What Walks On Three Legs In The Evening?

14/09/2013 08:21

What Walks On Three Legs In The Evening?


In the story of Oedipus, as conceived by the Greek dramatist, Sophocles, in his play Oedipus Rex (c. 429 BC), Oedipus encounters the Sphinx outside the city of Thebes in Egypt, where his mother, Jocasta, awaits unbeknownst to Oedipus after he has killed his father unknowingly, and the Sphinx asks Oedipus to solve her `riddle`:


`What goes on all fours in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?`



 Oedipus consults a seer, who tells him the answer is `Man` because, as an infant man crawls, whereas an adult walks, and in old age needs a stick to help. The drama is about Oedipus` inability to see, so the stick is a blind man`s cane, which relates to the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Cain kills Abel because he is able. Abel can cook while Cain is a picker (of fruit). Abel represents development and Cain is the killer of development because he doesn`t want Abel to see that Cain develops Abel for his inventiveness and then kills him when Cain is ready to pick and choose from Abel`s developed civilizational, cultural and artistic product, which is what happens with the fuit of woman`s womb and that`s why she`s enslaved by Cain, who doesn`t want her to see. The third leg in the evening is Cain, because he`s Oedipus` shadow following him to pick off the fruits of his endeavours by killing him.



 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the shadow is perceivable by means of what Jung calls the `projection making factor`, which is the perception of the individual that he doesn`t like someone for no discernible reason. Jung explains that the shadow is an aspect of the personal unconscious that isn`t consciously recognized and integrated into consciousness during the process he calls individuation or the growth of individuality. The creative and inventive individual is `individuated` because he`s able but shadow-recognition and integration is the awareness of Cain, that is, `Man` is an endangered animal because men don`t want him to succeed and so are the `collective shadow` of Jungian psychology preventing human development so they can pick off the inventor and enjoy the fruits of his invention and inventiveness, which is a short-sighted approach to technological advancement that will result in the blindness of the human species as it descends perforce back into the trees:


`Upon the belly thou shalt go.` (Gen: 3. 14)



 Adam and Eve were tempted by the serpent in Eden to eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, because the serpent represents the temptation to kill the human species and live off the fruits of its development before it can reach the point at which it can`t be stopped. God tells Eve she`ll have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` before she `will crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` (Gen: 3. 15) for the `new heaven and Earth` promised her by God who calls Eve `woman`s seed` because `futanarian` women have a penis of their own and so semen or `seed`. Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, because he wasn`t `serpent`s seed`, but the `first of woman`s seed`. Jesus` teachings are of the host because women are the host wombs of human civilization, culture and art, whereas men enslave her in devourment, which are the wars of `perpetual enmity` God warns her about:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 In Sophocles` drama, Oedipus kills his father, Laius, in a bout of anger after he encounters him upon the road, which led many commentators to suggests Laius` was the spirit of the play because he`d represent the man who didn`t want the woman, Jocasta, to be seen by any other man after his death. Before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven after being crucified as a dissident within the Roman Empire, Jesus` teaching was `love your neighbour as you love yourself`, because you are your neighbour, that is, the `woman`s seed`, while the perceptions of the superior man who has accepted the teachings of Jesus are that inferiors want to enslave the woman`s host womb, and that`s the rational explanation for the unrecognized and unintegrated shadow of the man who can`t understand why he perceives others as evil without apparent cause. The blinding man is inferior and doesn`t want the superior man to see that man and woman are enslaved in death by murder by their `serpent`s seed` inferiors.



 Laius is King of Thebes before his murder, and Jesus was mockingly proclaimed `King of the Jews` before his. Thebes contained civilization, culture and art, which Oedipus received after Laius` death by marrying his mother, Jocasta, because he was the `cheat in the game` and was vouchsafed the answer `Man` to the Sphinx`s `riddle` by fiat. Upon discovering he`d married his mother, Oedipus succumbed to men`s taboo against incest and blinded himself because the spirit of the drama was Laius` and he didn`t want Oedipus to see the fruits of the womb of civilization, culture and art, that is, the city of Thebes, as a `cheat`. Jesus` teachings were of seeing and so the `serpent`s seed` killed him because they didn`t want him to see either.



