The Jesus` Spy

18/05/2015 06:51

The Jesus` Spy


Although Pontius Pilate acceeded to the request of the Jewish Pharisees, that is, the Jewish religious police during the period of the Roman occupation of Palestine, that Jesus be crucified, there are obscure reasons for his condemning the Jewish Messiah to be taken to the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem, and nailed there upon a cross of wood until he died. As the human host at the `Last Supper`, before his crucifixion, Jesus gave `bread and wine` to his disciples as symbols of his `body and blood`, because parasites feed on the body and blood of humans, whereas humans share food together. Although that seems obvious, Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, in fulfilment of God`s promise to Eve, the first woman, `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) The Virgin Mary is often depicted in Christian iconography with her foot on the head of the serpent, because she gave birth to Jesus Christ in fulfilment of God`s promise to Eve. Satan was the angel who rejected God`s plan that the human host would be greater than the angelic host, and Satan was cast out of heaven, along with the rebel angels, to Eden, where he was turned into a serpent who gave Eve `the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) For rejecting God`s `tree of life`, that is, immortality, Eve and the first man, Adam, were expelled from Eden by God, while Adam was told he must labor, and Eve that she`d have labor pain, before Redemption, which was fulfilled in the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Because Jesus was `woman`s seed`, born of the Virgin Mary, he represents the daughter of woman`s future, who is futanarian, that is, God`s `foot`, who has penis` semen of her own as `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen.

 Babylon is `a woman` in the Bible, although the ancient Persian city of Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.) in modern Iraq, and the city of the angels, Los Angeles, is often called Hollywood, Babylon, because it celebrates the fallen angel, Satan. Because futanarian women with their own penis` semen are absent from the mass media, `woman`s seed` has been suppressed so that women`s host wombs can be enslaved by men of the `serpent`s seed` in parasitism. Death is the power that the serpent offers because women who die as ephemerals without knowledge of their own species` `seed` remain host womb slaves to the parasite. In ancient Greece women`s host womb slavery to homosexuality in pederasty was institutionalized to spread the contagion of the male brained Empire of war and conquest. By the late 20th century, the `Greek` contagion of HIV/AIDS, spread by men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses, during mockery of `woman`s seed` in devotion to homosexuality in pederasty and war against women`s human race, had emerged as the `serpent`s seed` of men`s `biological warfare`: `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) By the late 20th century the HIV/AIDS virus was the model for the `geek` successors to the `Greek` plague as computer programers devised viruses to contaminate the storage facilities afforded by machine lest women remember their own penis to sexually reproduce their own brains` powers for liberation from host womb slavery through the technological development of labor saving devices and socio-economic independence from men`s false democracy and liberty in a human democracy in which `woman`s seed` outproduced the wombless males to give women the majority vote:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)


 The whore is woman contaminated by the virus and so all of the men in her orbit are contamination. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), Jung is definite about the function of the man` anima, which is projected onto a woman as the image of a man`s soul in the course of sexual desire. The result is marriage with the `Self` in the shape of the woman, before reality and vision collide in a process Jung calls individuation, and during which the anima or soul stops being projected and receives introjection as the real woman supplants the imaginary in the relationship. However, Jung`s description of the `contrasexual component` in women, that is, the animus, is less defined. According to Jung the animus is discernible as a woman`s belief that she`s surrounded by men who`re hunting her, because she`s a host womb and that`s parasitism.

