spear of Longinus is the `Spear of Destiny`, because it pierced the side of Jesus on the cross, and so effectively released the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, as the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`, just as Eve had emerged from the rib of Adam in Eden. Because the Holy Spirit/Paraclete represents the spiritualization of the soul or female anima of Jungian psychology, which is the desireful developmental catalyst that will construct space technology to carry `Woman` to the stars. If `Woman` has her own penis, the anima is her own desireful catalyst, and so her own penis` desire will have the power to take her to the planets of the solar system. If she isn`t lazy and doesn`t fail to live up to her icon, the statue of `Liberty` in New York harbor.  As Spears on Mars, in her red pilot`s suit and white bikini dress, Britney Spears is the fulfillment of the promise to `woman`s seed` of the Spear of Destiny, which is the `Ka` of the individual as spear, that is, of the spirit of `Woman`, which becomes `Kau`, represented by Britney Spears, as her multiple self in red pilot`s suit and white bikini dress, through  her self-reproducing `woman`s seed` by means of which she`ll jump over the moon to the heavens.


Britney, after the moon jump, as Hathor on Mars with the red disk


 William Blake prophesied of `a rough beast that slouches towards Bethlehem to be born`, and some might suggest that the she-male more closely resembles the description of `he who shall rule with an iron scepter`, but there`s a perceived intention to prefer male over female, which determines the she-male. In some versions of the Bible, the phrase is `he shall rule with an iron rod`, which is a euphemism for gun in the United States where mafia men are defined as `soldiers` but have no legitimate authority and are only enforcers with guns for their family`s evil wants. God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 16, 19) because of pederasty and vendetta, which translates into the 20th century and beyond as sodomy and `Camorra`, which is the mafia term for family quarrel.



 Mafia families are the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed` because they perpetuate family vendetta, or `Camorra`, which God attempted to eradicate, along with pederasty and the enslaving of `Woman` to spread its contagion of war, when God destroyed the cities of sodomy and Gomorrah (Camorra). Taboos against the penis stengthen the power of the gun, and blind `woman`s seed` to the power of her own penis, which pornographers` depiction of the she-male as a transvestite or transsexual surgical `abomination` reinforce by making the `futanarian` woman with her own penis and socio-evolutionary path unpalatable to the normal sexual instincts of women whose own penis desires her own self. Because everything human emerges from the womb of women upon the Earth, men are her parasites if she has her own desireful penis, and so the `New Redeemer`, who `shall rule with an iron scepter`, is God`s maker, producer and developer. upon the Earth and her `futanarian` valence is her escape plan, which men want to abort by having her perceive herself as an ugly abominated she-male with an iron rod to enslave her rather than Jesus` scepter that will free her.



The she-male concept of the bearded male with breasts and vagina represents the abomination of those who`d prefer the `rod` of the gun over the `scepter` of the spirit, which is the violent dispossessing of those who work for a developed art, civilization and culture. Those unfortunates who are she-male, that is, cuckoo-wed in the ovum, by a male or female cuckoo, must accept the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` in Redemption, because they need to have faith in what Catholicism terms `transubstantiation`, which is transformation through the power of God so that they`ll be `Woman` as `futanarian` in the `new heaven and Earth` God proises to `woman`s seed` in Revelation after the `serpent`s seed` has been given perdition as a punishment for its rejection of `Woman` in a `perpetual enmity` of her enslavement in pederasty for war and its contagions.



Jesus and Mary were clearly in the Middle-Eastern tradition of `woman`s seed` rather than freemartins, which are the twin sisters of bulls who have no testicles or penis but seek sexual intercourse with females, and represent the female desire to reproduce with her own penis that is realized in the `futanarian` aspect of `Woman` as a species independent of men. In Hungary, `bika` means `bull` and `leszbika` means `would-be bull`, which suggests that lesbians are freemartins, whereas the freemason would understand that the lesbian is the woman that seeks to reproduce with her own species as `futanarian` woman. In Hungary, the men drink `Bika Ver`, where `ver` is `blood` and so the wine is `bull`s blood`, because men perceive themselves as human, whereas they`re the parasite upon the `host` womb of women as the human species. Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary presages the woman who can self-reproduce without contaminated male semen, which is what men in war`s enslaving pederasty and its `killer disease` contagions of HIV/AIDS and other STDs represent. In freemason terms, Jesus is the `Master Builder` who sees that those who drink `Bika Ver` drink the blood of women and her children as the vampires of the serpent`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` in its draco wars against her.



 Jesus was betrayed by Judas and his disciples, who didn`t assist his avoidance of the cross, because he represented `Woman`, as a species, and they wanted her to die. In Hungary, the Hungarians wait for the robin to come over from Africa so that they can shoot the Christmas bird that symbolizes Christ, Jesus` `Passion`, and `barack` is `peach` in Hungary, where they make `peach brandy` to drink to their Christmas kills. Doubtless, US President Barack Obama and Michelle would have been just a couple of `blackbirds` to the Hungarian hunters, who`re always threatening to exterminate their Gypsy population because they`re `nem Magyar`.



 The Gypsies are the thirteenth `lost tribe` of Israel, according to some traditions, and the discovery of the Felasha Jews of Ethiopia supports the idea of exiles. To be a Jew one has to be born from a Jewess, and only those who are born from a Jewess are Jews, which is a sorites, that is, women are Jews. Consequently, to pogrom the Gypsies is to exterminate the Jews, who is `Woman` because you can`t be a Jew if you`re not a woman. Hungarian Gypsies are thought of as mafia pimps, but that`s what men are.



Britney Spears appears to her spaceman descending as a thumb-size small woman inside a giant`s ring. In Irish `diddied` is to take or provide nourishment from a woman`s breast, and so Oops I Did It Again is `diddied` again, which is a metaphor for birth and rebirth, that is, incarnation and reincarnation, from a woman`s point of view, and that`s called the Kore in Greek mythology, where mother and daughter are the same person. As Jesus observes in Christianity, with the exhortation `love your neighbor as you love yourself`, `woman`s seed` share the same spirit. The `little people` in Ireland are called Tuath De Danaan, and are the Sidhe, which is pronounced `she`. Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again is `she` because of the thumbnail size pictures visible of her on the internet, which represent the life`s blood of her being taken by the thumbscrews of her tormentors as Jesus` life`s blood was spilt by his torturers before his death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven.



 According to Jungian psychology `Sensation` and `Thinking` are male functions associated with the eyes and the ears, but men don`t want women to see or hear anything of themselves. Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again makes her audible and visible, but under the screw of the crucifiers of her spirit to make her produce more of herself for the ignorant to see and hear while they remain unaware of the true nature of `Woman` as  a species. Oops I Did It Again reveals more of `Woman` than the censor of men would want to show. Nude women`s thumbnails are easily discoverable on the internet and correspond to what has been pulled out of her finger ends by her tormentors. Britney`s Oops I Did It Again video is a false picture of young women because they`re not understood to have a penis of their own as an independent `futanarian` species,.and the censor wants to block her eyes and ears, that is, the development of her `Sensation` and `Thinking` functions, by maintaining her in ignorance. In psychological terms, men don`t want women to see or hear, which means that they don`t want to listen to, or speak with her. Because she should be blind and deaf to her own species existence from their point of view as alien parasitical devourers preying on the human species from the `host` womb.



In her red pilot`s suit and white bikini dress Britney Spears is a `thumb pair`, and the allusions to the Bible suggest she`s a Bible `thumb pair` in the sense that those who strongly preach the Bible are called Bible thumpers, and Britney`s copy of Revelation seems well thumbed. In her early career,she worked with Disney`s The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (1993-6) where `Thumper`s rule` is the  rabbit`s from the studio`s animated bildungsromans, Bambi (1942), and is a Disney principle and fundamental tool of the critic, which Britney Spears` developing starlet would have appreciated. When Thumper observes that Bambi is `kinda wobbly` his mother admonishes: `If you can`t say something nice, don`t say nothing at all.`



 BAMBI was Ballistic Missile Boost Intercept, and `Project Thumper`, that is, the USAF program preceding President Ronald Reagan`s SDI ground and space based missile intercept system. In Oops I Did It Again the giant`s fork poised above Britney in the white bikini dress, and her spaceman`s `gift` of the blue diamond `heart of the ocean`, makes Britney `kék` for the `tooth` of the Tuath De Danaan, that is, for the devouring ogres of men who are depicted as the `red dragon` of Revelation that wait in vain to devour Jesus, in his `Second Coming` as the `New Redeemer`, and take photographs of naked women to apprise them of their nudity as a species without their own penis, which appear on the internet as the `thumbnails` torn from their fingers. Britney Spears` raising of her spaceman beside the tines of the ogrish giant fork so that the huge single eye of the spacesuit can stare at her while the camera eye attached to the spaceman`s helmet rips some more thumbnails from her fingers rather than allow the music video`s thumbnail clips to manicure the spirit, is her observation that either the Earth develops or the giant fork of SDI will devour it like cake.



 Another torturer`s device is the shoe in which a man or woman, or both together, are encased to see what the `hybrid` can produce for the `screws`. The `couple` has to learn to live as one shoe, and `cipő orra` is `shoed toe` in Hungarian, which could be understood as a reference to Britney`s Apollo spaceman, who looks like the toe of a foot rather than the thumb of a hand, and so corresponds to her shoe. Appearing outside the spacesuit she`s the fingers of the hand and he`s the foot in the shoe because her `futanarian` penis hasn`t yet appeared outside the shoe of her spaceman`s suit, which resembles the iron maiden of the torture chamber. The video represents her as a maiden of iron, whose `futanarian` can`t be seen as the small woman`s printed foot in the sand, because she remains `hidden` beneath her white bikini dress and inside the spacesuit of her spaceman`s shoe, where her spirit is being tormented until her own penis emerges.



 In Hungarian `shoed toe`, that is, `cipő orra`, is pronounced `see poorer `. Within the shoe of the iron maiden, the tortured pair are blind and deaf. Jesus` observation was to `love your neighbor as you love yourself` is how you love yourself, while those who can`t see that are blinded and deafened in their show by its iron maiden`s torturers who don`t want the woman to be able to see that she`s her own species` `fut`.  As a spacewoman in her man`s suit, a woman can have Redemption through the soul, that is, the Jungian anima, which corresponds to God`s greater `Self ` for her as `futanarian `Woman` with her own penis and socio-evolutionary destiny, through her man`s suit`s acceptance of the teachings of Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete. As demonic `shoers` a whore is what men`s thumbscrews make of her, which is a breeding slave for pederasty and war.



In Egyptian mythology, the parts of a woman`s personality are her `Ba`, so Britney Spears` twin Mars `Bas` in their red pilot`s suit and white bikini dress are a part of her collected parts, which in Egyptian are `Bau`. It`s not unusual for Britney Spears to present herself as Bau or Kau, that is, as more than one personality or developing spirit in the reproductive mode of `futanarian`, for example, in the video for the single Lucky (2000) she appears as her own make-up girls, and in Piece Of Me (2007) she appears as copies of herself. In the children`s nursery rhyme, the `cow jumps over the moon` while the dog laughs `Bau`, that is, the `Kau` is the spirited and the `Bau` are the unrecognizing of themselves.



`Ba` and `Ka` are represented as conjoined in heaven after death in Egyptian mythology as the magical personality or Akht. Without admiration for the triumphs of others there`s a disjunction between those with spirit and those who prey parasitically upon them. The first line of the children`s rhyme is `Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle`, because `the fiddler calls the tune` in English idiom, which means those with intellectual and spiritual capacity are enslaved by the slavers because that`s their goal and those with their eyes of the heavens have a wider vision that doesn`t see their enemy until it`s too late to save themselves. 




 The nursery rhyme represents a developing Christian perspective because the Grail as the bowl from which Christ ate and drank at the `Last Supper` isn`t accompanied by a cup, which is what many people believe the Grail to be. In the rhyme the Grail or bowl is the dish but it has the spoon as the tool for eating that is absent from Christ`s table. A woman who is attractive is often called a `dish`, which suggests that the spoon is the man who is her parasite. In Britney Spears` Oops I Did it Again the tines of the giant fork beside the spaceman as he films Britney with the camera attached  to his space helmet represent `Bluetooth` technology, and the `dish` in the children`s nursery rhyme would correspond to the satellite dishes that are connected to Bluetooth often through mobile phones which transmit videos such as Oops I Did It Again and can be listened to using Bluespoon `hands free` headset technology, which is what Britney`s spaceman is doing when he`s filming her in her white bikini dress singing:


`Oops!... You think I'm in love,

That I'm sent from above.

I'm not that innocent.`



 The picture transmitted by satellite dish and watched through Bluetooth and listened to by means of Bluespoon is sent from above but the metaphors are of devourment, that is, the woman is the dish and the spoon and the tines of the Bluetooth fork are ogrish symbolism.  The imagery of dish and spoon is of eternal human nature, that is, man and woman, where the man is the spoon of the penis and the woman is the dish of the receiver. However, the metaphor is that of the devourer and devoured, which isn`t what Jesus` Grail at the `Last Supper` is meant to symbolize. As `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, that is, men`s spoon, Jesus` birth presages the spoon of the woman`s penis and the dish of herself, which is that of `Woman` as a self-reliant `futanarian` species independent of her erstwhile parasitical devourer. Jesus` is the Holy Grail because it represents the self-contained vessel that is `Woman`.