 After Oedipus` self-blinding, his daughter Antigone was his guide because, in the second level of the `game`, she was the `cheat`. The `game` is about seeing but Oedipus and Jocasta represent a `game level` that`s pre-futanarian `woman`s seed`, because woman is a single biune species with her own penis` seed, and capacity to breed her own brains so that she can see for herself, without a parasite emerging from her host womb to enslave and devour her in its wars of `perpetual enmity` against her `seed`. Because woman is single she doesn`t need a man at all, who`s the `cheat` within the `game` of monogamy as a vehicle for her enslavement and devouring by her parasite during its plan for her species` death through blindness.



 The serpent is the misogynist who doesn`t want the woman to have brains through her own breeding of herself as a species with her own futanarian penis` seed. The `serpent`s seed` are the women who are brainless because they`re bred by the serpent and not themselves. Their brains are maled. In feminism `political correctness` is that homosexuals are equal to women and lesbians, whereas lesbianism is the natural expression of the desire of the biune species of `futanarian` woman with her own penis` seed to breed herself. In ancient Greece women`s host wombs were ensalved in institutionalized pederasty for the furtherance of war and slavery of more host wombs, which is what men are for. They are homosexuals.



 By the late 20th century the enslaving `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS was keeping women in fear and faithfulness to monogamous enslavement as homosexuality`s `biological weapon`, created in their anuses during sterile penile masturabtions together in rejection of women. Evolving into the computer virus, created by  the `geeks`, HIV/AIDS had become the 21st century`s paradigm for `feigning friendship` for the host in order to kill, which is what the Al Qaeda plane hijacking terrorists did before crashing civil airliners into the World Trade Centre of New York to spreading their contagion of `rough trade`, that is, homosexuality`s `brutality and violence`, further.



 In the United States Glee (2009-) was one of the more successful situation comedies of the early 21st century and derived its title from the `Glee Club`, singers of short songs. The first `glees` were to be heard at Harrow school, England, from 1787. Glee was host to Britney Spears as a guest star, which is relevant to the 21st century theme of host and parasite, because those who mock `woman`s seed` are definable as `gleek` because of the `Glee Club`. United States` Navy Seal Team Six`s killing of Al Qaeda leader, Osama Ben Ladan, on May 2 2011, was greeted with glee in some places. But Navy seals have a more than pejorative relationship with the `Great Seal` of the United States` eagle:


`... the woman will be given the wings of a great eagle. She will fly away to a place prepared for her.` (Rev: 12. 6)



 The seals are for the hymen of the `woman`s seed` but `seal clubbing` is a biannual event in the perceived need for `seal culling`, that is, the killing by men of what they view as an over numerous aquatic mammal, the seal, which takes place in Newfoundland, Northern Canada, Namibia and elsewhere, and suggests that Navy Seal `clubbing` has a more corrupt meaning amongst slavers.



`Glee Club` is a corruption if it means the murder of the seed of woman ridiculed in situation comedies like Glee through Britney Spears` songs for their audience of fans who actually call themselves `gleeks`  as a term derived from `Greek` and `geek`, where the original meaning of `geek` was a sideshow freak at the funfair who ate the heads of chickens. For the Japanese, it`d be all `gleek` to them, because the joke amongst English speakers has always been that they pronounce `l` as `r` and vice versa, and so `greek` is the spreading of the `gleek` virus of pederasty and war by means of the computer `geek`, who is a virus that believes in enslaving and devouring the brains of women to plague aims:


`...  the young audience `basically witnessed an endorsement of narcotics abuse, [and] public masturbation ... `1



 Glee Club member, cheerleader Brittany, experiences a nitrous-oxide induced dream-fantasy during her dental appointment in which she recreates various iconic Britney Spears moments during renditions of `I’m A Slave 4 U` (2001)  and  `Oops I Did It Again` (2000). Brittany emerges convinced of her own Britney-ness, brimming with confidence, sexiness, and bravado. Soon the glee-clubbers are visiting the dentist for self-empowering nitrous-oxide trips. The numbers showcase plenty of girl-girl bumping and grinding. Even prudish, prissy Rachel Berry turns heads in her `... Baby One More Time` (2000) naughty schoolgirl outfit and the high school sports` coach Sue discovers Jacob masturbating in the library, lecturing him in her office while he sits in a chair in front of her, completely naked:


`Britney is a genius pop-culture provocateur and a gateway drug to every out-of-control impulse ever created. This school is a powder keg of sexual deviance ...`



 Japanese Karaoke is a `gleek club` whereas Britney Spears is a unique pop star.  Any number of women can sing `3` (2009) in `glee`, that is, in Karaoke without brains, which had been enslaved and devoured by the `geeks` by 9/11 2001. Arabians betrayed their host to crash planes into the World Trade Centre and reestablish `rough trade`, that is, World War II (1939-45) Japanese homosexual `brutality and violence` in the `concentration camp` of Earth`s technological meltdown. Crashing the US` defense system might have been a Japanese `computer geek` virus program. Perceiving humanity`s brains were women`s, Japanese computer  `geeks` replaced hers with maled brains to launch another sneak attack on `Liberty` in New York harbor and laugh like `gleeks` as the US` defenders in ran around like headless chickens, because they didn`t have the brains of women.  In Glee club members performed `Toxic` (2004) at homecoming, while an overweight girl yells:


 `Mister Shu! Let me be your Britney! I want your baby!`



 The Japanese are known for binding the foot of a woman so that she can`t walk in her shoe, because it`s a metaphor for Japanese enslavement of the `futanarian` woman`s penis` `seed` in the `concentration camp` for her maled brains` development in pederasty and plague aims, which is what 9/11 was.  The girl who wants Britney`s `futanarian` penis out of her shoe is a `gleek` scriptwriter laughing with the Japanese foot binders.



 According to Revelation `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour. The sun is the red flag of Imperial Japan which sneakily attacked the US` Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor in 1941 to repcipitate global conflict, while the yellow moon is the flag of Al Qaeda, and the Japanese are known as the `yellow peril`, which means that `Liberty` in New York harbor represents victory over Japanese misogyny, that is, a nation where they even bind the feet of the women to deform and prevent their even walking to remind the `futanarian` of her captivity:


`1, 2, 3 Peter, Paul, and Mary. Gettin' down with 3P. Everybody loves me. Count em.`



 Peter, Paul and Mary were the English `Glee Club` trio most famous for the song, `Puff The Magic Dragon` (1963), which was interpreted as an allusion to the drug heroine, smoked or injected by needle and syringe. In the vernacular a `puff` is a euphemism for a homosexual who `smokes`. Whereas a heroine is a female who says `no` to `smoking`, because it`s a euphemism for `gunsmoke`, that is, the murder of those women who say `no` to enslaving homosexuality`s devouring pederasty for war, and so sharing needles as those addicted to `smoking` heroine is productive of the `biological weapon` of homosexuality`s `killer disease`, HIV/AIDS, that is, a `smoking related illness`.



 In Revelation it is written `let he that has wisdom have understanding; the number of the beast is the number of a man,` and Britney Spears` single is a warning of `Puff The Magic Dragon`, that is, `the beast`, because the `futanarian` species of `woman`s seed` with her own penis to reproduce her own brains independently of men is fulfilment of God`s biblical exhortation:


`Be fruitful and multiply.`



 In Revelation `the beast` is the `red dragon` waiting `in vain` to `devour` while the `woman` is giving birth, because women are numbers to men while they`re brain power to themselves as a single species. The `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of  Revelation is the enslaving and devouring `killer disease` of homosexuality`s HIV/AIDS because it`s produced by pederasty`s rejection of women in preference for mixing blood, shit and semen together by men during the sterility and life-prohibiting of their anal sex together:


`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 The annotative `3P` from Britney Spears` song `3` means `pedigree, progeny and performance` in animal breeding, and unless women breed themselves with their own biune species as `futanarian` woman with her own penis` seed, she`s being bred with an animal that only wants numbers and not brains, because it`s a `beast` that wants the flesh for its host womb as the enslaving and devouring parasite of `woman`s seed` in its wars of `perpetual enmity` in remorseless wastefulness of the Earth`s resources that could give provide woman with the technological impetus to escape form her tormentors.