 In parasitology the parasite emerges from the host womb to kill the host, that is, women`s host womb produced civilization, culture and art, and men wage wars to destroy `woman`s seed`, because that`s what parasites do. As the human host at the `Last Supper`, Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot, his disciple, who gave Jesus over to the Jewish religious police, the Pharisees, for `thirty pieces of silver` as a `dissident`, that is, Judas betrayed `woman`s seed` to the male brained Empire of conquest through war that was Rome, which is why he was labeled a traitor to the human race, although Pontius Pilate still had to condemn Jesus, which the bloodthirsty crowd demanded:


`His blood be on us and on our children.` (Matt: 27. 25)



 In Christianity Jesus` blood is a symbol of Salvation and Redemption, because he had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven after death, that is, those who conspired to murder Jesus wouldn`t have Salvation, because they hadn`t repented and converted from their sinful nature in order to have Redemption whereas, as `woman`s seed`, Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures that of futanarian human women with their own penis` semen for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers for liberation from host womb enslavement to men of the `serpent`s seed`. The Jews were the `chosen people` of the Bible because they were God`s `foot`, that is, the futanarian human seed of women that escaped slavery in Egypt, and thereby crushed the head of the serpent there. It isn`t possible to be born a Jew unless born of a woman, and so women are Jews because they`re futanarian `woman`s seed`, as Jesus was. Consequently, Chancellor Adolf Hitler`s National Socialist (Nazi) Party`s pogroms against the Jews, from their election in Germany in 1933, until the war to stop Nazism`s attempt to enslave the Earth, as yet another Empire of male brained homosexuality in pederasty and conquest concluded in 1945, was as typically Christian as the male braining of a generation of Moslem women in `rape camps` during the Bosnian war (1992-95) by Christian Serbs. Although Christians perceive Jews as redeemable because of their biblical status as the `chosen people`, Moslems are the `seed` of Abraham too. In fact the story of Abraham in the Bible is that his wife, Sara, bore Isaac, who was of the line of Judaism, but afterwards Sara was barren, and so she gave Abraham Hajer, her maid, who bore Ishmael, who was of the line that founded Islam. Each year the annual `Haj` pilgrimage to the temple of Abraham, built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, celebrates Hajer, the Egyptian woman, who broke the taboo against polygamy and so afforded the possibility of human sexual reproduction between women within the permissible four wife Moslem marriages of Islam.

 From a truly Christian perspective that means Egyptians are redeemable, because Islam is more Christian than the Jews that escaped from slavery in Egypt, while the crossing of the Jews through the Red Sea pursued by the Egyptian Pharaoh during the Jews` exodus from slavery in Egypt is a symbol of the menstruation of `woman`s seed`. The `blood of Jesus` is menstrual, because Jesus` death, as `woman`s seed`, born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, followed by Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension, prefigures that of `woman`s seed`, through the fertilization of their ovum by their own futanarian penis` semen for the production of their own brains` powers for liberation from host womb slavery in parasitism, which is what Moslem marriages in Islam are.

 There`s a connection between `woman`s seed` and the misogynist Taliban government of Kabul and Afghanistan`s Al Qaeda terrorist group`s hijacking civil airliners on September 11, 2001, to crash them into the World Trade Centre in New York and `woman`s seed`. The euphemism for `brutality and violence` associated with homosexuality in pederasty is `trade`. Consequently, Al Qaeda intended to provoke war. When Saddam Hussein of Iraq, which was where the ancient city of Babylon was, offered bases to Al Qaeda, the United States of America`s invasion in March 2003 was in accordance with the programing of the world`s stage by Hollywood, Babylon, which had forbade women`s `foot`, that is, her futanarian penis` semen, from being seen on the screen of movie theaters, at least since President Will Hays of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) imposed the `Hays code` (1930-67) forbidding women from raising their foot from the floor of the bedroom in films on `moral grounds`. Without women`s penis men of the `serpent`s seed` could focus on the extinction of her human race by glorifying war heroism, for example, Jarhead (2005), about the US army`s deposing of  Iraq`s dictator, Saddam Hussein. Although Christianity, Judaism, and Islam seems unrelated, they`re the story of `woman`s seed`, which means that Babylon in the East and in the West conspired to produce another movie war for homosexuality in pederasty to glorify itself in as the `serpent`s seed` of men against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as humans live in slavery and ignorance through parasitism for war, and can`t recognize the simple elements of God`s plan for the future, because Satanism has occluded humanity from being able to see what is true.