`Love your neighbor as you love yourself` is to know that you are your neighbor, and so a woman. It requires faith to know and accept that `Woman` is hybrid, and man`s Redemption is dependant upon his understanding that, without transubstantiation, that is, transformation through the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, he remains a parasite upon her `host` womb. In Egyptian mythology the goddess Isis fashions a new penis for the dismembered Osiris, and he is resurrected as Horus, but `Woman` is a species and Horus` continuing fight against the dismemberer Set indicates that men are a viral organism that seeks the permanent schizophrenia of a human species that doesn`t know or accept that it`s tripartite.



A woman`s parts are called her `haw`, that is, each of her parts is a `ha`, so her completed state is her `haw`, including her penis, which is what the myth of Osiris and Isis relates. In Hungarian `ajtó` means `door` but sounds like `eye-toe`, which is what Britney`s spaceman looks like with the huge single eye of his helmet`s mirrored faceplate. Thumper, the rabbit in the animated feature film Bambi, similarly endeavours to teach Bambi a few words: `He succeeded in teaching Bambi a few words, notably `bird` and `flower` which Bambi accidentally used to name a young skunk. Thumper tried to correct Bambi but the skunk said, `That's alright. He can call me Flower if he wants to. I don't mind`.`



 In the Bible Jesus says, `Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.` (Luke: 13. 24) Here the giant ring and the giant eye of the spaceman, which is the toe of the giant, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,` seem linked with Jesus` `ajtő`, that is, Britney Spears is teaching a few words of Hungarian, where `ajto` is the `door` in Thumper`s Bible. In English idiom the eyes are the `window of the soul` but the mirror is the door to the truth. Men don`t see what they desire in the mirror, whereas women who have their own penis as `futanarian` do. In other words, Britney Spears is a thumb because she can grasp that, whereas her spaceman is a toe because he can`t. If you look for a window that isn`t open to you, you`re only announcing your intention to break in, whereas a mirror tells you whether or not you`re desired, which is what women`s mirrors don`t tell them because they`re schizophrenically encouraged not to want what they see, which is species` suicide. Britney Spears` ring is the symbol of  her marriage with her species` self, because the mirror of her spaceman`s toe allows her thumb to grasp the knob of the door to the future.  



 Britney Spears` self in the white bikini dress is `weepy`, `I cry, watching the days, can`t you see I`m a fool in so many ways?` Because her spaceman is a toe, he`s `Bluto`, who is the villain of the animated short series of cartoon films, Popeye The Sailor, that is, in terms of technological development, `Bluto` represents the next step, which would be `Bluetoe`. In Popeye The Sailor his girlfriend is Olive Oyl, and the baby`s Swee` pea, which is why Britney`s crying in her white bikini dress beneath the eye of her spaceman and camera:


`You see my problem is this,

I`m dreaming away.

Wishing that heroes, they truly exist.`



 In Hungarian `ful` means `ear`, which corresponds to the `Thinking function in Jungian psychology, whereas `Sensation` corresponds to vision, but men don`t want women to see or think of themselves as a species with their own penis and socio-evolutionary destiny, so they make them blind and unable to hear: Britney Spears is a `ful` in Hungarian, which means that she can hear and understand, and so her `Thinking` function is differentiated or conscious, and she`s `crying in the wilderness` for others who have the sense to see, that is, with the eyes of the differentiated and conscious `Sensation` function that she has and that is causing her distress:


`But to lose all my senses,

 That is just so typically me.

 Baby, oh.`



 There aren`t any heroes because they don`t want her to see or think. In Jungian psychology the archetypes of the collective unconscious are the creative engine of humanity that emerge through art, dreams and the imagination but, if men don`t want women to see or think, men`s appearance in dreams, art and the imagination is as a devourer`s assassin rather than a hero. Or, in simpler terms, because men are women`s parasites, men don`t belong and are aliens. In Popeye The Sailor the plot usually revolves around Bluto`s wanting to take Olive Oyl away from Popeye, and so Britney Spears on Mars, in her red pilot`s suit, is Olive Oyl, while her baby is herself in the white bikini dress as  Swee` Pea.  Because she`s `weepy`.



 As Olive Oyl preceded Popeye as a comic strip heroine by 10 years, so Britney Spears is already on Mars when her spaceman `Bluto` arrives. The correspondence between Bluto`s name and that of the animated Disney character Pluto, who spoke originally, but not later on in the cartoon pointer dog`s career, relates to what is known and unknown. Pluto is the god of the underworld or Dys in Greek mythology, so Bluto and Olive Oyl represent the Kore myth of Greece in which Persephone is abducted by Pluto and has to spend winter in Dys before returning in the spring. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears, in her red suit and white bikini dress are mother Demeter and daughter Persephone, which is the mother-daughter Kore of Greek mythology because they represent `futanarian` woman as a species with her own penis enslaved by men and forced to die and be reincarnated rather than immortal so they can keep her blind and deaf to the truth of her own species` independence.



 Pluto, the dog, doesn`t speak because he has nothing new to say, and he`s the guard dog of Dys, because the mother-daughter Kore is the future of humanity. The discovery of Eris as the tenth planet of the solar system beyond Pluto with its moon Dysnomia is what Pluto, the pointer, is indicating. Dys corresponds to the underworld of the collective archetypes of the unconscious `Self` of humanity, which emerges with difficulty because men don`t want `Woman` as a species to become conscious. Eris means `discord` and Dysnomia means `lawlessness`, which is what `woman`s seed` represents for men. She`s against the `laws of nature` and God. However, as God tells Eve in the Bible, `she shall crush the head of the serpent as she leaves,` and `woman`s seed` will receive a `new heaven and Earth`. Because God`s law, as distilled by Jesus, is `love your neighbor as you love yourself`, which is what `woman`s seed` is for.



 The concept of `Bluetoe` as opposed to `Bluetooth` relates to the notion of blue `futanarian`, where `blue` is a euphemism for pornographic movies. In Greek mythology the Graeae are three women who have one tooth and one eye between them because they represent thr triune `Woman` who can`t speak with one mouth or see with one vision because she`s blind in some of her parts. The woman with a penis of her own can fertilize the woman without a penis of her own but need s woman with a penis of her own to fertilize her, which means she`s Trinitarian. Bluetooth technology disseminates pornographic representations of women that aren`t truthful, whereas `Bluetoe` signifies the technology that is necessary to disseminate knowledge of her `futanarian` species to herself.



 In Hungarian, `fut` and tanar` mean ` teacher afoot`, while `futanar` in Japan means `woman with a penis`. Jesus was the teacher afoot in Palestine who was the `woman`s seed` that didn`t run and was tortured to death. Britney on Mars` `Blutoe` represents the future of `Woman` as a `futanarian` species who can`t go back because men want her to. She has to go forward as a species. At the end of Britney Spears` video of Oops I Did It Again her spaceman is seen walking backwards as if the tape is being rewound so that he can make another attempt on her. In her red suit Britney represents Santa, which is an anagram of Satan, because `Woman` is Satan to men who want to keep her a slave on Earth and prevent her from developing and escaping. Although her spaceman gives Santa a `gift`, that is, the blue diamond `heart of the ocean`, in fact he gives her nothing: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`



 It isn`t his heart, it`s the heart of `Woman` as a species with her own penis. Britney`s Santa but won`t give her heart to the alien parasite to be eaten, so she`s Satan, because she`s `Woman`. The spaceman goes backwards as the tape is rewound to give her the same gift, which she doesn`t want, which is why men are backward and women must go forward into their own destiny, with or without men:


`I'm walking backwards for Christmas,

To prove that, I love you.`5



 Vampires are about teeth. Normally the aged lose their teeth while babies grow new teeth, but vampires keep theirs, because they`re fangs that suck the blood of the `host` through them as nourishment, which is why Jesus` description of his body and blood as bread and wine is identified as the `host` in the Catholic Communion because Christ offered it to his disciples at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. According to legend vampires give immortality through offering their body and blood, to drink from, which is what Jesus does at the `Last Supper`,. However, the vampire that uses the body as a `host` for parasitism is evil, which is what Jesus` teachings of Redemption mean. Acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete in the transubstantiation symbolism of the Catholic service, which constitutes a request for transformation, that is, conversion from ignorance, is the knowledge and wisdom that `Woman` as a species` `host` womb is being used as a parasite`s, which has to convert from life-taking to life-giving.



 The Hungarian word `ajtó`, which means `door`, is the observation that the eye is a door and not just a `window of the soul`.In Jungian psychology the soul or female anima is projected, that is, the individual tries to find correspondence between the soul and the woman that meets the eye, which is either correspondent to the soul or not, depending on what the woman is actually like. Jung used the word projection to indicate the disparity between the soul and the woman as perceived, which meant that the eye as the window of the soul permitted the individual to see the difference between its anima and its reflection. According to Jung negative aspects of the personality, which he called the shadow, made it more difficult to see.



 Those who don`t want it to be perceived that women are a species want to confuse the eyes with censorship and media blackout of information and education systems so that the female soul has a shadow that makes it difficult to perceive `Woman` as a species with her own penis, which in women results in a schizophrenic dislike for their own reflection in the mirror of the world. The Hungarian concept of `ajtó` is that of the eye which is a door because, when a projection is recognized, and integrated into conscious knowledge and wisdom, the projection is described as being introjected, which means it`s shadow-contaminated personality aspect has become conscious or differentiated. The window becomes a door of the eye of the functioning personality, which closes or opens as the individuated, or developed individual, chooses;  insofar as the eye is adoring of what it sees of God`s beauty, or isn`t accepting of what it perceives is evil.



 In Hungary it`s a prison, where the word for shop is `bolt` and the security is there to ensure that the `food` remains imprisoned. If the door is the `ajtó` of the eye, that is, the mirror for `Woman` as a species to know whether she wants her own `futanarian` self or not, it`s the prison for the devourer of her `futanar`, which in Hungarian is Jesus` the `teacher afoot`, who is `woman`s seed`, born uncontaminated by male semen, and his mother, the Virgin Mary, the presager of the `fut` of the `tanar` of `Woman`, which is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `teacher afoot` of `Woman` as a species, the `futanar`. However, if the individual human`s eyes can be locked like a door with a `bolt`, the soul within the body constitutes the `snuff tin` or `snuff box` for Hungary`s `snuff movie` makers who want to kill the `woman`s seed` behind closed doors. The prison security for the hungry devourer of `woman` seed` is there to ensure that there`s a `bolt` where the `fut` has to be paid for, that is, whatever`s `afoot` needs to pay the `tanar` or teacher, who is the devourer of `woman`s seed`, that is, of the `futanar`, while feigning to be a security chief.



 The concept of fakery is almost universal across the globe nowadays after the HIV/AIDS virus which is the paradigm for feigning friendship and killing, just as 9/11 was. In Hungary the local church is called Faith, and the word for `church` in Hungarian is gyülakezette, which suggests there`s a right track and a wrong track gyülakezette. If the aim for `Woman` as a species is to go forward then she won`t want to be rewound and put back on the wrong track gyülakezette by the Dracula cassette rewinders who want to drink her blood rather than give her eternal life. As a breeding program the enslaved `host` womb of the women`s ova might produce a new house in the future, but if the breeders have records of who breeds with who they can always put them together and rewind the cassette after evicting them to steal the house and have them build another from the womb they were born in, which is the unspoken theme of movies like Straw Dogs (1971, 2011) starring Susan George and Kate Bosworth, where the householder and his wife are attacked and murdered, ostensibly for `snuff movie` style entertainment, though in reality for property and the possession of it.



 The individual dies, loses its teeth, and is reborn as a teeth developer, which is reincarnation, whereas the vampire keeps its teeth so that it can remove others` teeth, and that`s the principle of Straw Dogs, where the householder, Dustin Hoffman in the original movie, and his wife, Susan George, are born from the womb to be the teeth removed by the parasites who want somewhere to live that they haven`t worked for. In growth terms, the adult is an infant with baby teeth, and the parasites teeth are longer and sharper, because their vision is narrower and more focused. The adult infant who has baby teeth is dreaming behind closed eyes if he thinks that he is secure. Once his dreams are realized, his eyes are narrowed in death by those whose vision was narrow to begin with.



 The Americans are admired because of the American Dream, and their belief in God and Manifest Destiny, because it`s a wider vision that interferes with the narrower perspective of the devouring parasite. Britney Spears corresponds to what the Hungarians call a `fog tünde` in Oops I Did It Again, which is a `tooth fairy`. One tradition is to put the baby tooth under the pillow when it has been supplanted by the new adult tooth and the `tooth fairy` replaces it. The tradition is useful because, in ancient Greece pederasty was the basis of society, and the motion put before the Athenean senate that sex with babies was wrong was once loudly ridiculed and rejected by the Greek state, which in 21st century terms means HIV/AIDS babies and the teeth of the vampiristic parasite unless the child is protected by its angel.