 The name Oedipus means `swollen foot` because his excuse for not wanting to see Jocasta is `lame`. Men don`t want women to breed as `futanarian` because that`d make them socio-economically independent. As a single species all sexual reproduction between women is incest, which Oedipus is on the verge of realizing when Jocasta tells him that she doesn`rt care that he`s her son, but men`s taboo against incest, that is, women reproducing with themselves as a single biune `futanarian` species with her own penis` seed, is too strong for Oedipus, beleaguered by the spirit of his murdered father, Laius, and he succumbs to what men want for those who`re close to penetrating through the occlusion and censorship to the truth, and he blinds himself.

 Antigone`s role is of the woman who can see but she`s handicapped by her feelings of sentimentality towards her father, Oedipus, who is himself blinded by the spirit of his murdered father in the form of the `collective shadow` and its prohibition against incest, because recognition of the meaning of the prohibition against incest would free women to be a single reproductive species. Oedipus is `Man` from the Sphinx`s point of view because men kill the able to have the fruits of their labours, which means that Oedipus has the `mark of Cain`, which is the cane he must walk with as a blind murderer and, in Sophocles` drama Oedipus Rex, Antigone is now become the spirit of Cain`s target, Abel. Unless she`s able to escape from Oedipus, who walks with a cane because he is Cain and will prevent the woman from seeing herself as a self-reproducing biune `futanarian` species because that`s why those with the `mark of Cain` have it.

 Neither `futanarian` woman nor woman per se is ridiculable by `gleek` dramatists. In Jungian psychology shadow-inflation is the egoism that occurs when the individual perceives itself superior when it isn`t, which is what happens when men worship their penis as God. Oedipus` name means `swollen foot` because he`s unable to see that his penis is but an aspect of `futanarian` woman`s, while what we think of erroneously as the human male has appropriated it parasitically after somehow managing to inhabit woman`s host womb.

 According to Jung each person has an inferior function associated with the shadow and the most important is the `Sensation` function because it`s related to vision, that is, the eyes, and the individual can`t live without being able to see. The other functions are `Thinking`, `Feeling` and `Intuition` and the individuated individual has all four functions differentiated or actualized because they represent the intellectual and spiritual development of eyes, ears, taste (mouth), and smell (nose) as a unity. To prevent individuation murder blinds the single species of woman`s biunity, that is, she no longer has her own `futanarian` penis` seed visibly as the human species because men have killed her and imposed taboos, censorship surveillance and `media blackouts` etc., to keep her in ignorance and slavery for the production of their wars of devourment in pederasty upon her Earth.

 Jung says that the `Sensation` and `Thinking` functions are male, while the `Feeling` and `Intuition` functions are female, because he believed that men were human, whereas the male functions more properly belong with the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` seed and the woman without a penis is what Jung thinks of as female. In Arabia men have four wives, in accordance with the Moslem faith of Islam, enshrined in the book, the Koran (610-30 CE), dictated to the Prophet Mohammed by the angels of God, while in Jungian terms that fourfold structure denotes functioning `Woman` who`s `four` herself and can see. Because Oedipus was pre-Islamic Egyptian Thebes, his answer to the Sphinx`s `riddle`, `Man`, is obsolete. Islam is the future because women as a single species with her own `futanarian` penis won`t accept a `lame` excuse from `Man`, who blinds himself and her because he doesn`t want a `stepchild`:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`


 Those words spoken by Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong, as he set foot as the `first man on the moon` for the United States of America, 20 July 1969 (UTC), didn`t take into account Japanese foot binding as the basic principle for imprisoning the `futanarian` woman and her penis` seed upon the Earth as a Japanese `concentration camp` for woman`s maled brain. In 1982 US President Ronald `ray gun` Reagan began the implementation of the `Strategic Defense Initiative` (SDI), which rings the planet with ground and space based missiles lest the human species of `woman`s seed` get her `futanarian` foot off the Earth. Oedipus` excuse was `lame`, but even more blinding are the ray guns of the sun.


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