 Although `spying` is a pejorative usually applied to treachery of the type of Judas, humans have eyes to see and blinding is the method applied by the `serpent`s seed` of men to prevent `woman`s seed` from seeing. In fascist Italy and Germany the fasces were a bundle of sticks with an axe in the center symbolizing the ancient Roman practice of concealing the army commander from view while strategy was conceived. However, in Nazism the fasces was a symbol of the barbed wire around the `concentration camp` where Jews and others were concentrated prior to the Nazis killing them and burning them in ovens, while the axe symbolized the removal of the woman`s penis and so the beheading of her human race. Consequently, women are spies from men`s point of view, but then so is anyone who wants to remember `woman`s seed`, or understand the virus in order to rid the human species of it:


`She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.` (Rev: 17. 4)



 What women see in their environment are the results of the virus` parasitism, although `Babylon` represents men and women`s acceptance of their role, which Saddam Hussein did, whose name means `crusher` and `small handsome man`, and Hollywood, Babylon, does. As Eastern Babylon, Saddam Hussein was either the `crusher` of the head of the serpent, that is, Hollywood, Babylon`s, where Western Babylon had already crushed woman`s head by removing her penis, or Hollywood`s `small handsome man` crushing the head of the woman in Moslem Islam lest she raise her futanarian `foot` from the floor of the bedroom to the planets and stars through her own sexually reproduced intelligence outside of host womb parasitism for slavery to war and species` extinction:


I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17.`1


 Blackout was the title of Britney Spears` 2007 album, which saw the release of the song, `Piece Of Me`, promoted with a picture of herself on the cover in the place of Jesus crucified. The association with the `pieces of silver`, accepted by Judas for betraying Jesus, relates to the silver CD, which was the media most evident in the sales of the song and video. The title of the album related to occlusion and media `blackout` on `woman`s seed` as well as the blinding of women so that they can`t know their own species` mode of sexual reproduction. Consequently Britney Spears` lyrics to `Piece Of Me` emphasize men`s devouring nature as the human race`s torturer:


`Don't matter if I step on the scene, 

or sneak away to the Philippines.

They're still gonna put pictures of my derriere in the magazine;

you want a piece of me?`


 The United States of America`s war with the Philippines (1899-1902) followed from the Spanish-American war (1898), because the Philippines didn`t want to be an American Imperial possession and, during the war against Imperial Japanese fascism in the Pacific theater, the Philippines was occupied from May 8, 1942, before being liberated by the United States on August 15, 1945, which although indicative of the United States move away from Imperialism didn`t move far enough in the direction indicated by woman`s statue of `Liberty` in New York harbor, donated by the French Republic in 1886 to acknowledge the Republic of the United States` throwing off the yoke of slavery to British Imperialism in 1776. Britney Spears` derriere is the French statue of Liberty`s, devoured in the male brained Empire by men of the `serpent`s seed` in homosexuality and pederasty`s wars of host womb enslavement of `woman`s seed`:


`Oh baby, baby, does she take a piece of lime? For the drink that I'mma buy her, do you know just what she likes?`2



 Britney`s lyrical phrase, `I`mma buy her`, is a reference to `a buyer` as well as `abiyah`, that is, the slaving of the women who wear the one-piece coverall, the abiyah, that is, the Moslem women of Islam, by those who buy her. Britney`s lyric for the song, `If U Seek Amy` (2009), from the album, Circus (2008), refers to limes aboard slave ships during voyages for the vitamin `C` content to prevent `scurvy`, that is, death from hemorrhage, which occurred before travelers knew, and so is a part of Britney Spears` `blackout` and `spy` theme, because `circus` is a euphemism for spy rings. Although `If U Seek Amy` has been interpreted as F*U*C*K me, the statue of Liberty`s voyage to the United States without vitamin `C` is a reference to the slavers of Europe that bought their black captives the drink beneath their dress, that is, the ocean, rather than the drink beneath her dress, which is her penis` semen, because men don`t want futanarian humanity that wants itself, and so the futanarian women were thrown over the side of the ship into the sea to drown, as newborn Chinese futanarian girls are exposed to die, because they represent a threat to men`s enslaving of the host wombs of women`s human species. Although the American Civil war (1861-65) is believed to have been fought to end the slaving of blacks captured in Africa in the Southern United States` cotton plantations, the voluminous skirts of the antebellum, and other periods in human history, for example, those of the French aristocracy beheaded during the Revolution (1789-1799) against autocracy, and which resulted in the founding of the French Republic, suggest that that and all other wars are similar to America`s involvement in Arabia, where the futanarian women beneath the abiyah, that is, their burkas, were the true victims.