 One of the twelve labours of Hercules was to clean out the Augean stables, which is a metaphor for police corruption, where police constable is PC but police corruption isn`t politically correct (PC) because the constables correspond to what Revelation describes as `the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six`, which is 666 and the telephone number of the police reversed, that is, 999, and a reversal made most plain on 9/11 when the city of the planes was New York and the emergency service number was 911. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities of the plains, for practicing sodomy and pederasty, whereas New York was attacked to reestablish it insofar as war is its `Greek` contagion.



 Because America is often thought of as the world`s policeman or PC, it wasn`t doing it`s job. Politically correct or `PC` thinking had devolved into the political expediency of assisting Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, who were given military support by the USA from 1979 in Iraq`s war against Iran and the Taliban`s war against Soviet Russia in Afghanistan. Moreover, politically correct (PC) feminism is that homosexuals are equal to women, whereas women are an independent self-reproducing species and homosexuals aren`t.



 The idea of the PC terminal is common computer jargon, but like `Trojan horse` it`s a misnomer because the horse is `Greek` insofar as it represents pederasty and its contagion of war and HIV/AIDS whereas `to work like a Trojan` is proverbially laudable. Computer  `geek speek` presents the terminal as vulnerable to the `Greek` virus, and so the USA as the global policeman, or PC, was both dying and corrupt, by order of the `computer geek` fraternity on 9/11 when the hackers cut down New York`s Twin Towers by penetrating the US defense system like a virus.



 Because of political expediency and a false perspective with regard to what is politically correct the Earth has been condemned by corrupt law enforcement as a terminal case, which accords with the observation in Revelation that the reverse of 999 or 911 is 666 or 9/11 and that`s `the number of the beast`, which is a man who spreads the `Greek` contagion of pederasty and war.



 Saddam Hussein`s name means `crusher` and Bashar Assad of Syria`s original family name of `Wahash` means `beast`, but God tells Eve she `shall crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` Earth while in Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour Jesus, the `New Redeemer`, in his `Second Coming`, to give the evil perdition and `woman`s seed` a `new heaven and Earth`.



 The notion of the Hungarian `ajtó` as the door that Jesus was speaking of as being difficult to enter once closed relates to the individual who can open their eyes to adore but can close their eyes to abhor, and because the eyes are `the windows of the soul`, in Jungian psychology, the feminine anima constitutes that aspect of the individual which is protected when the eye is closed. If the `ajtó` corresponds to the notion of the `Woman` as a species who needs to be `afoot` to teach of `futanarian` humanity, because the mirror is the beginning of her `futanar` journey as a teacher afoot, and so is a door for the eye of her toe, or `ajtó`, the closing of the door of her eye by someone who wants to extinguish her soul is the locking of a `snuff tin` or `snuff box` for a `snuff beast` who wants to kill humanity.



The Augean stables are often associated with whoredom in the sense of `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth`, which is a metaphor for the woman who is kept to breed by homosexual pederasts for the purpose of making war and spreading its contagions of death and plague. The typical policeman has the truncheon or nightstick that resembles the club of Hercules, but it`s a gay club if the law enforcement officers are corrupt. Then the constables of the Augean stables are the promoters of pederasty and war because the club is the symbol of the penis of the `futanarian` woman who is repressed by the police bullies on behalf of a state that wants to maintain its gay clubbing.



 In England the term for policeman is `copper` because of the connection with the Augean stables, which needed to be cleaned because of huge amounts of faeces. Those who like faeces are called coprophiles, and so those who clean the Augean stables of corruption are the constables or those set against the coprophiles of the Augean stables and so are called `coppers`. On the other hand, those police who are corrupt are coprophiles and so the term `copper` is applied as a reproof because coprophiles are the same as the criminals who want whores to remain in the Augean stables while art, literature, culture and civilization remains degenerately based on pederasty and its contagions of war, death and plague.



 Britney Spears` Hungarian lesson is that being able to adore and open oneself to adoration while closing oneself to abhor what one doesn`t want is basic. She`s said she`s bisexual, so she can reproduce with her own `futanarian` species with its own penis if she chooses. In Hungarian `szaj` is `mouth`, so Britney`s Oops I Did It Again video might refer to language, that is `szaj` as `mouth`, and the mistake that men make of devouring `woman` seed` as if they can be forgiven for a linguistic slip of the serpent`s tongue. Inside her giant`s ring, which could be a symbol of men`s devouring of the human species of `Woman`, Britney descends in Oops I Did It Again as a representative `small woman`, whose `host` womb faces the danger of enslavement in pederasty and war. Because men are parasitical devourers of the species `Woman` through its wars of `perpetual enmity` against her art, culture and civilization emergent from her `host` womb, they`re not even cannibals because she isn`t their species. Because the ring is too big for her finger, Britney Spears small woman is inside a penis ring, which is euphemistically described as a cock-ring because cocks fight. The Gulf War (1990-1) was a cock-fight engineered by those who enslaved woman as `Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth` because pederasty and its contagions of war, death and plague is what men are for.


PC Yoga


 In the colloquial language of the United States of America a woman`s `rack` are her breasts, while American`s pronounce Iraq as `eye-rack`, which suggests that the breasts of a woman are being eyed, and in fact the ancient seat of the rulers of Persia was in Iraq, `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth`, who is described in Revelation as `a woman`. So the Americans are eyeing the `rack` of Babylon, who is a euphemism for Hollywood in the USA as much for the debauched lifestyles of its filmstars as the excesses of the films produced in Los Angeles, California. In the popular imagination Iraq is eye-rack and Babylon, `mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth`, whereas in fact the women of Arabia are especially modest and very rarely is a visitor fortunate enough to be invited into a household so that the women can be seen without the one piece coverall that they wear in public called the burkah or abiyah and from which all that is visible are the woman`s eyes. The mystery of Babylon is how `Woman`, as a species with her own penis, allows herself to be enslaved by the parasites.



 In Hollywood`s Babylon, the glamorous woman is invariably associated with pederasty`s thirst for war, which is doubly mysterious. Effectively, the eye-rack war was fought over a woman`s breasts because the Arabians don`t want the Americans to see theirs. 9/11 `live on CNN` for the `small screen` was inevitably turned into a Hollywood `blockbuster`, World Trade Centre (2006) because pederasty prefers to watch its boy sons, that is, its poisons, in action movies rather than see Babylon exposing her breasts and penis, and the `War On Terror` (2003-) was the eye-rack war because a woman`s rack are her breasts. Pederasty wants boys eyes to be on a woman`s breasts rather than that women`s eyes should be open to her own penis, and her potential independence as a species, which is why the `rough trade` in war`s boy sons was reestablished at the World Trade Centre, when the terrorists crashed their planes into the Twin Towers of New York`s Manhattan island to precipitate another Gulf war (2001-) with its poisons grown from the `host` womb of Babylon.



 In Arabia the breasts of women are covered by the one piece coverall of the burkah or abiyah but that ensures their `futanarian` penis can`t be seen either, which means that they correspond to the `hidden` woman of Revelation taken to a `place of safety` upon the `wings of an eagle` after she has given birth to the `New Redeemer`, Jesus, in his `Second Coming`, who protects her with his `iron scepter` before God gives a `new heaven and Earth to `woman`s seed`. The notion that a woman`s breasts shouldn`t be eyed contains the primary principle of Arabian `woman`s seed`, which is that there should be no distinction between a woman with a penis and a woman without.  Moreover, eyeing the breasts of a woman is secretly punishable in the thoughts of men, which means that they would torture an individual upon the rack of their possessivity because the `rack` of a woman`s breasts for them represent the rack of the torture chamber for which her breasts are exposed, that is, to entice their victim.to eye their rack and fall into their hands as torturers to death of the appreciative infant upon their rack, which is essentially what they did to Jesus, who reprimanded the disciples on the morning of his crucifixion, because they thought the woman anointing his feet was using perfume that was too expensive: `Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6)



 In the West they don`t want the woman to breed so they want to keep boys` focus on her breasts alone, but they want you to understand that they`ll kill you for looking at her breasts. Because to know women is to be in a position to discover a woman`s penis, and men don`t want you to know. Sex yoga is one form of bodily discipline that can raise consciousness to higher levels. Tantricism is the activation of energy points along the spinal column in preparation for intellectual and spiritual work, and these are called chakras. According to the tradition of Tantric yoga, the kundalini serpent is the energic princiople corresponding to instinct at the base of the spine, that is, the Muladhara chakra, which is raised to the Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head by means of sex yoga or other bodily forms of exercise associated with the yogic method.



 The duplicity of the serpent in religious traditions is well known. The serpent of Aescalapius is a healing serpent in the tradition of Greek medicine and the wand of Hermes, the Roman god of communication, has two serpents wrapped around it as a symbol of intelligence. Christianity teaches that the serpent is evil because it`s instinctual, whereas Tantric yoga posits the male and female principles as necessarily instinctual, and so associates them with twin serpents, which rise to consciousness in desirefulness, because the serpents represent the male and female penis, and a man would have to be intelligent to realize that. In Eden the serpent is pederasty and Adam and Eve are enslaved by it and the `serpent`s seed` of homosexuality that will go on to wage war upon her Earth in its `perpetual enmity` against `woman`s seed` represented by the birth of Jesus in Christianity from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen.



 Men are cuckoos because `Woman` is the species with her own penis and the parasite has tricked her into a symbiosis that is designed to breed her and emerge as a parasite that has ousted the original species from its own womb. From women`s bodies it lodges through her art, culture and civilization as a `serpent`s seed` before grown into a `red dragon` of Revelation it devours her in the `perpetual enmity` of its wars against `woman`s seed`.



 Often researchers pore over things minutely and then like shrinking violets when they perceive the scale of their achievement as developed technology. They`re like movie stars who work on a film for years but have never seen it because their interest wanes. Artists are similar in that they care only about the work`s completion.  It`s an illness in which the individual is demon driven but afterwards the results seem less important because the demon wants it and that`s why it`s been driving you.



 The film Spiral features a woman, Amber Tamblyn, who meets a man who paints several pictures of her before murdering her, because that`s what demon driven parasites do. They`re narrowly competent, and the result is reversion to parasitical devourment as a psychological mode and behavior pattern. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears appears inside a giant`s ring because she`s an artist and understands that art is for devouring if the individual relinquishes artistic control. Socio-history teaches her that men would devour her and her art if they could, which is why the woman of Revelation gives birth while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour her child. Because men are devourers of children who might grow to have teeth of their own and babies don`t yet have teeth. In Greek mythology Hercules slew the hydra to ensure that the Danaiiads had husbands, and the hydra was female, which means that the woman was attempting to defend her species against the Greek`s gay club represented by Hercules.



 In the Greek story of Odysseus` return from the Trojan war, the teeth of a hydra are sown to produce an army. Britney Spears` concept of the ` heart of the ocean` spaceman`s `gift` in counterpoint to the tines of the giant`s fork, which is for `kék`, that is, the blue heart-shaped diamond, is the understanding that `woman`s seed` must be able to defend herself against the devouring `red dragon` of Revelation and that the diamond heart is impervious to the tooth of the devourer. Britney Spears` giant`s cake fork in Oops I Did It Again suggests the ogre`s sweet tooth is a Bluetooth because, in Hungarian, `kék fog` means the tooth that is blue, and Bluetooth technology represents the wisdom `Woman` can obtain through researching the internet and recover knowledge of herself as an independent species with her own penis: `I`m mad as hell and I`m not going to take this anymore!`

 In Catholicism the symbol of Jesus` `Sacred Heart` seems sentimental, but Britney Spears` observation is that the heart of the `woman`s seed` has to be that of a diamond`s hardness if she`s to grow beyond Earth and Jesus` condemnation of the evil `serpent`s seed` to perdition suggests that his heart is adamant when he returns in the `Second Coming` as the `New Redeemer` born from the `hidden` woman he protects.



 Jesus` teachings are to be disseminated after his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven by the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which is represented in the Old Testament by the Shekinah, the female spirit that dwelt in the tabernacle where the book of the law, the Torah, was kept in the Ark of the Covenant, that is, God`s Promise to the `chosen`, which Jesus teaches as Redemption, and which is fulfilled in Revelation when the evil are given unendurable eternal pain as a punishment for their sins. In God`s new heaven and Earth `woman`s seed` doesn`t need men`s evil spirits.



 The principle of transubstantiation is `the changing of one substance into another`,6 which suggests that the `serpent`s seed` can convert and become `woman`s seed` through the transformative power of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete in the Catholic Communion service where the bread and the wine is accepted supplicant as tokens of Jesus` body and blood.  Because `Woman` has her own penis as `futanarian` and so is an independent species, the possibility arises that transubstantiation is the transformation of the parasitical male into `futanarian` woman. If you`re a woman with your man`s penis, then you`re your man, and that`s transubstantiation.



 The word `remek` means `toe` in Hungarian, and Vladimír Remek is credited as being the first European Union spaceman. He was a part of the Russian `Soyuz 28` mission as the first Czechoslovakian in space in 1978, which was thirty-six years before the Czech Republic was accepted into the EU. Britney`s descent as a thumb-sized woman inside her giant`s ring, and her red suited self`s the winching up of her spaceman with his mirror-reflecting, single-eyed visor, above herself in her white bikini dress so that he can film her as what looks like a `toe` in Oops I Did It Again  is a homage to the contributions made by Europe to space exploration.



 From the perspective of the torturer and the shoe, which is a euphemism for `iron maiden`, the spaceman is a shoe who resembles a `toe` to remind `Woman` of her `foot`, that is, her `futanarian` nature rather than astronaut Neil Armstrong`s words as NASA`s Apollo 11`s first man on the moon for the United States of America, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` In symbolic terms, Britney Spears represents the soul or Jungian anima that has been tortured out of the `shoe` of the man until she lives an existence independent of him. Britney`s breasts aren`t visible in the video, but the idea that the spaceman is in a `shoe` or `iron maiden` being tortured is a metaphor for the individual who is being killed for eyeing the breasts of a woman whose husband knows `black`.



 In white magic the world is visible, whereas occult or black magic isn`t `hidden` unless the individual is blind. Consequently, black magicians blind, which is why the Holy Spiirt/Paraclete  is described as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` because she has eyes to see. On Mars Britney Spears represents the invisible realm that`s visible to the black magician, which is where those who eye the breasts of women are murdered, because they`re `shoed`. In Oops I Did It Again Britney could be said to represent the soul or anima of the spaceman, which black magicians use in `snuff movies` so that the punished individual can understand that he`s being murdered.



 In Judaism `Sheol` is a place of broken pots, and a part of hell, which would correspond to the anima or soul being tortured outside the blind and broken pot of the individually `shoed`  body by black magicians. The body would correspond to `Sheol` leather, and the Greek myth of Piramis and Thisbe, where the lovers have a crack in a wall, through which they can hear each others` voices in their separate rooms. The shoed individual would know of the soul of the beloved`s fate but wouldn`t be able to intervene between the blinding black magician and his victim.



 Enjoying the `crack` is Irish for laughing together at something, but neither Pyramis nor Thisbe are enjoying the `crack` in Shakespeare`s play A Midsummer Night`s Dream in which Bottom s head is transformed into that of an ass. In the movie Titanic Kate Winslet has the role of Rose while Leonardo Di Caprio is the lover whose attentions are thwarted by Rose`s ex-fiancée who puts her diamond pendant into the pocket of his rival and accuses him of theft. When the ship Titanic hits the iceberg and sinks, Di Caprio`s character drowns. The audience are enjoying what the couple don`t know, because Titanic is a historical drama based on events that actually occurred in 1911 when the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York after hitting an iceberg. Analogously, if 9/11 had been foreknown, no one prevented it because that`s what they wanted. So they could enjoy the `crack`.



 Pyramis and Thisbe represent what men like to do, and the individual who is `shoed` and can`t see his soul, anima, or wife is how men and black magicians enjoy their `crack`. The couple are kept in torment with a `crack` to listen at or see through so that the evil can enjoy their `crack` more. In Shakespeare`s play A Midsummer Night`s Dream Bottom`s head is turned into that of an ass because that`s the `crack`. Titania corresponds to Rose in the Titanic movie who awakes from the dream of the movie as Kate Winslet while, in A Midsummer Night`s Dream, Titania similarly wakes from her love for Bottom who has the head of an ass because a `piece of ass` is American vernacular for `Woman`. On the cover of Britney Spears` `Piece Of Me` CD single she appears as Jesus on the cross, so the `crack` is that Britney Spears and Jesus are just another `piece of ass` to the pederasts.



 In terms of the `smoking` metaphor, where it`s a euphemism for killing, `crack cocaine`, which is a form of the drug cocaine that is smoked but usually taken through the nose, translates as `Cain`s cock` to those `snuff movie` makers who use smoking as a metaphor for the cocking of the hammer of the gun, and the `crack` is the killing of the asshole or vagina of the `woman`s seed`. In the Bible Cain was the first murderer, and so the `crack` or `joke` would be woman`s penis, which is euphemistically described as `cock`, while the asshole of a man is his `crack`, and her vagina is her `crack`, and so their murderer is cock Cain – crack!



 In Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again her spaceman represents the `iron maiden` or `shoe`, `One small step for a man ,` whereas only Britney can be the `futanar`, that is, the teacher who`s `afoot` as a disseminator of God`s `Word`, because it`s her own penis and species` potential that the spaceman as `toe` has imprisoned on the Earth. In psycho-symbolic terms, her `fut`, and her `tanar`, which means active teaching in Hungarian, is imprisoned by the `shoe` of the spaceman`s suit, and in Christianity Jesus` solution is the spiritualization of the feminine soul or anima so that the individual can develop through what Christ terms acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which is the spiritual and intellectual capacity to create the technology that will allow her to escape the evil. In the stories of Sherlock Holmes, the detective is an adherent of the beneficial properties of the `five per cent solution` of cocaine as a sharpener of the mind`s faculties when there`s a crime to be solved, and his famous phrase is: `The game`s afoot.`7



 Murder is `the game` for the genocidal and `Woman` is the species on the planet Earth dealing with an alien parasite that has enslaved her `host` womb for `snuff movie` making and refuses to repent, `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` The pederasts have even manufactured HIV/AIDS in their black magicians` way by mixing blood, shit and semen in their anus to produce the poison of the `serpent`s seed` that seeks to keep women in fear. Even if women discover that they don`t need men because they have their own penis as a separate species, they`re conditioned not to want herself or her own penis by media censorship and blackout. There`s no information and education on how the aliens have murdered their mother`s penis save transvestite and transsexual images found on porn sites through the internet, where genuinely `futanarian` women appear only as a curiosity. The name of the album from which Britney Spears ` single `Piece Of Me` was released was Blackout because for Christians, Jesus is `woman`s seed`, and so not a joke to be censored, whereas homosexuals are a joke because they can`t reproduce and don`t want to produce anything, because the sterility of pederasty and its enslavement of the `host` wombs of women to spread war and its contagions of death and plague, is nihilism which doesn`t want anyone to produce anything.



 In Judaism, Sheol is a part of hell, that is, Gehenna, while Djennah is the name for `paradise` in Arabia but the words sound similar, which gives the opportunity to interpret the abiyah or burkah, that is, the one piece coverall, as a `shoe`, rather than as the `hidden` place of the `futanarian` species, `Woman`. In Arabia the `iron maidens` of those `shoed` in the abiyahs and burkahs are Gehenna or Djennah, depending on whether the `futanar` is there outside the `shoe` in the invisible realm as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, that is, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as `futanar` or active teacher.



 In Arabia men are discouraged from looking at women, because women represents the `thumbs` of the four fingered Moslem marriage with a `futanarian` woman at its centre as the `thumb`. Thumbs can grasp the truth and accept it, whereas unredeemed men are `toes` that have a penis, but `shoed` don`t have a `fut`, that is, active teaching from the `tanar` which is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and its knowledge of the `futanar`, who is the teacher that can convert and redeem the human species from the lies that are disseminated about it by men as the alien parasitical virality that has imposed censorship and media blackout on `woman`s seed` so that she can be secretly stifled.



 Without Redemption men can`t grasp the meaning of `Woman`, and so the traditional Middle Eastern garb of the white thob for men, and the black abiyah, or burkah for women, represents a `toe-ogre` party, where `toga party` is the Western name for a bath house orgy in the Roman style, because the Romans were the rulers of Palestine at the time of Jesus 2000 years before 9/11. A `toe-ogre` would be a man or woman who didn`t want to be `afoot` as a teacher of Christ, that is, a `futanar`, because they`re devourers of `Woman`, which is what the `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` for humanity is for, according to God.



 In Egyptian mythology, Ra is the sun and Osiris is the incarnation of the sun, that is, of the light from the sun, upon the Earth. Set is the evil `brother` who dismembers Osiris, while Asset is she who remembers Osiris, because the evil blind and kill the good and so the knowledge of God is lost and the humans are kept in a state of enslavement by the pederasts who want to breed the women for war and more blindness and killing because it`s what the alien parasitical virus emerges from her womb for. Only the teachings of religion prevent men from being what they are: brain eaters.



 In Egyptian myths Osiris is the `pupil` of the eye, and the Set of the parts of humanity are his Asset, but the evil brother doesn`t want the parts of the human species, that is, `Woman` with her own penis, to know herself, and so the eye of the `pupil` is blinded in killing by the parasite so that the human species can`t develop. 9/11 was the prototypical conflict between the resurrected Osiris as Horus, the sky god, and television Set, `live on CNN` and across the globe, because that`s what men are for. Knocking down complex structures such as the human brain, or the tripartite human species that includes man, woman and `futanarian` woman, and then waiting for it to be rebuilt, before knocking it down again, which is what the United States of America`s war with Iraq and the further degeneration of humanity into barbarism and slavery to pederasty and its contagions of death and plague was intended to reimplement.



 In Greek mythology, Iris is the name for the rainbow, which is used in eye science as the name for the coloured part of the eye. In the Old Testament the rainbow is a symbol of God`s covenant with the chosen people, because it`s the bridge between the eyes and souls, which correspond to the feminine anima of Jungian psychology that is occluded by the shadow until the individual becomes conscious or individuated through the process of introjection, that is, growth through recognition of the false projections it has about others such as women don`t have a penis and aren`t capable of species independence from men who in fact aren`t species independent and can`t reproduce without women.



In the Egyptian traditional representations of the eye of Horus, the symbols of upper and lower Egypt are crowns worn by a winged eagle and a minah bird. In the Merry Melodies cartoon Inki and the Minah Bird (1943). The black boy and the lion fight while the minah bird continues unconcerned, which can be understood as a metaphor for the Gulf war and its precipitant, Osama Ben Ladan, whose name means `lion`, and whose Al Qaeda terrorist group crashed planes into New York`s Twin Towers, and first balck presidential incumbent of the United States, Barack Obama, who`d correspond to the `black boy` in the Whitehouse, and after 9/11 he authorized Osama`s assassination, which occurred in 2011.

 In Egyptian terms, the eye of Horus represents the human brain that accepts God and so is unconcerned because it can`t be eaten by the evil Set and Horus, the sky god, who correspond to the USA and its enemies in the Middle East and Africa from 1979 onwards who were hell bent on tearing the world apart. Because the eye of Horus is the eye of `Woman`, the brain is that of woman as the human species and the brain eaters would seek to recognize her appearance by the manifestation of God in the external reality, which is why her penis is repressed and taboos exist about the penis generally, so that what the eye of God wants for humanity can`t become manifest because men are her brain eaters.



Tradition says that women`s eyes are for men, but her eyes are for women, which means that the rainbow eyes of Iris to the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, who is `teacher, guide, comfort and helpmeet` for `Woman` because, as the species on Earth she belongs to God in heaven, which is why the Virgin Mary has the Assumption in Catholicism, that is, `Woman` is assumed to always belong in heaven, whereas men have to accept the Holy Spirit/Paraclete to have any chance whatsoever of Redemption from being her brain eaters. `Woman` as `futanarian` with her own penis isn`t encased within the male as the feminine anima or soul, but has what has been thought of heretofore as the male aspect of humanity, which is the penis of the woman and doesn`t belong to the alien parasitical virality that has symbiotically supplanted her own self as the fertilizer of her womb. Obviously, anthropology can`t apologize enough for blinding us with the science of its false biological premise.



 In Egyptian mythology, Asset gives the reborn Osiris a penis she has fashioned for him because he has been dismembered by his evil brother, and the penis can`t be found. Although Asset restores the penis of the symbiote the continuing battle between Set, the evil brother, and Horus, the sky god, is what God warns Eve of in the Bible, that is, the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`, which will result in the species of `Woman` leaving, and `she shall crush the head of the serpent with her heel as she leaves` for the `new heaven and Earth` that God has prepared for her while the evil receive perdition as a punishment. Consequently, the woman with the penis that belongs to her, that is, her own penis as `futanarian`, belongs in heaven, in accordance with the Catholic principle implicit in the Assumption of the Virgin Mary as the mother of Jesus uncontaminated by male semen, which is the parasitical alien virality manifested as the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty, HIV/AIDS, as a contagion attendant upon its `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed` in the shape of `biological warfare` against her `host` womb as her brain eater.


Isis with penis (Osiris)


 What the Osiris myth teaches is how God remembers through his persecution of the good man Job, that is, an aspect of his omniscience, that is, God`s plan for the Redemtion of humankind, represented by Jesus who, as `woman`s seed`, again reminds God of the omniscient aspect of the creator, because unless God remembers, Satan partakes of God`s omnipresence. What Osiris` myth explains is that `Woman` is a species and men might be her slaves if she were stronger, which is what the battle is about. Because `Woman` doesn`t need men`s penis, as she has her own, and so the symbiote could be either her devouring parasite, building slave, or partner, depending on her will.