 According to Jung, water is a symbol of unconsciousness, which contains the archetypes of the - to be conscious - totality of the individuated `Self`. Archetypal imagery emerges from the unconscious in dreams, imagination and art, but the archetype of futanarian `woman`s seed` can`t emerge in reality if she`s drowned in the ocean of unconsciousness by the slaver`s drowning of her so she`ll be forever unremembered by `the ocean` of humanity that doesn`t want her, if her penis` `seed` isn`t revealed:


 `I can't get her off of my brain. I just wanna go, to the party she gon' go. Can't somebody take me home?`


 Britney Spears` `piece of lime` is the mnemonic she uses to remember women`s penis, that is, `Piece Of Me` is Judas` betrayal, but F*U*C*K me is the meaning of the statue of `Liberty` wrapped in her abiyah, for Britney`s `woman`s seed` is desperate  to escape from host womb slavery to men`s devouring parasitism, so she needs `Amy`, that is, `ami`, her French `friend`.



 Jesus was crucified for spying on the Roman Empire as an agent provocateur representing `woman`s seed`, which is why he`s depicted in Christian iconography as the Redeemer from slavery. At his trial Pontius Pilot wanted to release the Jewish Messiah but the crowd wanted the release of the insurrectionist, Barabbas, who was in reality less of a threat to male brained Imperialism than Jesus Christ, whose wise teaching for `woman`s seed` was, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Because futanarian women represented freedom for the human brain from the Roman Empire of parasitism through sexual reproduction, and the genuine numerical democratic superiority of `woman`s seed` over wombless males, the treacherous disciple, Judas, that betrayed the human host, in the person of Jesus at the `Last Supper`, didn`t want it.



 `Circus` was the name given to the practice of throwing Christians to the lions in Rome`s amphitheaters, where crowds were used to watching men fight and die for their entertainment, whereas in the late 20th century `circus` was the term for spy rings, which killed those who wanted to know. Although Woodward and Bernstein were the investigative Washington Post journalists congratulated for exposing the Republican Party`s spying on the Democrats at the Watergate Hotel on June 17, 1972, they were spying too, because people have eyes and they want to see. Consequently, those who don`t want others to see want people to fight to see, which is why `circus` means `games`. The Roman games in the circuses of the amphitheaters were where people who wanted to see died for the entertainment of those who could see. Similarly, those who can`t understand die for the entertainment of those who can, and so Britney Spears` metaphor with her Circus album is the training of animals who can`t understand and so die for the entertainment of the crowd, which is why Christians were thrown to the lions, because Jesus was `woman`s seed` and so a spy to the male brained Empire of the Romans who didn`t want Christians to see that:


`There's only two types of people in the world;

The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe.`3



The irony of course is that the subhuman watch the humans, which means that Jesus is an animal trainer to the Roman church of Christianity that arose after Jesus` teaching began to spread as the New Testament of the Bible, known as the Gospels, because of the corroborative narratives of the disciples, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which detail the life and work of Jesus. In terms of the `games` Jesus is a `circus` spy in a `snuff movie`, that is, he`s killed for the entertainment of the crowd, `His blood be on us and on our children.` (Matt: 27. 25) Consequently, the animals are trained to watch `snuff`, which is what Hollywood, Babylon, prepared the Earth for with its war films, and which reached apotheosis with September 11, 2001, when the hijacked planes crashed into the WTC `live on CNN` and other networked news television channels across the globe. `TV` is a term for transvestite and, in the male brained Empire of Rome, everyone is a man wearing women`s clothes, as it were, and so the Hollywood, Babylon movie, World Trade Center (2006), is a `circus` animal production for the `snuff movie` audience trained to watch degenerate humanity degenerate further in `TV` repeats of the ancient theme of homosexuality in pederasty and war against `woman`s seed` on the part of the parasites seeking the extinction of the human species as it emerges from her host womb.