 In one version of the Egyptian myth Osiris is dismembered and, put into a trunk, which is floated down the Nile and becomes entangled in the branches of a tree before becoming a part of its trunk, and Asset discovers him and restores his penis. In Norse mythology Odin, the father of the gods, is crucified on a tree because he`s been told that it will increase his powers, `in order to learn the wisdom that would give him power in the nine worlds,`8


1. Muspellsheimr: World of Muspell (fire, in the south)

2. Alfheimr: World of the Ljósálfr ('light elf')

3. Vanaheimr: World of the Vanir

4. Goðheimr: World of the Æsir

5. Manheimr: World of the Maðr ('human')

6. Jǫtunheimr: World of the Jǫtunn ('giant')

7. Svartálfaheimr: World of the Svartálfar ('dark elves', aka Dvergar 'dwarves')

8. Helheimr: World of Hel (the realm of the dead)

9. Niflheimr: World of Nifl (arctic 'mist' and ice, in the north)



 The cross of Jesus is defined as the `tree of the cross` in some traditions, so the concept of the spirit trapped within the individual is an archetype. Jesus` side is cut open by the spear of the Roman centurion, Longinus, after his death on the `tree of the cross`, which suggests that the Holy Spirit/Paraclete emergent from the side of Jesus, as the first Eve emerged from the side of Adam, is `teacher guide, comfort and helpmeet` for what is described in Norse mythology as the `nine worlds`. Emerging as the `Second Eve` from the `Second Adam` as Jesus, that is, `woman`s seed`, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is effectively the teacher afoot or `futanar`, in Hungarian, as educator on the subject of `Woman` after Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, which would correspond to the nine planets of the solar system before the discovery of Eris, the tenth, and its moon, Dysnomia.  The `tree of the knowledge of the fruit of good and evil` is what the serpent persuades Eve to eat of in Eden, and she gives some to Adam to eat. The pair are expelled from Eden`s paradise on Earth, and are told they`ll have to wait for heaven, in the course of the Bible. Jesus` crucifixion on the `tree of the cross` is equivalent of Odin`s exchange of crucifixion for power, but Jesus didn`t enter into an agreement, because his reward is heaven and not the solar system. In fact the evil one had already offered him the Earth and his response was: `Avoid me.`

  The myth of Osiris is similar because he has restoration from Asset but she has a penis of her own as `woman`s seed` and so his restoration is a limitation insofar as he`s fertilizer, and building slave for her devouring parasites rather than partner. In terms of the female soul or anima trapped within the trunks of men as her `tree of life`, In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears` spaceman is her spacesuit and, to make more Holy Spirit/Paraclete in the world that is invisible to all but the black magicians, men make `iron maidens`, male or female, by making them the equivalent of spacesuits for the dying somnambulants inside the walking coffins and `snuff boxes` of humankind, who are tormented with the knowledge of what the evil `snuff movie` makers are doing to their souls.



 An `iron maiden` is a torturer`s symbol. Consequently, the iron woman in the movie Iron Man (2008) Gwyneth Paltrow, denotes either living without a man, and assisting her species` development, or possession by a male `cuckoo`. The character of `Iron Man` is Robert Downey Junior`s and he has heart problems, which cause him to construct the iron man suit so that he becomes a superhero, but the scenes of Iron Man in the Gulf war are representative of the concept of the `iron maiden` which the Arabian women in their abiyahs and burkahs are a reflection upon.




 In Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again she receives the gift of a diamond heart form her spaceman, which is not from his suit as Iron Man because it`s not his.  The metaphor suggests that it`s her heart, because it`s a symbol of `Woman`, as an unconscious content of the archetypes of the collective unconscious. The heart of Iron Man is sick because he`s a symbol of pederasty and war`s contagions. He has the heart of a devourer of his anima or soul, which appears to him in the environment as `Woman` and her art, culture and civilization insofar as it emerges from her `host` womb without the parasitical devourer consuming it after its larval stage.



 In terms of the symbolic metaphor, because the `Woman` corresponds to the soul or anima, Iron Man is consuming both himself and her in the Gulf wars. The women in the abiyahs and burkahs represent the iron women, who are in mourning black as iron maidens, because they know that they have a `cuckoo` who is consuming them both within and without as a parasite upon their `host` wombs.



 In Jungian psychology a woman`s spirit or animus is described as a throng of male admirers but, if men are her devourers, that`s not what they represent, and they`re alien to her if she`s an independent species, so their appearance in dreams, which is how Jung discovered his definition, by analyzing dream material in female subjects, is as a ring of killers in a `snuff movie` because the role of the male spirit in `Woman` is of the subduer of the human brain that resists their subversion.



 The Virgin Mary is an archetype of the `Iron Woman` that refuses contaminated male semen, and God gives her `woman`s seed`, that is, Jesus` birth from the woman uncontaminated by male semen. Men torture him to death because he was born without a `cuckoo` to subdue and subvert his human brain from within as the evil spirit of the animus as devouer`s imago. Although there`s war in heaven between the `serpent`s seed` and `woman`s seed`, it`s clearly for spiritual and bodily possession of `Woman` by the `cuckoos`.. The `New Redeemer`, who `shall rule the nations with an iron scepter` ,and is Jesus in his `Second Coming`, represents Christ`s further support for the development of `Woman`, who has her own `futanarian` penis, so that humanity can spread itself amongst the stars.



I n his novel She (1895) H. Rider Haggard, describes the archetype of the soul, the anima, as `she who must be obeyed`, according to Jung, after Sigmund Freud had declared art, culture and civilization as `nothing but` the expression of men`s repressed penis, whereas in fact it`s suppression of `Woman` and her penis by men`s desire to remain thieves and murderers of the human intelligences they have enslaved. Haggard`s novel is of a strong woman who keeps men as slaves because she doesn`t want her species to be subjugated, which is why Haggard calls her `she who must be obeyed` as God doesn`t want `woman`s seed` to be enslaved either.



 Britney Spears` spaceman in Oops I Did It Again removes his spacesuit`s helmet so that he can breathe the atmosphere of Mars, which has `98% oxygen` content. She is a visibly present woman in the space outside the man`s suit, and is revealing the truth of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which is `teacher, guide, comfort and helpmeet`, because men who seek Redemption only think they`ve accepted `woman`s seed`, but they haven`t fully accepted her unless `Woman` as a species is visible with her own penis as `futanarian` on the planet Earth, and she can`t be visible if there`s noone to take her blinkers off.



 Britney Spears` astronaut exclaims when he sees a miniature cameo of her in the sand, `Whoah there horsey!` In Britney Spears` atmosphere he isn`t blinkered. As he picks up the icon, it`s as if the video has needed an encrypted `password`, `cookie`, or `cheat` to activate the `hidden content` within the program`s software, which is often found as an additional feature of some recordings, and Britney Spears` ship emerges suddenly from the desert floor, `All aboard!` It`s the spaceship Titanic and, because the giant`s fork is `fog kék`, that is, `for cake`, because `fog kék` is Bluetooth in Hungarian, and Britney Spears in her white bikini dress beneath her spaceman`s camera appears as the fairy on the cake of the giant`s wedding, which is why she appears descending inside the giant`s ring at the beginning of the Oops I Did It Again video.



 In Hungarian she`s the `fog tünde` or `tooth fairy`, because of the blue sweetheart and the Bluetooth of the tines of the giant`s fork, which represents her knowledge that the giant`s for cake, which is `fog kék` or Bluetooth in Hungarian because of the blue diamond of the sweetheart, which Britney in her red plastic pilot`s suit descending inside the giant`s ring receives as the stone for the setting for her ring. In the Titanic movie the tooth is the iceberg that swallowed the `heart of the ocean`, that is, the blue diamond of the sweetheart, which was Rose`s dream in the Titanic movie. In the 20th century it was fashionable to have a diamond inserted into the tooth, which suggests a conflict between the ring and the tooth.



 In Shakespearean terms, Britney`s fairy is Titania, who falls in love with Bottom, even though his head is turned into that of an ass, during it`s A Midsummer Night`s Dream, but she wakes as Kate Winslet does at the end of the Titanic movie. Because Kate isn`t Rose but a character actress, although Rose was a real person in the Titanic disaster and the film is based on her memoir. It`s an implicit assumption of the Titanic movie that the jilted lover has sunk the woman`s hope of a diamond ring for her wedding finger because he wants a diamond in his tooth. Because knowledge of `Woman` with a penis of her own is scantly proferred by her art, culture and civilization that she produces from her womb, the Titanic implication is that of her disappearance because men don`t want to see her well married.



 Woman is visibly present in the space outside men`s suits, as God`s omnipresence, and that`s why the spear of Longinus is called the Spear of Destiny. It pierced the side of Christ and Jesus` spiritualized soul or anima emerged as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, that is, the `futanar`, which in Hungarian means the new `teacher afoot` in the stead of Jesus, because she`s for teaching `woman` s seed` of her role as the future of humanity with her own penis and socio-evolutionary valence; in terms of reproduction and production. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears` appearance on Mars outside the spacesuit of her astronaut without a spacehelmet is analogous to how the Holy Spirit/Paraclete would appear if she were visible.



Curiously, Britney Spears` spaceman tells `Mission Control` that there`s `98% oxygen` almost as soon as the video begins but waits for Britney to remove his helmet. In Barbarella (1968) Jane Fonda strips off her spacesuit, including her spacehelmet, in weightlessness inside her spaceship, so in Oops I Did It Again Britney is Mars` Barbarella but doesn`t remove all of her spaceman`s spacesuit; because of the censor. In symbolic terms though, she`s preparing to release the penis, just as Jane Fonda is activating it. But the release isn`t so simple because `Woman` as `futanarian` has a penis of her own.



 Britney Spears` spaceman leaves after she has heard what he has to say, and has given her the gift of the blue diamond `heart of the ocean`. The denouement is that, in her red plastic suit, she has the giant ring and, in her white bikini dress atop the wedding cake as the fairy, she has the giant`s fork, which not only suggests `fork cake` but, in Hungarian, `fog kék`, which is Bluetooth, the diamond in the tooth of the devourer, or the diamond in the ring of herself, depending on whether `woman`s seed` is successful or not.



. Britney`s story has much in common with Hans Christian Andersen`s tale, The Steadfast Tin Soldier (1838), in which the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is once again `afoot` as a `teacher`, that is, `futanar` in Hungarian, and so disseminator of the truth about `woman`s seed` and its penis. Noticing that the ballerina is also `afoot` insofar as, like him, she stands on one leg, although he`s `afoot` because there wasn`t enough tin to make more than a single leg for a foot, he falls in love:


 `… a goblin among the toys angrily warns the soldier to take his eyes off the ballerina, but the soldier ignores him. The next day, the soldier falls from a windowsill (presumably the work of the goblin) … into the fire. A wind blows the ballerina into the fire with him; she is consumed at once but her spangle remains. The tin soldier melts into the shape of a heart.`



 In terms of Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again video the spaceman is her `tin soldier` and the blue diamond is the `stone of the wise`, which the alchemical philosophers sought to produce in their laboratories through chemistry. In Jungian psychology the alchemists` endeavours are represented as projections of the desire for spiritual and psychological unity, which is often symbolized as the hermaphroditus, that is, a homunculus, which is male and female, because women are, but because of ignorance and/or the secluded nature of their ambition the alchemists weren`t aware of this. Britney Spears` spaceman isn`t for a `tin age` ballerina, but for a 21st century `space age` laptop dancer, so the blue diamond heart isn`t tin.

 An avowed goal of the alchemical procedure was the elixir of life and immortality, which transformed the `carbon based life form`, as Mr Spock from the science fiction TV series Star Trek (1965-) sometimes referred to bodily form, into an immortal diamond boded life form, and in fact diamonds are produced, from coal, under the terrific pressure of millennia underground, while in Eastern traditions the individual`s `diamond body` is produced through the practicing of certain yogic disciplines, which include exercise, breathing and meditation. Britney`s Oops I Did It Again suggests that the exercise, regulated breathing and preparation, which divers and astronauts practice, is productive of a diamond heart, under pressure, which is how Rose perceives the death by drowning of her fiancée, while he`s assisting passengers to the lifeboats, as the Titanic is sinking. Britney`s spaceman replies, `Well baby I went down and got it for you,` when Britney looks at the gift in the box he gives her and says, `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?` He`s a diver and a spaceman which means he`s used to working under terrific pressures and, although the diamond heart isn`t his, he has it in his power to bestow it. In the tale The Steadfast Tin Soldier the ballerina is paper and only her `spangle` isn`t: `To adorn or cause to sparkle by covering with or as if with spangles.`9



 The dictionary definition tells us what to look for in Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again and `spangle` is what the icon appears to be when her spaceman takes the cameo miniature from the sands of the red planet to precipitate a quake and the emergence of the deck of Britney`s ship from subterranean Mars. The icon is made of stone and corresponds, in alchemical terms, to Britney`s own lapis philosophorum, or `stone of the wise`, as well as the `spangle` of the ballerina, who is consumed in fire until there is nothing left of her but the `spangle`, according to the plot of The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and there are fire-breathing circus performers, as a part of the Oops I Did It Again pageant:


`O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave,

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?`



The metaphor in Oops I Did It Again seems to be of the heart and the spangle consumed by the fiery `red dragon` of Revelation, which is represented by the small boy in The Steadfast Tin Soldier who, against the traditions of `the star spangled banner` of the United States` Old Glory, uncaringly sweeps the pair into the domestic fireplace where the flames consume them both. The symbolism is that of pederasty and consuming war as its contagion because the child hasn`t been taught to care for its things. If the blue diamond and the spangle represent immortality it`s because longevity depends on the inculcation in the individual of care for things as well as selves. If a person doesn`t care about their things, then they`re not likely to care about themselves. Or, in other words, immortality is based on the perception that things are as long as you, and so if they`re taken from you it`s attempted murder. The boy in The Steadfast Tin Soldier is suicidal because he doesn`t care about his things.