 In Islam, Jesus has Ascension to heaven, without crucifixion, because he`s illustrative of the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` that `Islam`, which means `accept`, accepts, rather than the animal training that causes subhuman degeneration in the watching of torture and death, which Hollywood, Babylon, promotes in its many versions of the story of Jesus` life, from Robert Henderson-Bland`s Jesus in From The Manger To The Cross (1912), to Australian actor, Mel Gibson`s The Passion Of The Christ (2004), Jesus` crucifixion is presented as orgasmic, rather than tragic, because the filmmaker wants the audience trained to watch death as entertainment for brutes:


`This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.` (Rev: 13. 18)



 In the male brained Empire of Rome, 66.6% are TVs and 33.3% are missing, because the 33.3% are the human futanarian `seed` of women that would replace `the beast` with the 100% human. Without a remake of Max von Sydow`s Jesus in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), it`s only a testament to the censorship Hollywood, Babylon, imposes upon `woman`s seed` that `the beast` will rule as the humans die for the entertainment of the `snuff movie` watchers of its extinction:


`La la la, la la, la la la, la la la, la la, la la la, la la la, la la, la la la, la la la, la la, la la la.`



 In the video for `If U Seek Amy`, that is, `a friend`, Britney Spears is at a party, which seems `Ooh la la!` However, although seemingly French and adult, it`s for children, and so the playground refrain is childlike, although the lyrical device in pop music culture isn`t unsophisticated. Led Zeppelin`s song, `The Ocean`, from the album, Houses Of The Holy (1973), is about the crowd, and begins with the refrain, `Na nana na na na na na na na na na na na na.` The idea is that the crowd won`t let go, `Got no time to pack my bag, my foot`s outside the door.`5 Because futanarians are the human race of God`s `foot`, for crushing the `head of the serpent`, through the sexual reproduction between women for their stronger brains, `The Ocean` is about escape from the mass of men that want to keep the human race of Jesus` `seed` as their host womb slaves in parasitism. Britney Spears` party in `If U Seek Amy` is for children, rather than the mass of men, because the futanarian picture of women with their own penis, that is, Britney`s `ami`, is hidden from the audience, although Britney Spears` suggestive hand gestures to those she`s seated with at the party hint of what might also be expected from the girls` part:


`So tell me if you see her.

Let me know what she was wearing and what she was like;

`Cause I have been waiting here forever.`


 Outside on the lawn with the regulation compliment of Hollywood, Babylon, movie children, a boy and girl, and a husband, she`s `nice as pie`, because Britney`s `nicer spy`, although she carries `mom`s apple pie` out to where the paparazzi get some shots off at her, `You wanna piece of me?` Symbolically, it`s Jesus` pie, because `she`s a spy`, like everyone else in occlusion, blinded by the flashbulbs, and the mass media propaganda masquerading as Christian `morality`.  While `woman`s seed` is shot by the Nazis, as they shot British commandos as `spies`, during Germany`s attempt to impose slavery upon Europe in World War II (1939-45), it mustn`t be seen that her penis has produced all of those spies:


`But can't you see what I see.