 The spaceman picks up the cameo miniature of Britney and brings her the `heart of the ocean` blue diamond pendant because they`re things, and although the woman is important a man can only eat and ejaculate so much, which means that things are as important to him and the woman as each other. He`s demonstrating to the woman that he isn`t a suicide because he cares about things. Because he cares about things, he`s likely to care about her as a thing, which might seem inhuman, but wanting to keep a thing is the essence of the desire for eternal youthful immortality. Alchemy was the beginnings of rejuvenation therapies and medical treatments, and the process began with the projection of psychic contents into what the alchemists called the prima materia, which could be anything, just as long as the adept had something to focus upon. Consequently, caring for things and discovering the elixir of immortality amounted to the same thing, which was care for things and care for the individual who cared for the things of the individual.



 Alchemy and medicine recognize that theft is murder, because without things a person can`t live. In terms of Oops I Did It Again the tooth of the devourer with the diamond in it, and the diamond ring, represent the difference between someone who does care about `rings and things`, and someone who doesn`t. The Titanic sank because noone noticed the iceberg in the ocean as they believed the ship was `unsinkable` and so didn`t care about the thing, and so they were devoured by nature, which is what happens to men who don`t care about things. They`re the same as those who don`t care about people.



 Britney Spears` spaceman brings her the `heart of the ocean` blue diamond pendant from the ocean depths, where Rose had dropped it as a memorial to her loss, because a woman is worth as much as any other thing, but no more. If the woman is valued more highly than things, the enslaver in pederasty and war will reduce the owner to penury or death in order to steal the woman and her `host` womb to produce more penury and death. Consequently, the woman has to be valued like any other thing, or the owner becomes a prey to `the game` of the goblins, which is that of the young woman who is marrying for property and money so that the goblins can possess themselves of it and her again. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears, in her giant`s ring and veiled references to Bluetooth technology through the giant tines of the fork beside the spaceman`s helmet as he films her with the camera attached thereupon, that is, the medium of transmitted video pictures with its potential for pause, replay, fast forward, analysis, and copying, as well as plagiarism, and other copyright issues, is saying that she values herself and her `rings and things` very highly: `I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.`



 Getting lost in the game is what happens when you stop valuing things because you value people more, and they cheat you. An `Iron Man` is a blind toe in a shoe in need of a `teacher afoot``, that is, a `futanar` in Hungarian, which corresponds to anyone who has the Holy Spirit/Paraclete with them and can educate and give information to `woman`s seed` so that she can avoid being cheated by those supposedly `spiritual` leaders who want her to understand that her possessions are possessing her because they want to have them for themselves.



Britney Spears is pulling the spaceman`s toenail out when she removes his spacehelmet. Because it`s torture for a man who doesn`t know that women are a species to begin to be able to see the truth. Jesus` perception is `love your neighbor as you love yourself`, which is the understanding that everyone is Jesus if he doesn`t have an ego. Not to have an ego is to recognize that you`re not God, because immortals aren`t God, which means that they`re human, and that`s something that egoists can`t grasp. God confers immortality, and so acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and Jesus` teachings of Redemption, are what is required for the spiritualization of the anima or soul, so that the individual`s soul can grow into the immortal body that God promises through the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `teacher afoot`, that is, the `futanar` in Hungarian, who teaches the `futanarian` knowledge of woman as a species with her own penis, and the processes of transubstantiation, which is transformation of the body by means of the desire for `Woman` and to be `woman`s seed`.



 Immortality is simply the knowledge that `woman`s seed` needs to protect itself from its predatory parasite, and in Revelation Jesus in his `Second Coming` protects the `hidden` woman who has given birth to him with an `iron scepter`,  because she is `Woman` and he is `woman`s seed` born originally from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, which suggests that the second mother of the `New Redeemer` is `futanarian` woman with her own penis, and that`s why she`s `hidden`. According to Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour Jesus, which suggests that the `woman`s seed` is protected by his `iron scepter` long enough for it to have learned how to defend itself from the parasitical predator, that is, men, and have longevity or immortality because of its ability to protect itself.



 The god-like ephemerality of the media star or rich personality is the `Hollywood syndrome`. Earthly power confers egoism, which confers the illusion of invulnerability, which is perceived by the ego as feelings of omnipotence that are confused with immortality. In Hollywood women are lauded if they`re an asset to the film studio, which means that, in terms of Egyptian mythology, they correspond to Asset, who is the rememberer, and who gave a new penis to Osiris to resurrect him , which is what memory and desire represent: the remembering of the woman by means of the penis` arousal to what is remembered. When an asset is on set, she`s powerful because of the memories and desires she arouses, but in Egyptian mythology Set is the dismemberer, because the penis of the woman isn`t visible on account of the taboo that prevents knowledge of it from being obviously disseminated to a cinema audience, and that effectively blinds and keeps in ignorance, through censorship and media blackout, `Woman` as a species independent of men. Being on set is the beginning of the liquidation of her as an asset in Hollywood, but liquidation is a term used by the Nazis at the onset of the extermination of `woman`s seed`, that is, her Asset, during WWII (1939-45), where the Jews were `chosen` because you could only be a Jew if you were born from a woman, which effectively means that only women are Jews. Without her Asset `Woman` can`t remember herself, that is, the penis of the `futanarian` woman as independent species is her Asset.

 Gwyneth Paltrow`s character in Iron Man is an `iron maiden` but she doesn`t wear a suit. She represents the Arabian woman in the burkah or abiyah and we see many of them in the movie Iron Man because some of it takes place during the Gulf war (2001-) as the setting for Iron Man`s superheroism. Gwyneth is the assistant, who represents the anima figure in the movie and, although, she represents `Woman` she`s a woman not visibly wearing a burkah or abiyah. The concept of her as an `iron woman` is that of the Arabian woman who looks as if she`s wearing the shoe of an iron maiden, which is designed to crush her spirit and soul so that what appears outside of herself is herself. The role of Iron Man in the Gulf is that of the devourer of woman`s species` art, culture and civilization. She `s being preyed upon by Arabian `Man` as well as Western `Man`, which is what God warns Eve of in the Bible. The `serpent`s seed` has `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed` and it is clever, but she `shall crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` Earth, according to God, and who are we to argue with God?



 Iron Man is the `cuckoo` in the movie. Western portrayals of individual heroes are depictions of a single figure, who is effectively a dictator in terms of the film`s action, and the role of the cowboy is still the central feature of most Hollywood movies. Harrison Ford in Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) as a 1930s American cowboy fighting the Nazis, or as a space cowboy fighting the Empire in Star Wars (1977) doesn`t sit so well as a President of the United States fighting terrorist hijackers in Air Force One in the aftermath of 9/11 because the role of the cowboy is redundant and has been since the 1880s when it appeared as a socio-historical phenomenon because of the USA`s beef economy for a period of approximately ten years. Half a million US soldiers in Iraq, who all perceive themselves to be Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man in the Gulf war, isn`t desirable. But the figure of Iron Man presupposes pederasty and war, and so is the cuckoo, because the action hero is the focus for boys` attention as educable devourers of `Woman` as a species, the planet`s resources, and the art, culture and civilization which manages to struggle out of her womb to become visibly devourable to the `cuckoos` as her parasites.



 If Carrie Fisher were in the role of Indiana or Han Solo from Star Wars, the purpose and function would be comprehensible, because the actress would be interesting for the audience, as the discoverer of the Ark of the Covenant, rather than the ever-elided discovering as the focus of the audience`s attention because pederasty wants to produce more boys like Harrison Ford for whom neither the action nor the things are important save that they present themselves as attractive to other boys. From the point of view of `Woman` as a species, Carrie Fisher as the explorer is desirable for the boys` penis, who are what Harrison Ford is ostensibly appealing to, but also for her own species of `Woman`, who has her own penis, which is a breakthrough in human terms because it permits of the woman without a penis to experience Carrie Fisher as sexually exciting. In the American TV series Heroes (2006-10), Hayden Panettiere has to accept her title is `hero` and not heroine, which means that she`s accredited with a penis symbolically, irrespective of whether she supports the argument or not, and the argument is that the hero is a cowboy.



 Cowboys were exigent as demon-driven cattle drivers for the beef trade and became visible as a socio-cultural phenomenon during the inevitable `range wars` over driving rights, which caused farms to be enclosed within fences that signaled the end of the cowboy lifestyle around 1890. The cowboy is a notorious homosexual icon, because of the displacement of the penis to the gun, as a metaphor for pederasty`s sterile devouring of culture, and the emphasis in Hollywood on the action hero as a role model for boys` penis activity is the reason why Hollywood is described as Babylon, `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth`, because the whore is made to produce pederasty and war as its contagion.



 In the Western movie High Noon (1952) Gary Cooper is made to face a gunman by his wife, Grace Kelly, and the plot was so dull and tedious that the song Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling had to be played as the theme for the film almost constantly throughout the three hour prelude to the gunfight to keep the audience hypnotically focused on the `action`. Even as late as the Vietnam war and the movie Apocalyse Now (1979) the US 7th cavalry were depicted as flying their helicopters into assaults on harmless Vietnamese villagers with Richard Wagner`s Ride Of The Valkyrie blaring from speakers affixed to the side of their `choppers` because of the need for autosuggestion from Wagner`s third opera of the Ring Cycle (1848-74), Die Walküre,, to keep them interested in the boring `action`, which seems to be what pop music is changing into.



 Most girl bands are based on sexual allure, which is useful for a young girl, who needs information about her own species and is concerned about her own sexual awakening, because it helps to know that your own species, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis, finds her sexually normal because she finds herself desirable, from the mirror, and so desires other women too. What is abnormal is that a man should find himself sexually desirable in the mirror, and that`s what the Hollywood action movie represents, with the added displacement factor of the gun as representing homosexuality`s penis and preference for men rather than women. In terms of the Earth, it`s the mirror of homosexual pederasty and war as its contagion.



 The idea that boy bands such as Boyzone (1993-) and Take That (1990-) are sexually alluring to young girls is an aspect of the blinding through conditioning that `Woman` as a species with her own penis is subject to because, in effect, male oriented pop is just the cowboy in different clothes, because it`s for boys who are taught to prefer men, and so bands like The Sweet (1967-) and Kiss (1973-) were very popular because the men wore makeup. The rise of all girl bands like All Saints (1993-),  The Spice Girls (1994-), The Pussy Cat Dolls (1995-), Sugababes (1998-), Girls Aloud (2002-) are `Woman` as a species without her penis visible bands. Elvis Presley was once banned for having a length of hose down his pants where his penis might have been when performing on stage, because it was taboo and he was accused of sexual enticement. The appearance of a woman on stage with a penis down the side of her jeans throbbing suggestively would bring down the walls of Jericho insofar as the `Promised Land` of the human species and women`s liberation was concerned.



 Bands like Boyz II Men (1991-) or The Saturdays (2007-) are gender role reinforcement models, and the reaction to the appearance of the glamorous `futanarian` chanteuse with her own penis would be `tear her eyes out`, which is what 9/11 tells us terrorizing us is for. To prevent us being able to see that `Woman` is an independent species with her own economic and socio-evolutionary bias through `terrorize singers` who reinforce negative stereotypes associated with pederasty and war:


`And now I know what they're saying,

As the drums begin to fade;

And we made our love on wasteland

And through the barricades. Spaundau Ballet (1979-)



 The lament is for pederasty`s virus, which forced the New Romantics of the early 1980s and onwards into reactionary rebelliousness that ultimately only reinforced the status quo, and is what occurred on 9/11 when the United States of America`s George W. Bush  reacted to Osama Ben Ladan`s Afghanistan terrorist group Al Qaeda`s attack on the Twin Towers of New York by declaring war on Iraq to emulate his father, George Bush`s simple police excursion in removing Saddam Hussein and his army after they`d invaded Kuwait in 1990. In sociological terms, 9/11`s World Trade Centre events reestablished `rough trade`, which is a euphemism for pederasty`s exploitation of boys` financiel dependence on richer men, who in the final analysis are their fathers. George W. Bush was simply reestablisging pederasty and war as the United States` family values as a Hollywood cowboy from Babylon, Texas.



 Gwyneth Paltrow`s character in Iron Man is as an iron woman but not an iron maiden, because she doesn`t wear the burkah or abiyah and so represents `Woman` as a species who may not be showing her penis or hiding it, but has rejected the principle of the tormented soul within the iron maiden of the shoe so that her `futanarian` will be seen. Britney Spears as a `small woman` descending inside the giant`s ring at the beginning of the video for her single Oops I Did It Again represents the giant devour ring of men`s sublimated appetite for destruction, while her thumb-size self suggests she can grasp the meaning of the spaceman`s toe, because she`s `tanar` afoot, that is, an active Hungarian `teacher`, who understands that the astronaut isn`t a `futanarian` because men can only grasp their own penis.



 Britney Spears looks small inside her giant`s ring as she descends in Oops I Did It Again, but it symbolizes `Mothering`, which is her role as a `teacher afoot`, that is, a Hungarian `futanar`, which is the woman who has accepted the Holy Spirit/Paraclete and is a teacher of `woman`s seed` as a `futanarian` species with her own penis. Men`s great fear is to be exctinct because the woman will leave them and so there`d be no self-reproduction facility for their parasitism. Although they pay lip service to the notion of God, God specifically says in the Bible that Eve is `woman`s seed` and she `shall crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` Earth, which means that those men who don`t accept that she`s God`s species won`t be going with her because they prefer their own penis, pederasty and war in `perpetual enmity` as the `serpent`s seed` with `woman`s seed`.



 Thumb sucking in infancy is widely greeted with horror by conditioned parent who want their child to grow normally, whereas it`s a substitute for a woman`s milk nipple, and the concept of oral sex with the penis and the mouth of the woman is the reason for the abhorring of the baby`s sucking on its thumb because of the parents` taboo against advertising their adult activity. Because `Woman` is a species with her own penis, oral sex between the species is survivalist. Women in the desert know the things in their environment, and each other`s equipment, which means that milk from the breast and semen from the penis are nutrient survival capacity, and women alone in the desert without men don`t need them because they have their own reproductive cycle. Because of taboos against homosexuality, men would rather kill their camel transport and drink its blood rather than drink semen from each other`s penis, which might seem grotesque but it represents basic male conditioning in falsity. Sexual activity between women is normal, whereas sex between men isn`t normal or desired because they`re parasites and we don`t want them to survive anyway.



 In October 1972 there was an Andes plane crash in which the survivors of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 lived by eating the dead that were preserved in the snow. The rumour was that the homosexuals in the air crash drank each other`s semen, which begs the question: who crashed the aeroplane into the mountain? 9/11 occurred because men wanted to start a war because that`s the contagion of pederasty. Women are a species and so their survival capability is based on sexual instinct, whereas men`s sexual instincts are to crash a plane so that they can have a gay party: `… some equated the act of anthropophagy to the ritual of Holy Communion. Others initially had reservations, though after realizing that it was their only means of staying alive, changed their minds a few days later.`10



 In Britney Spears` Piece Of Me she writes the word `sucker` on the brow of a photographer who is revealed to have a tiny camera inside his shirt, which appears to be a spy camera. Britney`s relations with the paparazzi have been that of a `host` body to a bloodsucking leech, while the concept of thumb-sucking similarly presumes a leech-like relationship between the thumb of the woman who can grasp things intellectually and the leech, who is the bloodsucker that, according to zoologists, doesn`t have an identifiable brain. Psychologically the infant sucking on its thumb represents the child that remembers its species is `Woman` because thumb sucking is as close to grasping the woman`s nipple and her `futanarian` penis as it can express to itself.



In the film  Titanic Rose is painted nude by her lover who is then framed by her jealous ex-lover by planting the diamond in her new lover`s pocket, and he drowns while helping passengers towards the lifeboats. Men are depicted stealing the lifeboats, or throwing the women and children out. Rose drops the diamond pendant into the sea at the future salvaging of the Titanic as a sign of her despair at homosexual pederasty and its contagions of jealousy and vendetta. Her ex-lover becomes homosexual because he`s jilted and so begins the spreading of contagion that results in the death of her new lover.



 Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again appears in her red plastic jump suit and in her white bikini dress as two distinct characters, and so corresponds to Rose Red and Snow White in the Hans Christian Andersen story of the two sisters who are saved by a bear who kills a dwarf that is disturbing their equanimity. The denouement is of the two women living independently, which is what Britney`s spaceman finds on Mars. In fact the dwarf is an irascible teacher and the girls don`t want to be taught. The story is more like a dissident being killed because he knows too much about how the authorities keep women in ignorant blindness about their own species. `Woman` is the God that men don`t want because she`s a species with her own penis, which is `Satan` from their enslaver`s and devourer`s perspective because she wouldn`t allow men to eat her. In Rose Red and Snow White the bear ask the girls: `Snow-white and Rose-red, will you beat your wooer dead?` 



 He says this while the pair of girls are roughhousing with him. But the dwarf is killed by the bear, so the dwarf is the wooer. His irascibility revolves around their helping him out of entanglements by cutting off his beard, which is a metaphor for his age and knowledge. When the dwarf complains that his beard is gone, the bear kills him. At the end of the tale the bear turns into a prince, who says he has been imprisoned by the dwarf in the form of the bear, which fulfils the bear`s curse, `Snow-white and Rose-red, will you beat your wooer dead?` The dwarf is dead because the bear killed him so that, as the prince, it could keep them in ignorance and sloth rather than that they receive an education from the wise beard who would assist them to grow the equivalent of their own beards in independence.



 Britney Spears` spaceman in Oops I Did It Again leaves; walking backwards as if the film is being rewound, so that he can represent her with the gift of the `heart of the ocean`, after again diving to the depths of the sea to recover it from the sunken Titanic. The delusion for the video operator is that they can make the spaceman dive into the ocean depths again to bring Britney Spears the diamond blue pendant from the sunken ship. But the film is designed for an analyst not a `puppet master`. As she descends inside her giant`s ring in Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears` character in her red plastic pilot`s suit is reminiscent of the Supermarionation techniques applied by Gerry Anderson studios in Britain for such `scifi` puppet TV shows as Thunderbirds (1965-6) in which the protagonists` strings can be seen to be being pulled to make them perform the tasks required of the director of the International Rescue team`s efforts.



 The concept of rewind in Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again video single suggests the `puppet master` who can make the spaceman repeat his task endlessly because he has strings. On 1 August 1976 James Hunt pulled Formula 1 motor racing champion Niki Lauda out of a wrecked car during a Grand Prix live on BBC TV and the recording was discussed for several weeks afterwards with very clear colour footage of what transpired. Hunt pulled Lauda from the wreck of the car which caught fire and blew up while the track marshals used fire extinguishers to put out the fire. An ambulance arrived and Hunt went in it with Lauda.



If you watch You Tube on the internet what you get is a vague, confused, obfuscated revision of the actual event, where James Hunt, the following year`s Formula 1 champion, doesn`t figure at all, which suggests that the `puppet masters` can`t alter the scene as it originally happened, because Hunt and Lauda weren`t puppets, but the `puppet masters` can make it look as if they`re pulling the strings, and prevent genuine emulation of heroic acts by suppressing them. Neither Hunt nor Lauda had strings. Lauda`s car went out of control and he was trapped, whereas Hunt had to stop his car and save Lauda, which was human action.  The `puppet masters` want us to understand that human action isn`t what they want, which means that they`re aliens and responsible for such events as the prototypical 1950s alien invasion scenario that was 9/11 because the `puppet masters` don`t want anything else.



 Britney Spears` album Blackout from which `Piece Of Me` was taken represents the dangers of the `cargo cult` where people are made to repeat the steps required to invent such things as telephones because the `puppet masters` have forgotten how to make them. `Piece Of Me` is the notion that there are component parts and that they can be put together if there`s know how, but Blackout suggests that the `puppet masters` want censorship and media blackout so that they can force Britney Spears to record the album again, for example, after recording it on a previous occasion, which makes her a `puppet` of the alien and `cargo cult` its method of enslavement because it`s subhuman and can`t invent such things as the telephone for itself but must have intelligent human inventiveness to practice its parasitism on.



When Britney Spears receives the gift that her spaceman will deliver to her ad infinitum by means of the `magic` of video technology he`s a representative of the human species` subset {men} that is either a slave or an enslaver, which means that`s he`s a slave of pederasty or of `Woman`, who mistakenly believes that pederasty exists to keep her in idleness, and that she won`t be devoured in the `perpetual enmity` of the wars of the `serpent`s seed`, because she`s unable to perceive that making war against her is what her parasite does. As long as the war is being waged in someone else`s nation, `Woman` feels a successful enslaver of aggressive macho males, which she has tacitly agreed to produce as `Babylon, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth`, and that`s `false economy`. Because she`s preparing the devourer of her art, culture and civilization as what she`s taught herself to perceive as her protective slave, whereas it`s her jailor and enslaver for its own purpose of devouring parasitism.

 Britney Spears` references to the Titanic movie and betrayal by a man relate to the notion of `Woman` as a species and her need for a `lifeboat`, which is the `futanarian` woman with her own penis a `woman`s seed`, who has Redemption because she has accepted herself and rejected parasitism and pederasty`s contagion of enslavement for the purposes of war, death, and plague. If a woman has her own penis, the wasting disease of HIV/AIDS corresponds to the `fourth horseman` of the apocalypse of Revelation, `war, plague, famine and death`, where famine is the dearth caused by men`s wasting of women as the devouring parasite that preys on her from its host`s womb, and enslaves her through HIV/AIDS` enforcement of faithfulness in monogamy.

 According to Revelation `woman`s seed` will receive a `new heaven and Earth` and Jesus, as the `New Redeemer` in his `Second Coming`, `shall rule the nations with a scepter of iron` as the `protector` of the `hidden` woman who is taken to a `place of safety` upon `wings of an eagle`, which suggests that `she`s the lifeboat while there`s war in heaven between the `serpent`s seed` and `woman` seed`. Britney Spears hooking of her spaceman and suspending him above her as a camera eye suggests that she`s preparing a `lifeboat` in the sense that she raises her astronaut as a young woman in a red plastic jump suit above herself in a white bikini dress, which is a program for woman`s survival insofar as we are asked to understand that they are separate but not twins, that is, a `futanarian` couple who look identical to emphasize the concept of the replication of `Woman` as a species as her actual reproductive nature.

 God`s program is immortality, which means that birth isn`t the aim, whereas production of art, culture and civilization by immortals is, and that`s what the Bible calls the `heavenly city`, Jerusalem, the golden, and `the bride of the church`. In Eden Eve is told by the serpent `you shall be as gods`, but not immortal, whereas the concept of gods is immortality, which suggests that God`s immortality for the human species requires acceptance of God and that humans aren`t gods. The notion of gods without immortality is what the serpent represents, and that`s encouraging the father to devour the child because the infant prodigy is a threat to the father as god, who isn`t immortal. Consequently, Graeco-Roman and Christian tradition represent gods or god-like figures, that is, Chronos, Saturn, and Satan, devouring, or waiting to devour, children who might replace it.

 The Catholic church`s `transubstantiation program` is of immortality through God, that is, acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `love your neighbor as you love yourself`, because your neighbor is you, which increases the presence of God, and confers immortality through God`s immortal omnipotence, but that requires faith to reject the will to devour, and to reject the devourer`s will. Britney Spears` suspension of her spaceman with the tines of a giant`s fork beside his spacehelmet represents the temptation to devour the `woman`s seed` from which her new apple of wisdom has grown, that is, `futanarian` woman, `the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which is God`s Redemption for humanity, according to Jesus and the New Testament of the Bible: `Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6)

 In Revelation Jesus is the ruler with the iron sceptre who, as the `New Redeemer`, protects the `hidden` woman while there`s war amongst the stars in heaven between the serpent`s seed and hers, because she`s to be the progenitor of her own species. Britney Spears in her red pilot`s suit is Redemption, because she can pilot, and the dragon of Revelation is `read`, that is, it can`t devour the `New Redeemer` who`ll protect the `hidden` woman. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears visibly has the claws of a bear about her on set, and so represents the danger of accepting a prince that will curtail her development, which is what the bear, who turns into a prince, represents in the Hans Christian Anderson tale Snow White and Rose Red, and the claws or teeth of the dragon that can`t devour her. These are the teeth of her hydra, which was sown after the mythological Hercules` gay club had removed the Danaiad women`s defender, the Lemaean hydra, which represents the older and wiser woman who knows that women have their own penis and don`t need men. Britney Spears` hydra`s teeth represent the protection of the `New Redeemer`, that is Jesus in his `Second Coming`, who now has teeth and claws but isn`t a `prince of darkness`, who is blinding and death.

 Britney Spears` first husband was Jason Alexander, and the myth of the teeth of the hydra appears in the movie Jason and the Argonauts, where the hydra`s skeletal teeth emerge from the Earth. It isn`t apparent that the skeletons are men, but the hydra defends the Danaiiads, women imprisoned by men because they wouldn`t marry them. Dana is the name of the singer labeled `the Arabian Britney Spears` in the Middle East at the time of the second Gulf war (2001-), and so was the 21st century type of the Danaiads, who were kept prisoners by men. Beneath her abiyah or burkah when she isn`t performing her songs, Dana`s existent or non-existent penis is nevertheless paradigmatic of a species independent of men, who aim to convince `Woman` they`re her protectors. Saddam Hussein`s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and Al Qaeda`s terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in 2001 revealed this as a sham. Because `Woman` is made to produce the invader, she`s in fact become her own devouring parasite`s meal, as `Babylon, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth`.