All of the boys and all of the girls

are begging to ...`



 In the Empire of the male brain, what they want is to kill the woman, `You wanna piece of me?` Because that`s what all those spies are for. No one can see the woman`s penis, because of the propaganda of the publishing industry`s blinding media flashbulbs, although humans would like to. Britney continued the French, `ami`, theme with the song, `Ooh La La`, recorded for the children`s movie, Smurfs 2 (2013), and much of the promotional video for the song features a blue girl Smurf serenaded on Spears` outstretched hand.`... baby come with me and be my ooh la la.`4 The Smurfs appeared on October 23, 1958, in Spirou magazine, while `Smurfette` was the first girl Smurf and, like all the others, wears the pileus of manumitted Roman slaves. Although the video seems for children, and Britney`s sons appear in the video, Sean and Jayden, the theme again is French liberty and adult freedom, where the pileus was known as the `Liberty cap`, and although Britney Spears` serenading of the girl Smurf isn`t an overtly sexual broadcast by a futanarian human woman, she`s publically described herself as `bisexual` in a milieu in which social conditioning for women is schizophrenia for her species, and difficult to transcend.

The Smurf cap is usually described as `Phrygian` because similar headgear was worn in Phrygia, which is probably why Britney Spears wanted to sing with the Smurfs. The Phrygians fought at Troy with the Trojans, whose city was overcome by the Greeks, according to the Greek poet Homer`s Iliad (760-10 B.C.), who used the ruse of a huge hollow wooden horse to hide inside until the Trojans took the horse within the city walls where the Greeks emerged to enslave the host wombs of the women for homosexuality in pederasty and war and spread their contagion further. Spears` album was eponymously titled Britney Jean (2013), that is, Phrygian could be interpreted as `free Jean`, where Britney corresponds to Helen of Troy, whose abduction by the Trojan Prince Paris from Menelaus of Sparta was the ostensible reason for the Trojan war, because his brother, Sparta`s king Agamemnon, sent the Greek fleet to take her home. Britney`s French `ami` was Paris Hilton during her divorce from Kevine Federline, the father of her two sons, who appear in the `Ooh La La` video promo for the Smurf 2 film. During the divorce Paris was the hand on the hilt on her sword for Britney Spears, whose `Ooh La La` video was Phrygean because the album, Britney Jean, was soon released:


`Party in France? You better work bitch.`6


  Britney and Paris` relationship represent the 21st century`s Helen of Troy and Paris fighting against homosexuality in pederasty and war`s parasitism.Without seeing a penis in their own mirror, women are conditioned to accept men`s parasitism, while accusations of `lesbianism` make women schizophrenically rejective of their own race by racism, and that`s what racism perpetrated by aliens is. Human `spy sexuality` is normal for a species enslaved by aliens that do not want humans to sexually reproduce and so occlude the human race from knowledge of its own penis` semen. Consequently, `woman`s seed` must work to succeed rather than have their `seed` suckered by vampires in parasitism, and so in the video for `Piece Of Me` she writes `SUCKER` on the forehead of a paparazzi with a `spy camera` exposed beneath his shirt:


`What she saw in the mirror now was a flushed, clear-eyed face, smiling, smooth, beautiful. The multiple acts of composure and artifice had merely dissolved her anxieties; now that she felt prepared to meet the day, her true beauty emerged which had been frayed and marred by anxiety.`7



 AnaΪs Nin`s passage from A Spy In The House Of Love (1954) applies to Britney Spears` dancers preparing themselves in the mirror during the promo video for `Piece Of Me`, because men are vampire spies, where vampires can`t traditionally be seen in the mirror, while women are futanarians, who can`t see themselves in the mirror, because men want to have a stake in their heart`s future too. Britney Spears is perforce `spy sexual` and a secret leader of the human resistance movement in her song lyrics and video oeuvre, as Jesus was a resistance leader equal in importance to Barabbas, though unacknowledged by the mass of people, who wanted the more obvious Jewish insurrectionist freed, rather than the Messiah. In a male brained Empire, based on host womb slavery in homosexuality and pederasty`s wars to extinguish human women`s own futanarian semen for the fertilization of their own ovum without men of the `serpent`s seed` in Satanism, Jesus was, `Mon ami!`



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