 The tale of Snow White and Rose Red could only be satisfactory in terms of its denouement if the girls were the bear and then their prince would be the claws of the bear as Jesus, the protector of her `hidden` development, which the dwarf`s beard represents in the tale. Because of the implied US football metaphor in the `touchdown` of the `Mars lander`, which is how the spaceman is described by `Mission Control` at the beginning of the Oops I Did It Again video, the astronaut is distinguishable by his spacehelmet, which is a more technologically developed form of the US football helmet. Britney Spears is making the one point. which follows a `touchdown` in US football when the ball is played upfield into the opposing team`s `end zone` for six points (TD) that is followed by a symbolic one point kick into a net suspended between two flagpoles.

 Britney Spears` new Chicago Bear was to be President Barack Obama because he`d have the wings of the eagle of the United States of America which protects the `hidden` woman. Britney`s allusion is to `Soldier Field`, which is very cold in the winter and William Perry, `the Refrigerator`, was probably their most famous player, who made a TD on the one yard line during a Superbowl victory for the Bears (1985) because he was too big to stop. Just as the Titanic and the iceberg were too big to avoid each other. In US football a `snap` is setting up the ball to be kicked for the one point, and a cold `snap` is what footballers fear in Chicago because they can`t play so well in the ice and snow, whereas a photographer`s `snap` is a picture. Jesus can`t be stopped, and neither could William Perry, which is what US football is for. The pilot of the Titanic was blamed for not stopping the ship, because he didn`t think the iceberg was a danger. In her red pilot`s suit Britney Spears` ship is her Titanic and her `snap`, in US football terms, is her `take` on the issue, which is Jesus, as the `New Redeemer` in his `Second Coming`, where `taking the snap` is the responsibility of the player analyzing the position of the kicker in relation to the posts and the ball as the kicker prepares to kick between the uprights for the one point. You can protect the `hidden` woman by maintaining photographers` interest in photographing her without her penis. But Britney Spears` ship is unstoppable anyway because she has a better pilot than the Titanic`s, Jesus:


`Jesus, Savior, pilot me

Over life’s tempestuous sea;

Unknown waves before me roll,

Hiding rock and treacherous shoal.

Chart and compass come from Thee;

Jesus, Savior, pilot me.`10


 After Britney Spears` spaceman has taken the snap for her, she`s head over heels in celebration and we see her flying through the air doing somersaults before she lands in front of her spaceman in his spacesuit to receive her gift of the `heart of the ocean`, which is the blue diamond pendant from the salvaged Titanic, according to the video`s logic. She represents the one point that`s been made, which is that the `Sacred Heart` of Jesus is indomitable. and it`s seventh heaven after the Calvary of Jesus` sad departing, because he`ll return to protect the `hidden` woman through the `eagle`s wings` of the United States` 7th cavalry.

 Britney Spears is `Woman` hiding her parts, apart and `hidden` on Mars in her own `apartheid`, which means `separateness` and was the term used to describe the enforced segregation of whites from blacks in South Africa before its democratic overthrow by Nelson Mandela`s African National Congress in 1994. Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again wearing her red pilot`s suit and her white bikini dress indicates how women are forced to accept the segregation of woman without a penis and `futanarian` woman with her penis. The `concentration camps` of nations exploit her `host` wombs, and prosecute international extermination pogroms by means of invasions and terrorist attacks initiating invasions against the art, culture and civilization she manages to develop in each nation where she is held captive. Prevented from seeing herself as a separate species independent of men`s devouring parasitism, she perforce has to secretly disseminate woman`s belief in independence and `Liberty` for her species because, even in that great nation where freedom is constitutionally revered, she is enslaved in blindness and ignorance of her Manifest Destiny as the future of `woman`s seed`: `Woman is the nigger of the world.`11

 The United States of America declared independence from the British Empire in 1776 but `Liberty` was only espoused and never declared. General George C. Custer`s 7th Cavalry died to the last man and so did many of the North American plains` Indians from June 25-26, 1876, at the battle of Little Big Horn, while the British Empire`s men of the thin red line died with their Zulu counterparts in South Africa at Rourke`s Drift (1879) at the beginning of white apartheid, because that`s how men separate themselves from `woman`s seed`.

 The iceberg that sank the Titanic was identified as a `blue berg`, which gives further credence to the giant`s fork beside Britney Spears` spaceman`s helmet in Oops I Did It Again as `cake fork`. Beneath the eye of her spaceman`s camera, in her white bikini dress, because he`s been winched up by her `twin` wearing a red pilot`s suit, Britney Spears is atop the fairy cake as he looks down upon her, where she`s `fog kék` in Hungarian, which is `Bluetooth` but may be understood as `fork ache`, which is the aching of the sweet tooth of the devourer to stab her with its fork. In English `fog` means thick mist, and fog banks on the water obscured perceptions of the giant tooth of the devouring iceberg as the Titanic approached close to midnight while it was endeavouring to set a speed record for the fastest crossing from Liverpool to New York:

 At 11.40 pm on 14 April (ship's time), lookout Frederick Fleet spotted an iceberg immediately ahead of Titanic and alerted the bridge. First Officer William Murdoch ordered the ship to be steered around the obstacle and the engines to be put in reverse, but it was too late; the starboard side of Titanic struck the iceberg, creating a series of holes below the waterline. Five of the ship's watertight compartments were breached. It soon became clear that the ship was doomed, as she could not survive more than four compartments being flooded. Titanic began sinking bow-first, with water spilling from compartment to compartment as her angle in the water became steeper.`12

 The desire to get to New York and make a speed record was equivalent to the aching sweet tooth of a devouring giant, and that was suicidal. Because of the passengers and crew, the aching desire was murderous, but similar to the desire of the suicidal Japanese pilots that attacked the US Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor in 1941 by crashing their Mitsubishi `zero` fighter planes into the US ships, and the Al Qaeda terrorist hijacked suicided passenger planes that crashed into the Twin Towers of Manhattan in 2001 where `Liberty` is espoused in New York`s harbor. According to Revelation the `hidden` woman who gives birth to Jesus, as the `New Redeemer`, is `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, which corresponds to `Liberty` and her victories over the red suns of the Japanese suicide pilots at Pearl harbor and over the terrorist suiciding hijackers of Al Qaeda, whose flag has the moon upon it, at New York harbor.

 Britney Spears is suggesting that the modern age is befogged by what amounts to a demon-driven desire to devour, and that this is tantamount to a desire to be devoured. The United States of America`s decision to invade Iraq after being attacked by what would have been understood as Afghan rebels, because the United States had been supported them since 1979 against the Soviet Russian regime in Kabul, seems both the act of a devourer as well as a suicide, because pederasty`s `killer disease` is war and HIV/AIDS is one of its suicider`s tools. `Bluetooth` means wireless devices and Britney Spears is suggesting that the desire of modernity`s demon-driven consumer is equaivalent to puppets on strings and model aircraft on wires, that is, the demon driver is a devouring destroyer. `Bluetooth` represents the principle of freedom from manipulation by demonic influences that seek to make puppets and evil tools out of people and things.

 Just as `fog` means `tooth` in Hungarian, and corresponds to the tooth of the devourer in the story of the Titanic, so Britney Spears` `twins` are `Ka` and `Ba`, which suggests the car and the bar of modernity, that is, in Egyptian mythology, `Ka` means `spirit` and `Ba` means `personality`. Britney Spears` Mars Barabarella seems to be saying that the car driver is prepared to negotiate the fog to get to the bar and be foggy in their thinking through alcohol, and that`s what the pilot of the Titanic was accused of. In Egyptian mythology `Ka` and `Ba`  are the `magical personality` when conjoined, but Western culture is of the car and the bar where the demon-driven go to drown their sorrows, that is, `Ba` and `Ka`, which are `personality` and `spirit` in Egyptian tradition, are translated in the West as the desire to drown their spirit and personality in alcohol and other poisons, which is suicidal.

 In the Egyptian myth of Osiris, his parts are, placed inside a trunk after his dismemberment by the evil brother, Set, and thrown into the Nile, which is equivalent to loss of spirit and personality, that is, `Ka` and `Ba`, through not being a careful driver but allowing the demon to take possession of the car. In human terms, the development of the personality is preeminent, but the spirit is that which desires to be a person. If the goals of the spirit are chosen for it by a demon then the car will arrive at the bar and the ship of the individuality`s `magical personality`, that is, the `Akht`, in Egyptian mythology, will be sunk. Britney Spears` receiving the `heart of the ocean`, that is, the symbolic blue diamond pendant of Rose from the Titanic movie, corresponds to what the Egyptians called `Ib` and the `Ib` is weighed to see if the hero has the heart to journey onwards, which explains why Britney Spears` spaceman is raised above her. His fate is in the balance as he hangs there suspended with the tines of the giant`s fork visible beside his spacehelmet. If he has the heart to develop the `magic personality` of his `Akht`, Britney`s twins are a `Ka` and `Ba` that won`t suicide. In other words, he represents the man who, if he can accept `Woman` as a species independent of men, can go on with them in humanity.

 In accordance with the Egyptian myth, the heart that the spaceman has brought to Britney Spears, which is Rose`s from the Titanic. must be read to see if Rose can go further. In the myth of Osiris, he is given a new penis by Asset, and is reborn as Horus, the sky god, because he is not `woman`s seed` and so is bound to the Earth, whereas Asset is `Woman` and, according to Revelation, Rose of the Titanic would be for God`s `new heaven and Earth` because she is a woman, and `shall crush the head of the serpent as she leaves`. On Mars in Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears, as `Rose Red` and `Snow White` is saying that she`s through with these skies and is leaving for God, that is, Rose`s heart is read and those who are pure as white snow can go to heaven.

 Britney Spears` guide is the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Virgin Mary`s `Immaculate Conception` was to give birth to `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, which means that Resurrection for `woman`s seed` doesn`t include the memories of men unless they have Redemption. In simple terms, what men remember of women is their image, and women have memories of their own, which doesn`t have to include the image of men, and that`s why men keep them on a low level of technological development, so that they can be the machine operators.

 In Arabia women aren`t even allowed to drive, because men don`t want them to operate machines that would make them obsolete. Men are obsolete if women don`t have to remember them, and God`s promise in Revelation is that `woman`s seed` will receive a `new heaven and Earth` so either advanced technology; in the form of robots, for example, that are better than humans, and so care for humans to give humans the `Liberty` that feminist liberationists have long hoped for, will provide as the best machines can, or  men will tie women to the kitchen sink by limiting the technology available to her in the home. The NASA space program`s lunar module looks like a washing machine, because that`s the level of technology that men feel is sufficient to keep women as slaves in the kitchen, and US President Ronald Reagan`s Strategic Defence Initiative or SDI, which is the ground and space base missile system designed in 1983, seems intended to keep her there – or else.

 Jason Alexander was Britney Spears` first husband, and they were married for 55 days in 2004 when both were 22. Her reference to Hercules` `gay club` defeating the hydra, which is protecting the Daniads who don`t want to marry men is from the Hollywood movie Jason And The Argonauts, but since her first marriage Britney Spears has declared herself bisexual, although not gay, contrary to some reports, which suggests she`s converted to an understanding of her own species as `woman`s seed` through Christianity, despite her shaving her head and, proclaiming herself `the Antichrist`, during a sojourn in a drug rehabilitation centre, losing custody of her children due to the courts` perception of her unfitness as a mother.

 According to Egyptian mythology the house of Hathor is the home of Horus, and Hathor is an aspect of Asset, who is a mother with the horns of a cow, which corresponds to the children`s nursery rhyme of `the cow that jumped over the moon` because `Kau` is the plural of the Egyptian word for spirit, that is, `Ka`, and so Britney Spears` Mars in Oops I Did It Again would be the house of `woman`s seed` because many `Ka` are needed to produce a `Kau` spiritual enough to manage an escape from the Earth through a collective intellectual and creative endeavour that will result in sufficient technological advancement to get `Woman` off the Earth and into the stars despite pederasty and war`s will to prevent her.

 Appearing standing with her astronaut Britney Spears has the red disk of hathor seemingly above her head because of a red planet`s presence there amongst the `scifi` stars in her video Oops I Did It Again. She has the `twin` roles of `Ka` and `Ba` on Mars, where she`s following in the footsteps of Jane Fonda`s space heroine Barbarella as the type of `personality` NASA selection processes described as having the `right stuff` for space travel. But Britney Spears` Mars Barbarella is made of sterner stuff insofar as `woman`s seed` will have the stars and men might not pass God`s selection. `Woman` doesn`t need the parasite men infesting her womb any longer with the hoarse men displaying their virality in the biblical apocalypse by giving her `war, plague, famine and death`. She wants new life and new civilization for her species. The slogan for the sweet toothed is, `A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play,`13 and Britney`s Barbarella isn`t a `s Mars `Ba` for the giant`s fork.


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